Spin in the media and wrong choices by Mayor Gavin Newsom brings divisiveness in the Bayview over a video that has nothing to do with reality but more with roasting and fantasy concepts that are far removed with the common person living in the community.

So, when the Mayor thought he had it good and his young Turks that surround him at the Mayor's Office encouraged him to zero in on Captain Rick Bruce — his actions could not have been further from the truth. He tries to explain his folly but he fails every single time.

No one in their right mind can tell us the realities of this fantasy video. What most people in the Bayview can tell you is that the pain and suffering of so many young folks some African American and others Samoan continues to hurt us to the core. We want these concerns addressed. We do not want to participate in a free for all - stone throwing contest that in linked to ignorance and blatant egoism.

It has been years since Richard Tims died shot under circumstances begging for adjudication — months have turned to years and yet we have heard about NO justice. The Police Commission hears, the Police Chief hears but the process prowls like a thief at night and robs us all in day light. It gives us no justice and plenty of fake promises on a platter of thin ice with the hot sun blaring and everyone sweating with anger.

When we voted for Proposition H and a change in the composition of the Police Commission and the Office of Citizens Complaints we thought we would see drastic change — we all are astounded if not confounded that we are moving towards the Dark Ages. Two fake Police Commissioners have jumped ship - the worse won chosen by Sophie Maxwell.

The Police Commissioners were not chosen to be Perry Mason. Trying to play to the camera to fake the audience and trying to tell us that they really are there for the people when all the time they are for themselves. When we held our Crime Conference at the Bayview some years ago and brought the various City Departments to the table we sought justice and wanted to find truth but this seems to evade us even as we place the spotlight and remove darkness with light. We even visited Watts and created the Peace Keepers - some good has come but not much.

We attended numerous Crime and Gang Free meetings thinking we were moving in the right direction - only to find out that we were hood winked. David Mauroff can bear testimony to that and so can others that I work on a daily bases.

The Mayor's Office wants to be in charge of everything for all the wrong reason. Our District 10 Representative is a young woman that hails from some where far away from the reality of crime, shooting, with little understanding about what is really happening. And there was Joe Caruso they sent him packing too.

I find it difficult to see and hear some groups pretend they are for the youth when their intentions are for their own self glory. The people in pain and suffering know whom to approach and where they can find solace - it is not with the few who climb the roof tops and want attention. Scream and shout and have no real plans with transparency.

Missing in this buffoonery of sorts with a video that was meant to roast a Captain and reveal in privacy the fantasy of some Law Enforcement are the issues related to Quality of Life issues. Our mostly White journalists wrote so much about nonsense and some fake realities prompted by the Mayor's Press Conference. They should be ashamed of their White assess and a mentality that feeds on negativity. Blacks should think twice before reading such dirty evil newspapers.

I challenge these white journalist from the Examiner and Chronicle to write about the killings and shootings using investigative reporting as a tool - the killing and shootings the pain and suffering of the families. Some three or four paragraphs from fake police incident reports one finds in the Examiner and in the Chronicle - both newspapers worthy not to be used in the bottom of a bird's cage or flushed down the commode. And so we had a community meeting where some barked so loud that the birds began to fly at night. Where folks came from neighborhoods far away from the Bayview to tell us in forked tongues about what is really going on in our back yard. The Mayor came late and sat his lame ass on a chair surround by wanabees and other waiting in line much with the prevailing slave attitude for a card or to pay him some false reverence.

Our children are dying and no one worth their salt in making the right representation to the Board of Supervisors, to the Police Commission, to Human Right Organizations, to the Senators, the Congresspersons, in a letter to the Press in other States, on the air and speaking in a concise manner about reality and death and the shame of it all.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya so it fascinates me when some Negroes speak about Africa and how Black they are and how they want to do something - often times I will put a plan of action - I see no unity and when the time comes it is me and my shadow. Brothers and Sisters we need a plan that has Accountability and Transparency - most of all leadership. Good leaders that know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Our youth need love but they need some one to tell them that in action. We should lead by example not by joining the band wagon to make noises.

Do not talk down to our youth or listen to some that are misguided. Family means a lot but families with discipline and character. We have some perverts trying to conceal themselves and act like wolves in sheep clothing. Our youth know it all - I feel their pain because they speak to me all the time and what they say has NOT been represented.

