Are Blacks becoming HISTORY in San Francisco? There was a time when Blacks comprised thirty five percent of the population of the City and County of San Francisco - not any more. Today it is less then thirty six thousand or about four point six percent of the general population and spiraling.

Contributing to the spiraling growth of Blacks - the many Black who live outside San Francisco but do the work of the Master on the Slave Plantation. These House Negroes have learned less from History and today actually contribute to the demise of the Black population all over the Nation and here in San Francisco.

Those that were privileged to be at the War Memorial Theater heard the comments made by the Key Speaker and the others who articulated well on the spiraling growth of the Black population in San Francisco. Facts galore and more and those that have blood on their hands better pay attention.

I am not going to go into the true detail contents of what was spoken for obvious reasons. The Black celebration with such a theme was garnered for the brave of heart and those that do not eat from the masta's floor - the dirty, filthy bread crumbs that the Sell Outs have an affinity for. Any dirty dog would stay away from.

We have many in San Francisco and I will not name them again less their filth tarnish the content of this article. Suffice to say the event on February 20, 2008 was a historic event.

Enjoy the photographs:


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