2022 was a year full of surprises — the Ukraine war is still raging — we see light at the end of the tunnel. In Afghanistan women are kept at bay — deprived of their right to education. Here at home — we are looking forward to some changes — after saving our democracy.

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll — those suffering from mental stress have reached a saturation point. So many are working from home — that practically no one want to travel to work — more those who travel three to four hours each way to work. The digital world reigns supreme — and tik tock is here to stay — as millions are using that platform.

There is talk about the digital platforms and the infrastructure bill — I said there is talk but no real — action. Why do the filthy rich have access to very highspeed internet — the poor left to use slower connections — computers with less memory.

In San Francisco we have released our Housing Element Plan for the next eight years starting from 2023. It is a plan where the city is mandated to build 82,000 units. We do have 61,000 units vacant. 43 million square feet of vacant commercial space — what does all this tell us. It takes one to wait for 8 years to get entitlements — at $1600 per square for a standard, high quality building space — only the billionaires can sing the blues.

Well - the recession will keep knocking at our door — California is the fourth largest economy in the world. We have the resources — we have educated folks who have the skills — those who can think well and be innovative.

Climate change is here — first we had the drought, then untold raging fires, and now the atmospheric river — that has inundated so many areas — wiped out homes and washed away dirt — the force of water — no one can take on nature.

These are the signs of the time — we must keep our minds alert and feed it with the best thoughts. We must nourish our bodies — most of all take care of the Spirit. The indigenous people lived on Turtle Island for 100,000 years.

2023 is here and we must be prepared — set the tone and look forward to 2024.

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