San Francisco has a population of about 750,000 people. We are a diverse population but we are proud to embrace everyone and that includes all life styles. In the past 10 years crime has worsened and the types of serious killings and shootings have affected the very fiber that makes us strong as a City and people.

Many years ago Community Policing was carried on in many neighborhoods. There was a time when most everyone knew each other in every neighborhood. Neighborhood meetings, projects, fairs brought everyone in the neighborhood to get to know one another. Games and tournaments fostered a unique friendship and many neighborhood friends communicated for years even after many left to go far away to other areas and other States and Countries.

Churches and schools played an important part and so did the local clubs. There were more and the more contained elements where an opportunity was given to meet and dialog.

Today in the entire 11 Districts we see less of communication. Our youth do not have places to go and recreate. Again and again we see thugs controlling certain areas and our City Board of Supervisors busy making small talk and having no idea about Health and Safety issues.

Sophie Maxwell stands out as the dumbest. Daily if she just takes a look at the incident reports and come out from the Bayview Police Station it would shock anyone that is civilized. The woman does nothing for District 10 accept make deals with developers such as Lennar BVHP LLC and others and the woman is on the take.

Thugs reign and will continue to take our streets in the Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley and spill their venom all over the City. A long time ago opportunities should have been create to curb violence. A special effort should have been in place to empower the people and the community leaders. There are absolutely no quality extra curricula activities for our youth and growing adults in the Bayview Hunters Point embracing the majority of the youth. Millions of dollars are given to he and she thugs that purport to manage Community Based Organizations that deal with our youth. Again and again these Community Based Organizations have failed the community. Sophie Maxwell was instrumental in giving Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) over 1 million dollars. Dana Lanza the Director of LEJ is White and lives in Oakland. She wants to build a living classroom on a toxic dump at Pier 98 near the toxic power plant.

This scenario has been repeated many times over crooks like Joe Boss, Steve Moss, Dwayne Jones and many others all well known to the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice, San Francisco Environment, Mayor's Office of Community Development, Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the City Controller, the City Attorney continue to fleece the community to the detriment of the community and our Health and Safety in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

A couple of million dollars can go a long way towards Community Policing. Community Policing can empower the people and when the people are united the Law Enforcement agencies can work better. If the San Francisco Police Department for example shows lack of leadership the Federal Bureau of Investigation can step in when it comes to crime and corruption that today prevails among the many Community Based Organizations. If a Supervisor is corrupt as is Sophie Maxwell then it is time to nail those elements that hinder progress.

Daily in the Bayview Hunters Point area, the Visitation Valley, Sunnydale one can hear gun shots. There are so many weapons on the street that one wonders where they are coming from. AK-47s and other killer weapons in the thousands are found and used by thugs who live for the day and do not care about life or health and safety issues.

For the last 10 years or more daily these thugs have hardened their conscience and what is so disturbing is that others like the Samoans are learning all the worse traits from those that are daily exhibiting the worse that humans exhibit when they kill and hate one another.

The lack of jobs have created a 5 million dollar plus drug industry. Over 10 million dollars leaches out from the community because no one wants to run good stores, a supermarket, a decent restaurant where crime, killing, shooting are rampant on a daily basis. Our Mayor, our Board of Supervisors, our City leaders are busy with issues that are mundane. Our City does not have a Transportation Document and yet we call ourselves a Transit First City. Our City does not have a sound Housing Element. Our roads are not repaired and we have a $300 million back log. Our Law Enforcement is spread thin and of late the leadership is shallow and shaky. Conditional Use ruins our City Planning and is a norm.

Recently we had 3 shootings in the Western Addition. This prompted Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi to call for a special hearing on Community Policing. I found it interesting. Not one single so called expert had any idea about Outreach, spoke about it, nor had a simple Blue Print to enforce it.

