Brown Bombers in attendance.


The Brown Bombers are about family and more about loving our youth. If the many Community Based Organizations in the Bayview did that we would not have the many traumatic issues we have to deal with on a daily bases.

There is no doubt when it comes with the Brown Bombers - they will focus on your youth and do justice to the cause to help each and every youth under their care.

The Brown Bombers have been around for over 8 years and each year they grow stronger. Under the Presidentship of Ranon Ross I have seen the Brown Bombers shine. No one can do it alone - it is the concerted effort of the coaches, the parents, the facilitators, the volunteers, the supporters - everyone that pitches in to make good stuff happen.

For the second time this year I volunteered to help the Brown Bombers with the food and soft drinks. But sincerely I could not do it alone. I thank Bode Gravel, RMC, Norcal Waste, and a host of others who did not say NO. We had a little over 900 people attend the event and we saw that everyone was satisfied.

Mr. John York the 49ers owner was present and so were five 49er football players. They all spoke and gave away signed caps, shirts, and other football memorabilia. I took a photograph with Andrew Williams and Brian Adams. I also got an opportunity to speak to Mr. York and he wants to help us all especially the youth.

The Brown Bombers are an asset to the Bayview Hunters Point community. Year after year they get better and this coming football season they are geared up to shine and bring solace to many a family and youth - coaching and helping our youth. The Bayview Hunters Point community should support the Brown Bombers. There is nothing better then community support understanding the issues that face all the youth. I am not a football coach but I have been following my good friend John Nauer around - learning the plays and understanding the finer point of quality football. I find it refreshing after a hard day's work or simply if I need to relax watching the youth being coached.

The Brown Bombers set May 21, 2005 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. aside as Family Event Day. The event was held at the Bayview/KC Jones Playground in the Bayview on 3rd Street and Caroll. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I did see some politicians make their rounds.

We hope to hold Family Event Day next year and have an even better turn out. Thanks to all our supporters and to the Brown Bombers for doing so much for our youth. I sincerely hope other teams learn from the Brown Bombers and dedicate their love to the youth. We have so much talent but more there is hope when we nurture our youth and what better place at the playground with dedicated coaches.

The Brown Bomber coaches volunteer and all the more they deserve praise and our gratitude. It is not a joke to volunteer to coach after work all day. More giving one's time when the games are held during weekends.

I hope local businesses and other agencies that can afford support the Brown Bombers. They have a good track record and the little money they get and raise takes there programs a long, long way.

I took a few photographs - enjoy.

49ers giving away mementoes.

Brian Adams, Francisco, Andrew Williams, and Ranon Ross.

SFPD graced the occasion.

Kids having fun.

Two years in a row - quality grilled food.

John, Jeff Adachi and Mr. York.

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