This blog site has been on the frontline — focused on local, state, national, and international issues.

The many wars in Darfur, Sudan, Mali, Myanmar, Ukraine, Gaza Strip — and elsewhere — impact us in one way or another — more in this digital world.

Add to that Artificial Intelligence — linked to the latest medical innovations, applications linked to military software and hardware — the influence of AI to gather vast amounts of information. QUANTUM technology will speed up progress — and we are heading into an era much like we experienced during the last Industrial Revolution.

There is much information in cyber space — the ability to discern, filter, and gather the best information is education.

Our blog has done well so far — we saw the age of computers — iPhones, and digital platforms. All the while, computer chips held firm. Quantum technology is our future.

Much is made of Climate change — while China, Russia, and the United States are the main culprits — many African nations bear the brunt of floods, fire, hurricanes, and more.

This year, the Conference on Climate Change was held in Dubai — from November 30 to December 12, 2023 — representatives from 200 countries gathered to address pressing issues.

Millions have been set aside to help poor countries address adverse impacts due to Climate Change. Clean energy technology — using lithium batteries capable of producing electricity to power an entire city— and other innovative technologies exist.

We are challenged to reduce the great divide — the filthy rich and the poor. We are challenged to address Quality of Life issues.

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