So, we have it in today's Chronicle that infants are dying in the Bayview. Also, that the Bayview Hunters Point is one of the highest areas of infant mortality in California. I want Mayor Gavin Newsom to listen to what I have been saying for a long, long time. It is not right for our infants to die in the Bayview because of pollution issues.

San Francisco Environment does not have the faintest idea about how people suffer from pollution issues in the Bayview Hunters Point. Time and time again it sides with corrupt Community Based Organizations like Bayview Advocates, Literacy for Environmental Justice, and Arc Ecology who have not addressed infant mortality and other adverse impacts resulting from pollution by helping the constituents of the Bayview Hunters Point. They keep pocketing grants meant for the community.

The Directors of Arc Ecology and LEJ are White and what they are really interested is the money. They write grants claiming to help the constituents but in fact the aim is to pocket the money. Again and again these two CBOs have done great injustice to the community at large. They do not live in the community but come from Marin County and Oakland to rape our community.

Sellouts like Olin Webb continues getting $2500 a month for outreach on the Yosemite Slough Project that is a joke. The lead agency is Arc Ecology and the other partner LEJ. Why may I ask are the same crooks working together on such project that the community knows nothing about. What is the City Attorney doing about this?

If an audit is done today to zero in and find out why Olin Webb continues getting so much money every month while our children are dying. Olin Webb is an African American who claims that Blacks were in the Bayview Hunters Point forever.

Olin Webb is plain wrong there were no Blacks in the Bayview in 1930 and Chinese, Maltese, French, Germans, French, Hispanics and a host of other nationalities were there before Olin Webb and his family moved from the south to find work in the Hunters Point Shipyard.

Prior to that the Muwekma Ohlone which I represent were here for thousands of years. The Muwekma Ohlone does not respect crooks and especially those who pollute the land, air and water. Worse those CBOs who pretend and say they are helping the community at large and pocket the money mostly grants for State of California, Federal and City and County of San Francisco. This is a shame.

Since the year 1996 when the most corrupt Mayor, Willie L. Brown of San Francisco sat his dirty foot in City Hall, Olin Webb and a host of corrupt individuals have been raking money at the expense of our children. Our children are dying and these crooks pretend to address clean up issues like Yosemite Slough and pocket the money. What outreach has this scumbag done to deserve $2500 every month for the last several months?

LEJ pretends to help the community but does not have the ability to address the real issues. To date we do not have Emergency Evacuation Plan in place. Radiological, highly toxic chemical deployments in sensitive neighborhoods continue to operate, other spills have occurred with no Emergency Plan in place. LEJ keeps harping that the area is toxic and we all know that. How has LEJ helped or address with results cleaning one single toxic site. I helped clean up the toxic soils at Pier 92. The San Francisco Port Authority was fined $1 million. I could other example but that is not necessary I have a track record, these CBOs have none. Yet they pander to the media and other corrupt people and organizations to get and waste money. A case in point LEJ wasting $350,000 at Pier 98. Bayview Advocates not having their books in order.

Daily our infants are exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals in the air. No one is paying attention. Radiological impacts have been impacting our women who suffer from a high percentage of cervical and breast cancer and no one is paying attention. Our youth suffer from a myriad of respiratory diseases and no one is paying attention. The San Francisco Environment and Mayor Gavin Newsom talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Our San Francisco Health Department cannot help the constituents and did not when we needed them most. In the year 2000 for three weeks there was a toxic fire burning underground at Hunters Point. People surrounding a 3-mile radius suffered from respiratory problems. The San Francisco Health Department did nothing. CBOs like Arc Ecology, LEJ, Bayview Advocates did nothing and to date have not expressed or apologized for not standing up for the community at large.

The Director of Arc Ecology is White and does not live in the community. The Director of Green Action and LEJ are White and do not live in the community. They all use Blacks who are not respected as spokespersons to use the community to make money through grants.

Our infants, youth, women, and men are dying because the CBOs keep making money off the backs of suffering women, men, youth, and infants. Shame on the CBOs and the Federal Bureau of Investigation should look into the named CBOs. Who are the CBOs making money off Yosemite Slough polluted with the worst PCBs and other toxins? Who is doing the clean up and which State Agency has funded these crooks?

Where is Mayor Gavin Newsom on this serious issue?

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