California is poised to pander to the corporations and control the Energy Issues facing this State with deregulation. The Democrats who thought they had it easy will now dance to a tune and swallow some bitter pills of their own making.

There is no doubt in my mind about the Special Interests and the corruption that went on in Sacramento. And while Gray Davis was the puppet head a lot of Democrats went along with him. Lame duck Mayor Willie Brown, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, and the two inept Senators Barbara and Diane all made some vain attempt to rescue a character that had all but sold out those who put him in and thought they had made the right move. Davis let the constituents down.

Pete Wilson had a lot to do with deregulation that brought about the Energy Crisis and put the State of California in the red. The Enron gang has the power and the backing of Bush, Bechtel, Chevron, and others who have direct access without even stepping a foot in Sacramento. Billions of corporate dollars are already filling the treasure chest and right now the teams are preparing an all out assault to take over the Energy situation in California.

Hand in hand there are plans to control the clean water system. Anyone that controls clean drinking water and the juice - can rule the world.

The Central Valley can rest assure themselves that they will get all the help for all the support they gave the Terminator. Bustamante and Davis will shed a tear a two because they will see unfold before their eyes the undoing of a lot of nonsense that they could have stopped.

Power in the hands of weak people is dangerous and Bustamante still reeling from defeat pretends that he has some but he will learn soon to play second fiddle. Gray David is history and with him many of those so-called Democratic leaders who have NO vision and no leadership.

Wind and Solar energy can now be generated and controlled by those who have a plan to deliver. Surely those who can deliver do not want to be regulated? What are our plans for clean water? For waste water? Deregulation of the Energy will force many of the California Public Utilities Commissioners out. The ones that come in will tow the line. The non-profit California Independent System Operator may have to close shop because a new entity will fill their shoes. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has NO clout and will take orders from the White House.

Here in the Bayarea we will be able to shut down Hunters Point Power Plant without difficulty. From now on Transmission Lines will play an important role. Pacific Gas and Electric is closer now to Sacramento and the folks who will manage the State of Affairs then when Gray Davis was there and could not figure out AC from DC.

Right in our back yard we can now send the 4 Combustible Turbines (CT) to an area that best hooks up the CTs to the Transmission Lines. Folks from Hillsborough and Woodside will now listen and not make waves. What took years before is moving at the sound of speed. I just visited some sites and spoke to some high powered folks and they have their plans to place some high powered Transmission Lines.

Democrats in San Francisco the few rich and inebriated can succumb to temporary coma and wake up when it is all over and done. With new leadership in Sacramento, the Democrats will swallow bitter pill after bitter pill and wonder why could they have not done it. But alas it is too late.

Deregulation under new fine and concrete rules will help large Corporations the most. It can also help residents if we come out with a plan of action now and not wait as we have been doing under the Democrats. Now is the time to approach Sacramento and tell them we are ready and can kick ass we that it what it will take to make good stuff happen.

Change is always good. Mistakes were made in the past with deregulation. One can learn from past mistakes. In this case we can control our assets and our resources and will NOT have to deal with CROOKS from far away places. There will be checks and balances and quarterly reports for the Public to see and verify.

Deregulation of Energy is here and is knocking at our door.

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