San Francisco Baghdad by the Bay is a unique City in the entire world. San Franciscans have influenced many places all over the world - some very famous places and in remote places that most people would not venture to visit.

Anyone will tell you that San Franciscans are free spirited - no one can define it because it is a feeling that simply cannot be put into words. San Francisco has been that way for ages.

In the earlier days hundreds of years ago the Ohlone embraced the strangers and welcomed them. The Vikings, Russians, the English, the Spanish, the Mexicans, the Americans, others.

We all remember the HIPPY days and we all remember the days when the 49ers flooded San Francisco in search of gold. Today San Francisco is the Gay Mecca of the world and also the City that protested the Iraq war with thousands taking to the Streets of San Francisco.

San Francisco is known that world over for its compassion. It has sent countless mercy missions all over the world to help those in need.

San Francisco is where the United Nations started and it is also the birthplace of many famous writers, poets, business, political and intellectual leaders.

San Francisco Op-Ed will review many important decisions as the days go by. We have a unique situation where the Legislative Branch at City Hall favors the common person and the Executive Branch wants to hold on to the corruption of Willie Brown the worst corrupt Mayor that ever set foot in City Hall.

This web site will review certain pertinent events and happenings and make good stuff happen. We have addressed stuff on the international level, have spoken of Environmental Justice - now it is time we focus on San Francisco and local politics.

San Francisco Op-Ed will play a role unique in many ways.

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