Not one expert spoke about the elements I have discussed above. A sound City Planning Department addresses Quality of Life issues. A sound City Planning helps the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce and other City Departments work for the constituents of San Francisco. The San Francisco Police Department cannot do everything and should not. Our Mayor talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The San Francisco Health Department does nothing much to curtail pollution and address Health Issues. Many of our youth all over the City are affected by pollution and lack of proper nutrition. Our City has not conducted a detail survey of these vital issues. Our City has failed the constituents when it comes to Juvenile and Adult Probation.

Millions of dollars that should have benefited the constituents of San Francisco are wasted when it comes to our youth and Probation. Our adults who are incarcerated and who become hardened criminals are living all over the City. No one knows where the child molesters live our City has no data. There is no mechanism to check or no funding to address such activities.

Much of our San Francisco Port Authority property is vulnerable. In the past huge containers containing weapons were landed in the Bayview Hunters Point. The same at Sunnydale transported from Hunters Point. The authorities know about these facts but only after the dirty deed was completed and much harm done. Why not get the Federal Bureau of Investigation involved?

There are many organizations trying to address Crime. No one can address crime without addressing all the key issues. Today in San Francisco we do not have one single person that understands the fundamental issues or elements of crime in San Francisco. One only understands it - when one think outside the box and has been monitoring the situation for years. Over 40 key elements create the situation as we have today.

Idiot experts from other States cannot come here to San Francisco and without knowing the area and the unique circumstances apply norms that may work elsewhere here in San Francisco. That is the main problem with our City we permit idiot experts to come and rule freely in our City. Most of City officials do not live in San Francisco so they do not care much about the City and County of San Francisco. Our Mayor will go to Chicago to find solutions but not bother to sit down with people in his backyard who know a lot about his dumb ass!

Recently we chose to transfer Deputy Chief Gregory Suhr from the San Francisco Police Department. This will come to haunt us for the years to come. Already the leadership is weak and the San Francisco Police Department divided. We cannot fight crime with weak leadership and without a united front.

At the community level there are elements dividing the community. Community leaders cannot get together and come out with a unified Blue Print. Each one is talking and talking louder then the other. Many do not know what they are talking about but the chatter and noise is deafening. There comes nothing constructive from all the bickering.

Our Media will follow Spin but lack investigative reporting and that holds true for the Bayview Newspaper that could have been on the frontlines if it did some investigative reporting. We learn and know more about Haiti and Haitians then the many African Americans in the City and County of San Francisco. I have nothing against the Ratcliffs but here is one more example of lack of coordination with a very powerful weapon that should easily bring about pertinent changes. The Gang Free Meetings are good but they are just about letting steam. The Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice is a sham and its Director should be fired. We cannot allow our children to suffer for the lack of sound planning and the lack of facilities. After our entire City has a 5 billion dollars budget yes 5 billion dollar budget.

Our Human Rights Commission started in the Bayview. The City has forgotten that. African American shed their blood and sweat to create the Human Right Commission. Today over 85% of the City contracts go outside the City. Life Style projects get top priority at the Human Rights Commission and its Director does great disservice to the constituents of San Francisco. She has no personality.

The Human Rights Commission if it did its job could see that all our youth got good jobs. At over 90% of the job sites no one goes to enforce the laws much less care what the hell is happening. This has been going on for years. Perhaps the time has come for Espanola Jackson, Kevin Williams to explain to the fools what the hell is happening. Perhaps the time has come to shut down City Hall as was done in the past.

It should be made mandatory for the Supervisors to walk the street on their constituency twice every month to get a feel of what is happening. Perhaps Chris Daly and Ross Mirkarimi can share the feeling as they do it on a regular basis. Tom Ammiano is not so bad in this area but the rest are all fluff. The worst Sophie Maxwell the woman on the take.

It is time City Department Heads give a quarterly report to all the Districts and to special Community Policing task force. Today no one really knows that the hell is happening. The deliberations at City Hall under Aaron Peskin are a joke. Public Comment is curtailed and the result is the few jokers during Public Comment care not to address substantial and pertinent issues. You can hear about the City Library, Life styles, and personal mental issues but such comments have really no great bearing on the constituents of San Francisco.

Let us start with Community Policing and make City Hall responsible for Quality of Life Issues.

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