Thousands of visitors go to Building 102 officially named after William Mott who was the Director of the California State Parks. Later he tried to help the buffoons from the Golden Gate National Recreational Area the likes of Brian O'Neill, Susan Hurst, Mai-Liis Bartling, and others who have since left the Golden Gate National Recreational Area (GGNRA) get their act together. Hence the buffoons decided to name a building after the fair minded aged man who did do something to preserve open space which was once stolen from the First People.

If one reads the Presidio Trust Bill the early version mentions Building 103 as being designated as the William Mott building.

I was in Building 102 at that time and in charge of its up keep. I did my level best to maintain this building. Then suddenly the National Park Service that is part of the GGNRA decided to change their mind and now wanted Building 102 to be named after William Mott.

It has been 9 years now and the once beautiful building has been closed. Thousands of visitors go outside the once Visitor Information building and read the information on one of kiosk about the history of building and then enter the building only to find it closed. They wonder and then if they indeed want more information they are directed by another sign to go to Building 50 which is the former Presidio Officers' Club which comes under the jurisdiction of the Presidio Trust.

Over $500,000 was spent on an elevator construction in Building 102 which does not work properly and is now a White Elephant. One contractor started on the work and gave up and another took on the work and messed it up more. I reported this nonsense to the General Accounting Office when Bill Clinton was the President but no real accountability was demanded from the National Park Service. Especially the NPS Contracting Officer Leo Guillory who at that time was very arrogant and inept. The NPS Denver Service Center was in charge of this contract and did a very poor job.

Over $500,000 was spent to tear down some walls from the historic 102 building which at that time was over a 101 years old. In the area within the building the NPS built a State of the Art Theatre. In all the time I was there this theatre was used minimally and yet I was shocked when I learned that so much was spent.

The NPS kept messing with building 102 tearing down this wall and messing with other parts of the building that as I mentioned should be protected and preserved according to the mandate of the National Park Service. When the corrupt Barbara Jo Griffin was appointed the General Manager of Building 102 this stupid woman tore down a wall to extend a room and converted it to a conference room within her office.

Next door within the same building there was a beautiful Conference Room that I maintained and which could hold about 35 people. Barbara Jo Griffin had her Secretary changed the keys of her office without my permission. I say this because Safety and Key Control was one of my many jobs all over the Presidio of San Francisco. When I brought this to the attention of Arnold Rossi he told me not to mess with this fools who do not know what they are up to.

Barbara Jo Griffin never showed up to work on time. She lived on the Presidio of San Francisco and reported to work at all odd hours. I hated her guts because while we worked this stupid woman was paid a high salary for doing absolutely nothing. This is the same woman who screwed things at Yosemite National Park.

Arnold Rossi worked as a Colonel for the Presidio of San Francisco. He was the Presidio Garrison Manager at the Presidio of San Francisco and was employed by the NPS to help them with Real Estate and Property Management. As much as he tried to help the NPS the NPS tried to undermine his work.

Arnold Rossi would write the work plans to do some great stuff and the NPS would contract the work to consultants using his work plan. Millions of dollars were wasted on projects all taxpayers money on consultants. The NPS bears great responsibility and the ones I have mentioned in this article should all face jail time.

Our office Real Estate and Property Management created a plan to rent all the vacant building all over the Presidio of San Francisco before the Presidio Trust Legislation was even conceived. For years the buildings were left vacant and allowed to destruct. The NPS are in the business of Protection and Preservation but in the case of the Presidio of San Francisco they caused havoc before the Presidio Trust came to be.

The 100 Series buildings include 102 but start from 99 which is the Presdio Theatre renovated by Actor Robert Redford and used today.

The Sixth Army Band occupied building 100 and the NPS let this building destruct. Later the Presidio Trust tore the insides of this building. They dismantled rooms that had special acoustic facilities were torn apart and recycled. All this was shocking to me but I could not say anything to these scumbags.

Building 101 was promised to the Pomo Indians. The Pomo Indians have no tribal jurisdiction over the Presidio of San Francisco. But in this case the NPS aligned with Carl Anthony and promised building 101 to the Pomo Indians to use as a Museum. The Pomo Indians spent over $300,000 in design plans only to be rebuffed by Amy Meyer and her cronies who once controlled the NPS and now was one of the Presidio Trust Board of Directors.

The Muwekma Ohlone who have jurisdiction over the Presidio of San Francisco proposed several proposals. The Muwekma Ohlone were not given one single building but the NPS chose on purpose to mislead the Pomo and create animosity between the Pomos and the Muwekma Ohlone. The Muwekma Ohlone have always kept the NPS at arm length and have clearly told them that only the Muwekma Ohlone has Patrimonial Jurisdiction over the Presidio of San Francisco. This has been told to the Brian O'Neill the lying Supridentent by Rosemary Cambara in my very presence.

I was the first to tell the NPS about the Shellmounds on Crissy Field. The NPS did not listen to me. CEQA mandated an Environmental Impact Report. CEQA mandates an archeological survey none of this was done on Crissy Field. Once the Shellmound was found only part of it was preserved. Shellmounds are Sacred Burial grounds of the Ohlone.

I have written about building 102. Building 103 once slated to be used as the Visitors' Centre and to be named William Mott was occupied by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The NPS and the Presidio Trust harassed FEMA both these agencies were quick to collect rent but very slow to give them quality maintenance service.

Part of building 104 was gutted when the Army was there and could not be used. The second half of this building was used by FEMA.

FEMA also used building 105 and since they paid a lot of rent for building 103, part of 104, and 105 they demanded that a elevator be installed in building 105. I participated with Chuck Swanson who was head of the Infrastructure Group and made that happen. This time we studied the infrastructure from the gutted building 104 and learned a lot. Buildings 101,102,103,104,105 are all built alike and are now over 105 years old.

The 100 Series buildings on the Presidio are the red brick buildings that stand out on the Main Post. They are beautiful buildings that I took great care of. The NPS and the Presidio Trust have not done so and now we see some of the buildings used and others left to self-destruct.

Building 106 was leased to the Arnold Palmer Golf Club by the NPS using some clandestine meetings to attain this contract much before the Presidio Trust was put in place. When it suited the NPS crooks it was fine to engage in contracts and lease buildings and when it suited them they NPS told you wait till the Presidio Trust is in place.

The crooks who managed most of the contracts and leases in a conniving manner Mai-Liis Barting who is now an Assistant Superintendent of the Presidio of San Francisco. Brian O'Neill who is the Superintendent of GGNRA and is known to speak from both sides of his mouth. Leo Guillory who is still the corrupt Contracting Officer. Susan Hurst who is the Administrator of GGNRA and spends most of her time today telecommunicating more hibernating in Marin County.

It is a shame that the National Park Service, which has its headquarters at Upper Fort Mason in building 102, has done nothing to open building 102 on the Presidio of San Francisco. They tried to pay some little homage to William Mott but it typical NPS fashion have screwed up the project linked to Building 102 on the Main Post at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Shame on Mai-Liis Bartling who is responsible but does not have the fortitude to do the right thing. She never did.

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