February 18, 2004 the Black employees of the Presidio Trust and the employees of the National Park Service were suppose to hold their annual Black History Month celebration.

Every year for the last 10 years we the employees took upon ourselves to put on an event with a variety and did not sell out to the Whites who have had a history of discrimination especially in the higher circles of the National Park Service all over the United States of America.

This year once again the Black History Month celebration was held in the Morga Room. A sell out Black NPS employee made sure that he pandered to the Whites by not giving any respect to his fellow Black employees both from the NPS and the Presidio Trust. He ruined the function.

We all know of Uncle Toms but to have one in the world of today is to say the least disgusting. This Uncle Tom who appointed himself the Master of Ceremonies gave away the whole Black History Month celebration to those who think the White way as opposed to the Black way. To put it very poignantly the Negro way. There was no chicken and lots of cream and bagels.

African Americans, the kosher way to describe Blacks have played an important role at the Presidio of San Francisco. When we African Americans chose to celebrate Black History Month 10 years ago we had to fight to first have an African American Association. The only 501 C 3 in the whole nation. This was no mean task in fact next to impossible.

Every year we put on a first class show - up until last year. Last year Joe Oliver our President made it very clear that he did not want to have anything much and he kept his word. I tried to take the neutral stance last year and even though I chided the authorities - I tried my best to be diplomatic.

Turned out I failed in my duties and should have branded the crooks who discriminate and yet come to our event and try to paint a rosy picture.

Right on the Presidio three Buffalo Soldier buildings on the Main Post are allowed to rot. This is shame. The buildings are next to building 34, which is the Trust Building. The Presidio Trust knows about it but nothing is being done. This is great blow to the Buffalo Soldiers and to all of us who revere the Black Buffalo Soldiers and history.

Buffalo Soldiers built roads on the Presidio of San Francisco. Buffalo soldiers worked and occupied buildings 682, 85, 86, 87, 572, 569, 566, 563 and a number of other buildings. When it comes to the Buffalo Soldiers we have to have clear documentation as to when they occupied the buildings.j Screw that if have had living Buffalo soldiers tell us all that.

My answer to those who want proof of such known facts, already well known to good Black historians like Anthony Powell and others is that - that is all that matters to us. For too long have African Americans pandered to Whites and Uncle Toms like the one or two we had at the February 18, 2004 Black History Month Event.

We cannot do everything the White way. History has been tailor made to represent Whites in the best light when we all know that Whites have so much dirty linen that is now being exposed - in history, films, and other subjects as well.

We have building 102, which is over 110 years old. This building was given to the NPS - today it is in shambles. The NPS is in the business of protection and preservation. As far as building 102 is concerned it is a standing symbol of how the NPS represents itself - pathetic. They took a good building which the Corps of Engineers had already retrofitted and brought up to seismic standards and destroyed it.

Many African Americans presuppose that White Management are intelligent and honest. I have given you two examples buildings 85, 86, and 87 which the Presidio Trust have failed to maintain. Building 102, which is the only building given to the NPS within the jurisdiction of the Presidio Trust - which is in shambles. Both White Management - the NPS and Presidio Trust have failed the taxpayers and should not have any place at the Presidio of San Franciso.

If Philip Burton were alive he would kick the buffoons who pretend to manage the Presidio of San Francisco. I know what I speak because at one time all the buildings came under my jurisdiction and I took good care of them.

The Buffalo Soldiers were at the Presidio before the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service, which came into existence in 1916. From 1916 to today the NPS has been a torn in the flesh of Native Americans, Blacks and most minorities.

One has just to study the statistics of the Equal Employment Commission and other Federal Agencies that deal with discrimination. The NPS has a terrible record. The Presdio Trust came into real existence in 1996 and it too has a bad record when it comes to discriminating Black folks.

Our Black History Month was celebrated to empower Black People or African Americans - it is our celebration.

We do not appreciate Uncle Toms selling out to the Whites be they Brian O'Neill who speaks from both sides of his mouth and shelters Susan Hurst and Mia-Liis Barting and the retired Barbara Jo Griffin. Most folks do not look at it that way I do. These scumbags ruined the Presidio and are on the honor list of discriminating Black Employees working for the NPS.

