Every year we celebrate the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and every year we are worse off when it comes to blatant discrimination. Today, more then ever blatant discrimination is in your face - and if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive and kicking today he would agree with me.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and I do represent the First People of San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone. I have fought for liberation for all people all over the world. I do understand my Spiritual Quest for total freedom as opposed to license.

It may come as no surprise the worst people that bring about a state of confusion and stagnation linked to progress are those that do not have a sound understanding of issues. You may not believe it but SLAVERY with so many House Negroes is alive today and flourishing more then ever. The nonchalant and those that grab the bread crumbs and sacrifice Moral Values - demeaning themselves and casting a shadow on good communities and children, women, and men of good faith.

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were here today he would agree with me. The leaders that know the way, show the way, and go the way - agree with me. I have stood on the front lines and met the enemy - too many times and today I stand again and look at them straight in the eye and will not flinch because God in on my side.

We cannot be free if we cannot express ourselves and enjoy the rights that are given to us. But, a general perusal of things in the Courts and the policies of Cities and Councils will tell you that NOT everything is in order if it is linked to blatant discrimination and lack of TRUTH.

Blacks today are worse off and worse off because they have sold out to those that want them to compromise. Blacks have forgotten that many laid their lives and shed blood and more did not compromise and fall on their knees and plead for mercy. Those that died in such a manner must be honored and those that fail them fail humanity.

The Civil Rights struggle came out of injustice and discrimination and the shedding of blood. We fail to understand that innocent people were lynched. Before that Blacks and other were owned as slaves just because of their disposition.

It was a Spiritual Movement where folks from all walks of life joined to take the Nation to a better place in the Civil Rights Movement. A man named Mohandas Gandhi inspired a Baptist Minister. One was a Hindu by religion and the other Christian but Non-Violence is a Spiritual Movement that has been used and brought about changes with great measure and brought great ruling Nations and Dictators to their knees.

In the Civil Right marches one could see faces - there they were all united Jews, Christians, Muslims, others - diverse but united to move forward and force this discriminating Nation the United States of America and the Congress to make changes so that all may be free.

Some good came from the Civil Rights Movement but today most of us have forgotten about the heavy price that was paid.

Today the many sellouts and among them Blacks fail to understand that the Civil Rights was about uplifting those that could not defend themselves. Seeking civil rights so that there could be an equal footing ground. Lifting up those that were not educated on issues and bringing them to a better place so that they could empower themselves.

This Nation would like you to believe that the Greeks influenced them in their quest for Democracy. A closer look would lead you to understand the influence of the Six Nations the Iroquois Confederacy on the minds of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution of this Nation - America. The Six Nations were indigenous to this land and were here much before the White men and women came here seeking religious freedom from their lands of religious torture and bias.

Blacks were brought to the Americas by force and true there were free Black men and women but they too had to succumb to the policies of religious biasness intertwined into law that elevated the Whites to a position of power and authority because of the color of his or her skin.

We are in the year 2008 and today most of us pay lip service to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blacks will rip you off and make money off the poor Blacks. Act like sellouts 364 days and then on Dr. Martin Luther King Day - pretend they love Blacks and others and act holy. Such hypocrites should not see the light of day but they are ones that are given an opportunity to pay lip service at the many fake ceremonies that they attend and mock Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his principles.

If you read the works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is was about doing right and doing it with sacrifice. True he was afraid and true he did not understand the full implications of his mission - but he did what was the best for the majority and he always cared for the poor and those that could not defend themselves. He had God on his side and those that defile him have mammon on their side.

We have become a Nation that has lost its Moral Compass so it does not matter what we do - we will not be on track and we will always be off the beaten path. There is no way we can go to a better place if we do not know the true path. We really cannot take a stand - if we are NOT educated on issues and in our foolishness pretend to display our shallowness.

We cannot really love anyone if we are not prepared to make a sacrifice. Can we really cannot thank God that we are free at last when we shackle ourselves to those that use many of us as ploys to keep many of our people down. We continue to mock good values and the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and we must ask ourselves when will be stop this nonsense?

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