Doyle Drive much of which passes through the Presidio of San Francisco will soon come down - and a new Doyle Drive stronger, better, whatever will take its place.

I attended the San Francisco County Transportation Authority Meeting held January 31, 2002 on the 25th Floor at 100 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco. The Doyle Drive Subcommittee of the Citizens Advisory Committee was in full attendance.

As some of you already know this web site is always on the fore front of bringing to the attention of the PUBLIC the important issues linked to the Presidio of San Francisco. This web site has informed our readers about Doyle Drive a long time ago. This time around we will address the current issues and the progress being made.

This particular meeting DID have an agenda but it did NOT have a method to the madness at hand. At first glance most of those who were at the table had a VESTED interested most of it linked to some body like the National Park Service, the Park Association, Consultants, Neighborhood Representatives with a biased agenda, parties gathered with little concrete knowledge of the various factors that impact traffic in general within the Presidio.

The roads leading into and away from the Presidio, traffic stops, traffic incidents, road injuries, and the gamut of other pertinent issues that one has to be aware of.

At a meeting of this nature it is import to listen and take down notes. Study the issues in general and of course the particular issues the representatives want to state - issues that affect their constituents. It is simply wrong " to gather and bark at each other ".

There have been 3 Transportation Studies and 6 or 7 seven smaller related Transportation Projects undertaken since 1991. Millions of tax payers dollars were spent and the best Transportation Consultants have banked a lot of money. It always takes time to complete a study the Consultants say. So, it the name of being "current" they ask more money for a more complete "current" study and the cycle goes on.

The members whether representing the City and County of San Francisco or the Advisory Committee did not and do not represent the diverse community of the City and County of San Francisco. Most of these meeting are conducted for lack of a better word in a nonchalant manner. It can and is very stressful to watch grown ups attend a matter such as "Doyle Drive " with little consideration of importance to the PUBLIC at large.

Doyle Drive affects constituents from all parts of the City and County of San Francisco. It is important that at least one meeting be held in the Bayview Hunters' Point. Our residents as do other residents from the other districts should have a clear idea about the deconstruction of Doyle Drive and the New Doyle Drive.

At this meeting the members gathered did mention about some concern when one of the plans suggested constructing a tunnel under the Veterans' Administration. Mention was made about desecration of the graves high above the proposed tunnel. No mention whatsoever was made about the ‘shellmounds" found all over the Presidio of San Francisco. Shellmounds are sacred burial grounds and one lies just under the current Doyle Drive. Imagine giving consideration to building Doyle Drive without giving a iota of consideration about the existing "Shellmounds".

There are other issues that all of us should be fully aware of. Please visit

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