On the Presidio Trust side we have management who do not want to sign a Contract with the employees. Ask Mike Crahnan he will give you the scoop. Ask Hinda Kahane she will speak the truth. I am fed up when I see Blacks bend backwards to pander to NPS and Presidio Trust Management who are a disgrace to the human race. Let us not be afraid of crooks that are dishonest and make money on the backs of the minorities. I say screw them. I am not a racist but I can tell a bad apple when I see one and I smell a rat when I see a Brian O'Neill.

Brian has lied when it came to the First People the Muwekma Ohlone. He lied when it came to helping the African Americans and jobs. He will lie for a buck and will sell his mother for a buck. He has been in Federal service for so long - because he lies and makes his bed with those who are corrupt. I remember Charles Swanson who told me about this man.

I have every speech Brian has made on video of all our Black History Month Events - except the one when he could not face Willie L. Brown in 1996. In each speech he makes, he lies and lies and lies - bloody lies. Shame on this scumbag.

Craig Middleton is half-decent and will not take a stand but will say something meaning well but most of the time it will NOT come to fruition. He promised two years ago to me and I did not stand up that a monument would be built to the Buffalo Soldiers. Nothing has happened. On February 18, 2004 he muttered something to that affect because he felt a bit guilty - time will tell.

Screw the historians from the NPS. We African Americans from the Bay Area do not need them to tell us fables. We have a real history related and linked to the Buffalo Soldiers at the Presidio of San Francisco. We do not need to hear about tales from far away - we have our own dreams and memories that we should keep alive.

It was on the West Coast that the Buffalo Soldiers wrote the first Standard Operating Procedures how to run a National Park. Sequoia Nation Park and Colonel Charles Young (1868-1922) a Black man who responsible for this vision one of a kind. No mention was made of him as one who educated the Whites who up till now have very little about Mother Earth.

If there is one race that has destroyed so much on this earth and polluted it with the worst toxins it the Whites. If there is one race that killed the Buffaloes for money it is the Whites. If there is one race that cut the Redwood for money it is the Whites. If there is one race that mined and polluted the earth for mercury, silver, and gold it is the Whites.

Black History Month celebration is especial to the African American and not to the Uncle Tom as we saw on February 18, 2004 in the Moraga Room. Joe Oliver and I had a nice talk and I hope no one listened to it. I had some choice words for the Master of Ceremonies who is as confused as a Negro can be who has been brain washed and is a sell out.

Can you imagine that no one mentioned Charles Lynch, Vino Binder, Angela Williams, Joe Oliver - some of the few who were instrumental in keeping the Black History Month event alive for 10 years?

Can you imagine that we had some one come from far away and arrange the furniture in our living room? We do not need historians who come from far away who know shit about our environs tell us stuff that is all fake and screwed up.

Bill Gwaltney a mulatto Ranger tried to speak with a fork tongue and deceive us and none of us fell for his nonsense. Imagine listening to his diatribe for over one hour and fifteen minutes. In the end only two people asked him questions.

I then stepped to the front, took the hand held microphone and made a short comment and thanked Joe Olvier, Vino Binder, Charles Lynch and reminded everyone that it was our 10 anniversary! No one had thought about that can you imagine. Not even our astute Uncle Tom who pandered to the Whites on a day especial to the Negroes or African Americans.

We had no one sing. Not a word about God which has always been our traditional way to starting our function. Even the American flag on the stage was placed wrong.

There was a time when what ever the African American Association linked to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Presidio Trust did was of a high caliber. One Uncle Tom has brought that all to a close. Ranger Fredrick Penn you have done your fellow men and women much harm.

Next time have a couple of meetings before the Black History Event. Let us Blacks participate. Did you thank Mr. Henry Dakin for printing designing and printing the posters? Did you thank those who guided you? Man you are supposed to be Black and not White. You did not even mention Mr. Fred Reid who I invited and told you about well in advance who is a Buffalo Soldier. Man you are confused.

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