Let us not bite the hand that has fed us. Captain Rick Bruce in not perfect but he did a lot of our community. He brought back night basketball and gave our youth opportunities. He helped repair two or three basketball courts and allowed our youth to play and respect on another. He arranged for our youth to go places and come together and learn about sisterhood and brotherhood. Thousands supported him and told me so - now suddenly he has become something that he was not? Some of us were quick to stone him and this is wrong. Those that were quick to stone him have no clue about community, human dignity, and Quality of Life issues. Those that stoned him are NOT educated on issues but love to take sling shots when some one is down. Such cowards have disgraced humankind and their crime is worse then the fake video. I say you thought you knew better and could discern but you chose when the opportunity came to swim in the cesspool of fakeness and cowardice.

I have written to Mayor Gavin Newsom and I have written to Chief Heather Fong. I know how to keep my channels of communication open. I have the backing of the youth and those community leaders that are not for the money, have received no money, are not sellouts, act like no perverts, look you in the eye and tell the truth, volunteer their time for the community and youth; it is all about - sacrifice and love.

As I say there can be NO love with lots of sacrifice. Let us be educated on issues slow to talk but quick to act with determination, fortitude, selfless acts and humility. Why are we always begging when we can be self-sufficient? Why cannot Blacks be united and always be ass lickers? Why cannot we walk the walk and have less of talk the talk? What makes us be disunited and NOT united?

We have over 60 Churches in the Bayview and the Preachers all want money. They do little and get a lot of money from the City and the congregation. Jesus once went to the temple and saw the folks make a market place of a Sacred Place. He chased them out and had some choice words for those that fail to respect and honor.

This is happening with the preachers — they want every opportunity to preach and shout but cannot understand that humility, transparency, and accountability does not come by bragging and lying and pretending to be some where when they are lost and about to go down the precipice. You heard them all at the Bayview Meeting trying to address Community Policing and failing to understand the concept. Then up arose Sophina Maxwell the most despicable person and said something about nothing. Ask her what has she done for the community? Ask her if the community is better off today then it was when she brought her fake lying ass to run for Supervisor? This woman has taken us down the path of no return and made a mess of everything. Yet fools were clapping for a moron that has no brains and lies to the teeth.

Our Mayor is surrounded by young Turks who first advised him to jump and slam dunk by Middle Point. Today the Mayor is confused and he does not have answers about crime. He does not have answers because he tried to fake for the longest time ever - his colors are now revealed - this is a Racist City and he continues to lead it down the drain.

Let us NOT use Spin and the stupid White Media to try to deceive many innocent constituents. The majority of the 760,000 constituents of San Francisco cannot be fooled all the time. The youth are fed up with the Board of Supervisors and Mayor Gavin Newsom.

We have over 92 people killed and the shootings are going to increase. We need some law and order - so what does the Mayor do he thinks it is best to bring the element of divisiveness into the picture - place the blame of a clown Police Officer and his silly video.

Thousands watch porno in this City and that includes gays. Time to put a stop to all this nonsense according to the Mayor. Thousands in our City are abused in whore houses and on the street corners. Rich folks gather in fancy places and enjoy fetish games often demeaning women and some men. Put a stop to all this. We have teachers abusing children not all of them but some. We have lawyers screwing around all the time - judges included. We have politicians taking bribes and lying to your face. They all need to be sent to Siberia and given a one way ticket to shill out!

Mayor Gavin Newsom you got no mandate to be Mayor. You used thugs in your Election bid - be slow to judge. It does not mean that we do not have to clean up many City Departments including the San Francisco Fire Department and the San Francisco Police Department. We have to do what it takes but not using divisiveness, lack of judgment, not discerning, putting one's foot in the mouth, and most of all without being fair.

This is a Racist City and the Human Rights Commission that Mayor Gavin Newsom called upon at first should be shut down. The other Commission on Women Rights has NO straight woman on the Commission. The fact of the matter is that gays and some lesbians are taking over - placing their ilk all over the place and no one has the guts to speak the truth.

Black leaders are slow to see behind the behind because the White gays have so much light that they are blinded. This is a Racist City. In proportion to the diverse community we should have Deputy Chiefs, Commanders, Captain, Sergeants, and other officers ready to police the community and all representing the rainbow. Most of them should be from San Francisco and not rednecks from Napa.

We should have a Police Commission that has time lines and helps adjudicate cases. We should have an Office of Citizens Complaints that works and not that pretends to work. This is San Francisco where some fake ass folks are screwing things and using the Spin and the Media to bluff us all.

Mayor Gavin Newsom please do not try to fool all the people all the time.

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