For the last four years we have had to deal with hurdles of every type when it comes to addressing Quality of Life issues.

The January 6, 2021, incident was the highlight – our own Capitol Hill was attacked – and the insurgents Anon supporters – saw nothing wrong – they went there to kill, maim, rampage, mob shouting – "Hang Mike Pence" – the cameras caught it all – and the arrests are now in the hundreds.

We have a new President in Joe Biden and a Vice-President in Kamala Harris. We can hope for a new beginning when it comes to COVID-19 pandemic with more vaccinations. Immigration issues are now looked with empathy and compassion.

The many who have lost their jobs – will get some help – more, families who have children. The Federal government will help with rents and the Stimulus checks will be sent this time – to help those in dire straits.

DACA students will be helped – and essential workers will get a pay raise – and help with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and more. We thank the essential workers for putting their lives on the line – helping COVID-19 patients.

2020 was rough and 2021 has seen a rise in death 420,000 deaths and more. Even though we are just 4% of the world’s population we have tallied 25% of world’s death – we call ourselves – a Superpower.

2021 will not deter us addressing Climate Change. We are back and will join the Paris Agreement partners addressing Climate Change. We will join the World Health Organization – at home – we will be innovative and with fortitude and tenacity – make good things happen.

We thank our Webmaster Joel Skidmore and all those that have visited our website and more our blog that is posted on our website. We are here and will address those issues – that must be addressed – and do it with humility – united we can go places – our heart in the right place. God Bless.

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