The Polynesian Club at Balboa High School has done itself proud. It is not easy to gather a group of students who have some little knowledge about movement, dance and music and then teach them the real stuff that enthralls the audience.

United Territories of Polynesian Islanders Alliance (UTOPIA) has done itself proud by sacrificing so much to teach our youth so much in so little time. It has been my privilege to know Teresa Fetuli Nauer, Andrew Van Vai, Peter Samuel Vaovasa, and Mape Gilis Galuega who were part of the larger group that performed so well May 7, 2004 at the Balboa High School Auditorium.

Kudos to Christine Guzum, Eletino Liremia, Maurie Taiaitino Manamea, Teresa Fetuli Nauer, Sofia Tupuola, Nancy Filiga Vaesau, Abraham Falefuafua Vaesau, Andrew Van Vai, Peter Samuel Vaovasa, Stanley Kekoa Bird, Abraham Fale, Mape Gilis Galuega, Asafo Anthony La Jr. Pekisale Brian Leremia, Dante Ranale McCoy, Aveli Seumanutafa, Mcmanus Tago, Robert Tago, Waiana Tanielu, Alesana Tauoa Ve'ave'a Tolai, and Alec Williams.

Harry Green and Swift Anthony did well with the Balboa Choir and it was fun to hear and see the youth have fun. Our youth are our leaders not only when they are in school but also long after they leave school. I know that for a fact if we love them and nurture them they will do us proud.

Some of the youth belong to All Islanders Gathering As One. So we as a family came to see some of our AIGA1 family members proud and we all felt good in our heart. Audrey Nauer, Gaynor, and a host of us where there cheering the youth as the gave their best.

Peter Samuel Vaovasa stood out in some of the dances and the audience was awe struck by his warrior facial expressions.

Teresa Fetuli Nauer has the makings of a good dancer. Her hand movements and graceful moves could take her places in the Polynesian world of dance and song.

The Balboa High School Choir, Polynesian Islanders Together, UTOPIA, the Charita Family, the Fale Family, Neo Tauailauti Ve'ave'a, Principal Patricia gray, Nancy Fale, John and so many gave much and did us all proud.

It was nice when the teachers were honored. Elders and others from the community that have contributed to the enrichment of the culture of the Polynesian population at Balboa High School.

As has been stated this is just the beginning and as months turn to years we should and will encourage the youth to feel proud about their Polynesian Culture. We look forward to quality performances with the support of the community.

Here is California Pacific Islanders have made their mark in many fields. Up at Hunters Point, Visitation Valley, Double Rock we should be bringing the communities together using the medium of music, dance, and song which soothes the soul, heart, and mind.

There is no stronger message that the Elders can send to the youth then to embrace the tradition that has kept so many families together. Welcome to all - Kia Ora, Aloha, Kia Orana, Ia Orana, Malo e lelei, Talofa.

It was fun to sit next to some very young children and an infant who was making all sorts of funny sounds trying to attract those of us who were focusing on the youth on the stage. I saw Elders, Adult, youth and infants all having a nice time.

Balboa High School's Polynesian Club has begun well. We look forward to better performances in the future. It takes a village to raise a child and the community to nurture our youth. It was a great feeling to feel so much love and hear so many praise the youth. The Elders have given their blessings and the youth have showered their love. The community has come out with full support to see better times with our youth as leaders - leading and making good stuff happen today and in the future.

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