Much before the Presidio Alliance called itself that name, it was the Sustainable Presidio Alliance. I was instrumental in getting the building ready and handing it to a few dubious characters from the National Park Service who soon after the Green Conference around 1995 thought they could work with a group of Presidio Tenants and influence the Trust which was some animal that we spoke about but really knew nothing about.

The Presidio Alliance (PA) was established in building 563 which is a Buffalo Soldier building. Much as buildings 572, 569, 566 are - all wooden structures once occupied by the 9th and 10th Cavalry all Black soldiers.

Much before the Presidio Alliance moved in that building Patricia Fridel occupied an office working on behalf of the Pomos - before moving to building 99 the Red Cross building by the Presidio Officers Club on the Main Post. This is just to set the record straight.

The Presidio Alliance chose to work under the umbrella of the Tides Foundation using their non-profit status a very smart move at that time. How ever a move that the PA would pay heavily later - before it decided to shut down its operations.

The PA has done well in providing a forum so that most anyone could discuss the good, bad and ugly about the National Park Service (NPS) and the Trust. The NPS has used the PA to send some poignant messages to the Trust. The Trust has not had a very sustained relationship with the PA but it decided to live with this organization for better or for worse. A marriage gone bad but kept alive because of the interests of the children.

The PA has held some quality art exhibits. Given the community an opportunity to hold meetings. It has been used as a sort of bingo/card club on some days. It has submitted some grants and received money to aid the Trust. A PG&E grant helped the Trust gather sufficient information to stream line the various energy uses all over the Presidio of San Francisco.

Most noted for the published Presidio Directory under the able direction of Henry Dakin the Presidio Alliance could use this vehicle to access the Trust and bring all the other tenants and other affiliations together.

The Presidio Alliance has also conducted some seminars dealing with Environmental Issues. Many other conferences have been held at the PA - many of the conferences have had a wide impact and were conducted with reasonable expense to the facilitators and organizers.

I remember well when the Trust hired James Meadows he visited the Presidio Alliance. He lied to the public at this first public meeting about its fiscal standings and I brought it to his attention. At this first meeting after listening to James Meadows - I knew we were dealing with a CROOK. We still have some more the likes of Bruce Anderson and Steve Hood who still continue to work for the Trust.

Come May 15, 2002 the Presidio Alliance will be shut down. Rumor has it the Trust wants them to do some maintenance work which was part of the initial agreement with the Tides. The PA cannot at this stage incur the $26,000 or so added expense. So, it has been adjudicated that the PA shut its door and to heck with all the good stuff it has and could continue doing in the future.

All those wooden structures by the Lombard Gate as I mentioned before are Buffalo Soldier buildings. When the National Park Service was in power, the NPS wasted a lot of money and did nothing to rehabilitate these historical buildings. The Trust has rehabilitated all the Buffalo Soldier buildings with the exception of building 563 which was occupied by the Presidio Alliance. I hope that the Trust does this now.

The Presdio Alliance will be missed by many. I want to take this opportunity to thank the Presidio Alliance and in particular Henry Dakin for all the good he has done for the Public. The Union representing the Trust and the NPS would especially like to thank the Presidio Alliance.

The Trust has been going through some labor pains - labor as in pangs before a child is born. Right now Craig Middleton is carrying on the operations as best he can. He has some corrupt people within his ranks the likes of Bruce Anderson, his wife and God knows who. Steve Hood and his family members. Others from Colorado all planted here by James Meadows - a real Mafia organization that wants to line their pockets. These parasites do not want to serve the Public.

I have stated before in Public no one trust the Trust. We do not need such an entity a quasi-federal agency with NO Accountability and Transparency.

The NPS too has screwed the public and wasted millions. Their Crissy Field Project is an experiment doomed to failure. They have built a Playground over the Sacred Burial grounds of the Ohlone. The Trust followed suit. The Presidio Alliance allowed the Public to debate and inform the Public about such issues. Well, all good things come to an end. The Presidio Alliance has played a role - it has informed and it has led.

The Presidio Alliance played a part in the current and recent history of the Presidio of San Francisco. We who love the Presidio - say Thank You. We will continue to watch and we will continue to report. This web site was there before the Presidio Alliance and this Web Site is alive today - doing what it does best - inform about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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