Barbara Hale just like her dumb boss Susan Leal just does not get it. We do not want any Combustible Turbines in our community. If you jackasses think it is fine to place CTs place them in your own backyard.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission made the biggest mistake when they fired Ed Smeloff. Now they think with the dumb Barbara Hale at the helm of affairs and by adding staff mostly all sharing the same life style - some progress can be made. Little do these stupid folks know they are making a fool of themselves.

Pacific Gas and Electric really does not want to be in the business of powerplants. PG&E will control the transmission lines and SFPUC will always play second fiddle to PG&E. Barbara Hale has no clout for one simple reason the woman has no common sense - she is not educated on real energy issues and will fail and she has before.

Susan Leal is an accountant and a very vicious animal that has harmed hundreds of people in her short career. Mayor Gavin Newsom made a mistake when he compromised and gave the SFPUC position to Susan Leal. The woman now wants $700 million more and is always blaming others and adversely impacting the constituents of San Francisco.

Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) owes SFPUC over $12 million. There has been no through inventory of all SFPUC assets. Millions of gallons of clean drinking water leaks and seeps because of aging water pipes. The same with the over 900 miles of sewage pipes - over 70% over 80 years old. These should be our priorities.

Right now we have no clue how the Calavares Dam will be fixed. We have no clue what will happen if the Irvington Tunnel fails in a major earthquake. In the next 3 years the sewage rates will go up - 11% in the first year, 15% in the second year and then another 15% in the third year. At things stand today this year and next year the SFPUC may have some fiscal stability. If the SFPUC does not bring in income the SFPUC will be in deep trouble in the year 2007. Susan Leal really does not understand infrastructure she is an accountant and made some headway before by intimidating people. Those days are over. Over and over again in her performance she comes across like a frustrated Butch - and that does our City and County of San Francisco no good.

Barbara Hale has only one qualification that brought her to the SFPUC - she shares the same lifestyle as does Susan Leal. Looking further you witness the same - lifestyle is what gets you in the SFPUC today - no one cares about being educated on issues, having qualified experience, being honest and attaining standards.

Today we know that the Jefferson-Martin Transmission line will be in place in a couple of years. I played an active role in making this happen. Never ever saw Barbara Hale, Susan Leal, or the other funkies anywhere around the Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line discussion. I worked with Loretta Lynch the California Public Utilities Commission.

We hope by 2008 to have the Mirant to Hunters Point underground transmission in place. By 2007 we hope the Hunters Point power plant is shut down. I worked hard to make this happen - so did Lynne Brown, Maurice Campbell, Espanola Jackson, and a few others. Not the fake jerks that now attend some fake public meetings to take the credit.

We hope by 2008 the transmission line from Hunters Point to the Mission Substation will be complete. If by 2009 the transmission line from Pittsburgh to Mirant is complete our Energy situation in San Francisco will be in good shape. There are plenty of power plants outside San Francisco.

I attended all the key important meetings at 77 Beale. I never saw Barbara Hale, Susan Leal, or for that matter any of the jerks that now pretend they know anything much about Energy Matters. Other fake so called advocates who are working with SFPUC to get some money. It amazes me our corrupt SFPUC is but what is more totally inept. Anyone with common sense will tell you it is a bad project to have CTs using very expensive fossil fuel activated in the year 2005. This year gas prices went up 14% next year this may go up 20%. In the future sky rocket.

No one in their right mind wants to work for SFPUC running CTs and using secondary effluents that cool the cooling system. Pathogens and other very harmful elements will be released in the air and San Francisco will set a precedent for doing something wrong. We need to move forward not backward. Polluting the environment is moving backwards.

Barbara Hale is a failure because she has no common sense and every time she opens her mouth she puts her foot inside. At the last LAFCO meeting her policies and philosophy on Energy Renewable and other energy issues defied logic and common sense. Speaker after speaker stated this to her face. The stupid woman simply does not get it.

The Southeast Sector has suffered much from pollution and we really do not want more pollution in our community. Barbara Hale and Susan Leal can go visit Good Vibrations and play in the sand of futility - they have no idea about utilities.

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