This building, seven stories and full of radiation, sits next to Parcel A. Atomic Bomb.


The City and County of San Francisco and its Board of Supervisors (BOS) once stood for the best interest of the constituents of San Francisco. 8 Supervisors sold their souls and with blood on their hands have essentially told the constituents of San Francisco and more the suffering constituents of Bayview Hunters Point - to go to hell.

Sophie Maxwell has done all in power to undermine the interests of her constituents in District 10 and Parcel A with the just recently concluded escrow transaction now falls within the jurisdiction of this inept, ignorant, and very arrogant woman. In one great sweep cooperation with demons of the Nation's Real Estate and primary Land Developers - this woman has sold out the community and what is worse turned her back against those that need help most. 20% of the community in her District at Black and it is this needy population that will be most affected. Daily most of them are moving out - shooting, killings, drugs, and murders are rampant in the Black Community thanks to Sophie.

This evil woman that is on the take has done next to nothing to help the community in District 10 on matters related to Safety, Health, and Meaningful Dialog.

I admire the tenacity of Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai who has helped me in the fight to help the community. She accompanied me to Sacramento when Mark Leno and Sophie tried to introduce and pass AB 1187 to create the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Development Authority much like the Treasure Island Development Authority. Andrew Bozeman too.

I remember early on meeting Michael Cohen the main sellout who has been touting the line that he has the interests of the community. These constant statements that he repeats cannot be further from the truth. Ahimsa and I sat down and I explained to Michael Cohen my direct and qualified experience at the Presidio of San Francisco and how the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site - only the worst of the very worst toxic sites are declared Superfund Sites.

Olin Webb who claim that he is healthy and has not suffered from Radiation affects and that he lives for the last 61 years near the Shipyard is a big LIE. The man suffers from very poor health and for this man to LIE to the Building Inspection Commission is pathetic. The man together with some sellout corrupt Blacks are all for money. Building 815 stands out very near Parcel A reminding the world all the atomic bomb experiments that were carried on at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Acres of land on Parcel B and E have very serious radiological issues.

There is a huge landfill that has been capped and has methane gas moving in all directions. The Navy does want to do something now after the community has been directing the Navy to do the right thing - cleanup the whole Shipyard according to Residential Standards. The Navy wasted over $300 million when International Technologies did not do their job and then declared bankruptcy - years ago. The saga of misinformation and corruption linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has been on going since 1974 and before.

Infants near the Shipyard are dying and in the last 10 months empirical data show 10 infants died from the area-adjoining Parcel A and within a 1-mile radius.

The liars tried to get the San Francisco Building Commission to go along and most did. The SF Building Inspectors DO NOT have the ability to deal with Radiological Issues. Not even the San Francisco Fire Department has the ability to deal with the Radiological Issues. In fact when the underground Methane Fire started in 2000 it took the City and County of San Francisco over 3 weeks to first respond and over 3 years to fully comprehend the issue. The SF Health Department did nothing and should be sued for negligence with intent to kill the constituents of District 10.

This CANARD has been bluffed through the various Commission Meetings, the Board of Supervisors because people have been bribed. It is a shame that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors with the exception of Matt Gonzalez and Chris Daly did not fall for the Canard on December 7, 2004 a day that will go down in history as a very sad day. 8 Supervisors did not stand for the constituents but voted against those constituents that most needed their help. Shame! Time will tell but I know for sure the people that have blood on their hands. Our infants are dying and these folks know it and what they decide is put more people in harms way with intent.

Building 1600 housing units on Parcel A is wrong. The SF Health Commission, the SF Planning Department, the SF Redevelopment Agency, the SF Building Inspection Commission, the SF Land Use Committee, the Board of Supervisors - all have blood on their hands.

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