Before the SF Police Commission.


San Francisco has a population of about 870,000 and counts itself a pretty safe place given the resources we have and the Quality of Life that each constituent works very hard for. Law Enforcement plays a role in our Safety. Thugs destroy and invade our Security and Peace of Mind.

Each neighborhood is unique and in each neighborhood we have some organization or organizations with leaders that work hard to keep their neighborhood safe, clean, and progressive. I belong to some of the neighborhood organizations and can vouch for the hard work with the San Francisco Police Department and other City Departments that work hard - to attain Quality of Life Standards.

Some years ago the constituents of San Francisco passed Proposition H and in doing so wanted qualified reform linked to the San Francisco Police Commission and the Office of Citizens Complaints (OCC). Proposition H was meant to bring fairness and justice to the constituents - it has NOT.

It has been over a year now I have seen the San Francisco Police Commission pandering to the media and playing the role of smart lawyer as if it were a Judge Judy show.

I have seen the Office of Citizens Complaints (OCC) not perform certain critical investigations on time. Trips to Russia are good but what is happening in our back yard?

In the Kiska Case where some youth were traumatized and a young girl molested it took forever to bring some conclusion and the OCC did not do anything much. In the Thurgood Marshall High School riot the OCC took its time and did not come to the community to conduct its investigation. In the Boyd Cameron Case even after one year the grandmother had no answers and still the case seems to go no where. Yesterday I saw both the San Francisco Police Commission and the OCC resurrect the Fajita Case after more then 20 months. In bringing this case before the San Francisco Police Commission - the OCC has only one goal in mind - punish the Peace Officers. It has failed to bring this case before the San Francisco Police Department in a timely manner and has NOT done its investigation - given the powers it has.

Earlier the Courts threw out the Fajita case. The Grand Jury came to its own narrow conclusion. Two separate Civil Cases continue to linger in the Courts. The 4 lawyers representing the Peace Officers clearly pointed to the OCC for its lack of proper investigation and most of all timeliness - exposed the OCC for its ineptness.

I spoke after the lawyers and the OCC made their statements at the SF Police Commission Meeting in Room 400 at City Hall - February 9, 2005. I stated that Proposition H demanded timeliness. I personally stated this a method how it could be done years ago. I stated this before many bodies including the Board of Supervisors. Timeliness has been a moot point in many of the cases - forcing victims and those involved with the criminal cases - bringing out the worst of human feelings and dividing the constituents of San Francisco.

Personally I have worked with Chief Heather Fong and Deputy Chief Gregory Suhr on the Kiska Case. I brought some resolution on some levels but the OCC and the SF Police Commission have undermined the process - because they lack goals and a method to achieve adjudication within a reasonable timeline.

The Thurgood Marshall High School Riot Case in still lingering and no real meaningful dialog has been conducted in the community. The OCC bears some qualified blame to bring about the healing. The SF Police Commission could care less - they love to pander to the camera and the media. The San Francisco Unified School District has not been questioned and left off the hook.

Our Peace Officers work hard and I am not quick to side with anyone that does not do their work. Drugs, guns, and gangs must not replace law and order. In some quarters - the gangs rule the land and kill as and when they desire. I am not for she thugs or he thugs and most of all despise drugs and guns in the hands of criminals. I am for the First Amendment, Good Education, Peace and Safety, and good Leaders who do not side with Criminals for the sake of siding with them. We have some Community Leaders and mostly Ministers of many Churches who do not care about our Youth and the killings. They do not care about the sale of drugs and the destruction of so many homes.

Our youth must be loved by action and we must care for them by sacrificing our time and telling them that we love them. Our Peace Officers come from our homes and we must learn to form Community Policing to bring about Peace and Safety in our communities. This is not about blaming and posting - it is about acting and making good stuff happen.

I am requesting that the Office of Citizens Complaints (OCC) the San Francisco Police Commission - think with a vision and bring about progressive change. It is time that we reform both these organizations that have failed us - the constituents of San Francisco.

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