Executive Park and Bayview Hill.


Sophina Maxwell the District 10 Supervisor is as new to Bayview as the Gateway to the Bayview right there by 3rd Street and Cargoway. And as the stench always lingers around that area; Sophina Maxwell's actions stink to high heaven.

Executive Park lies at the foot of the Bayview Hill. Bayview Hill and the area in and around Executive Park have always been very close to Bayview Hunters Point. When the SF Planning Commissioners wanted this point cleared; they had to ask Espanola Jackson a long time resident of Bayview Hunters Point. She answered them to the point.

Sophina Maxwell the vegetarian from Haight Ashbury came to the Bayview some 12 years ago and she really does not know District 10. I remember well how this inept, ignorant, and very arrogant Black woman fared in the very first debate when she first ran for the seat of District 10 Supervisor at the Southeast Facility at 1800 Oakdale.

At this debate Sophina Maxwell the dumb ass that she is accused Espanola Jackson of taking money from MUNI. Further she stated that it was from the MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail project which had not yet begun. MUNI has the records and I can say Sophina Maxwell is on the take and she has taken money from MUNI and San Francisco County Transportation Authority. Sophina has taken money from Lennar BVHP LLC and she has taken money from several developers.

Recently as a meeting held at the Southeast Facility at 1800 Oakdale; Sophina was invited so that Espanola Jackson, Toye Moses, Milliard Larkin, Francisco Da Costa, Ms Pendergrass, and a few others could gather precise facts about the Visitation Valley Community Facilities and Infrastructure Fee and Fund ordinance.

Espanola Jackson was chairing the meeting and asked Sophina Maxwell some pertinent questions. Sophina did not answer one single question to the point. Beating around the bush she said so many things but chose not to speak the truth. She does not have Accountability. Sophina Maxwell did admit that she did not do her outreach well and that in future she would try to accommodate the constituents of District 10. She has failed miserably when it comes to outreach and especially the over 60% of Asians that know nothing much about her ordinance that live in Visitation Valley.

Signature Properties propose to build over 433 units covering an area of 615, 000 square feet at Executive Park. Top Vision plan to build 410 units covering an area of 618,000 square feet. George Yerby another developer plans to build 496 units covering an area of 476,000 square feet. All these project are at Executive Park proper right by the photograph that you see at the start of this article.

The dumb Sophina Maxwell wants to defy logic and build another 740 units covering 740,000 square feet at the former Schlage Lock Company which most probably will involve the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. This area has some very toxic dirt that needs remediation and will cost a lot of money to clean up.

For years the constituents have always known where Visitation Valley lay and it is only recently that Sophina has chosen to bring Visitation Valley right to Bayview Hill and incorporate Visitation Valley as part of Executive Park. Most constituents that have resided for ages including many stalwart activists are shocked how this dumb woman is now taking on the world exhibiting her ignorance in public and now trying to convince SF Planning Commissioners to do her stupid bidding.

For years Visitation Valley has not been given the respect it deserves by the City and County of San Francisco. Mayors Dianne Feinstein, Art Agnos, Frank Jordon, Willie L. Brown Jr., and even Mayor Gavin Newsom have failed Visitation Valley which is part of District 10 and really has no representation.

Many Chinese, Pilipino, Samoans, African Americans, others mostly of color make up Visitation Valley. It has a higher percentage of youth but it has no true representation. Sophina Maxwell for the longest period neglected Visitation Valley and did nothing. Businesses failed including a Supermarket that open and closed. Murders and killings take a heavy toll of Visitation Valley since Sophina Maxwell took charge as District 10 Supervisor. I know this for a fact. In recent years Sophina Maxwell has aligned herself with a few cronies the ones that Fran Martin read at the SF Planning Commission meetings. All these so called fans and organization are sell outs. Meaning they are interested in some money not serving the constituents of Visitation Valley. I know most of them and will tell you again they are cronies of Sophina Maxwell and on the take; each and every one of them.

The City and County of San Francisco has failed to develop Visitation Valley. It is wrong now suddenly after the Executive Park developers went through a process to suddenly hold the developers hostage and force them to pay for a swimming pool, a library, and education center, whatever.

If this was part of the process some years ago or even a year ago as part of the SF Planning Commission process that took years; I could understand the logic though not supporting it. But to introduce the faulty Visitation Valley proposed ordinance at the SF Board of Supervisor meeting without any Public Comment and Meaningful Dialog some weeks ago, is a disgrace.

On November 8, 2005 at 4 p.m. the SF Sunshine Ordinance Task Force will hear the complaint brought about Espanola Jackson against Sophina Maxwell. Many will support Espanola who has stood for the Truth and I hope the Sunshine Ordinance exposes the corrupt and on the take Sophina Maxwell.

It would be interesting to read the notes of all the meetings and of all the people that met behind close doors to craft the Visitation Valley Community Facilities and Infrastructure Fee and Fund. What direct meaningful dialog was done among the Asians for example and when. What role did Joe Boss and Fran Martin play directly or indirectly in regards to this fault ordinance in the pipeline.

The ordinance has NOT come before the SF Board of Supervisor but Sophina Maxwell called the Developers and made them pay huge amounts to facilitate the building and repairs of facilities in the Visitation Valley. The developers cowed and have set a very bad precedence by agreeing to pay some money for the Visitation Valley facilities and Open Space but not up front as originally proposed. I am calling the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate this case. The City Controller and the City Attorney seem to look the other side. I hope the SF Sunshine Task Force does justice. What does Jesse Blout think about this nonsense? What does Mayor Gavin Newsom think about this hoax? What does the City Attorney think?

Sophina Maxwell is very arrogant and challenged Espanola by saying: "Do what you want to do". Sophina simply is very arrogant and does not want to listen to those that know better. She represents stupidity. It is either her way or the highway. Highway robberies in broad daylight must stop.

There is no infrastructure at Executive Park linked to the proposed new development. Over $30 million will have to be raised by the Developers to put in the new infrastructure. Then, just like that the infrastructure will be turned over to the City and County of San Francisco. It is simply wrong to ask developers to fork out this money up front and then fork out more on sites far removed from the site of development.

The Rincon Hill project has very high density the towers are over 600 feet high. The Rincon Hill area has the infrastructure in place. When Chris Daly used Community Benefits he worked hard, studied the details, fought for housing for his constituents, had countless meetings with his constituents, spent hours negotiating on project like the Trinity Plaza fiasco, and then came up with a unique solution for his constituents.

Most constituents in Chris Daly constituency love Chris Daly and that cannot be said of the inept, ignorant, and very arrogant Sophina Maxwell. District 10 constituents by far do not TRUST Sophina Maxwell. Twice she has been the target of a recall by grassroots constituents from District 10. The 3rd time will be a charm.

It is a shame that the SF Board of Supervisors fail to take on the issues that confront District 10. District Election must go just because stupid and dump actions adversely impact the constituents such as the actions and faulty ordinances and resolutions that have come out from the office of Sophina Maxwell. For years I had patience tolerating Sophina's nonsense not anymore; this woman must go; and go to her old hunting grounds. Perhaps the man that chases his tail can give her all the love she needs. The woman made the biggest mistake when she chose to run for public office. She could not be certified to be Electrician in San Francisco and had to go to Oakland. She has tried to be a Supervisor of District 10 in San Francisco that includes the Bayview Hunters Point and has failed even more miserably.

Executive Park and the damsel Sophina Maxwell has adversely impacted thousands by her stupidity and lack of being educated on issues. She talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Espanola grilling Sophina Maxwell.

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