Ali the owner of Golden Eagle.


Ali and Sam have been working very hard at Golden Eagle for over 10 years on 3rd Street. Ask anyone that has good taste buds and they will tell you the place to go for some good home made fries and the best Burgers and Sandwiches. A good grocery store on all of 3rd Street.

I have been visiting Golden Eagle for a long time and when Ali and Sam are not so busy we make small talk and I leave back to my office which is not far away for some more work.

I have my favorites on the menu and will not reveal to anyone what exactly I ask for - but you can go check out Golden Eagle and see if you dig the place or if I am just kidding.

I see all sorts of people visiting Golden Eagle and most of them love to come and shop, buy their choice snack and leave. Golden Eagle is a kind of neutral ground because I see all sorts of folks - from all kinds of turf, gather for that prize gourmet snack and then split.

Often times I will meet some one that I would find difficult to meet if I made an effort - do not mistake me when I say that - I am not referencing anyone on the run - but just some good friends that live far away but drive all the way to visit Golden Eagle to taste the best and flatter their taste buds I guess.

So, I was talking to Ali the last time and he seemed nonchalant and kind of said a few words - "I have a year here and then they want us to go ".

First we had MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail that White Elephant that is going no where - it has been weathering - starts some where and stops in the middle of Visitation Valley. Guess when all is well the folks from Daly City, Brisbane, Burlingame, elsewhere will park their cars in and around Visitation Valley and take the Lightrail down town or some where. 3rd Street will be for White folks and Blacks will gape as they have at MUNI 3rd Light Rail for years. The train will just pass by and those waving will not be Blacks or people of color. The Community got hit with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA). The scumbags plan to take over 2568 acres and declare it Blight and then really implement Negro Removal. While most Blacks will suffer - some Sell Out Blacks are in bed with SFRA planning to make a fast buck as some thugs do on the run.

Back to Ali - we talked before of how business was bad when the MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail messed up the streets but now it is about some folks with the blessing of SFRA trying to grab property so that they can build Market Rate Units.

That inept, dumb, ignorant, very arrogant Sophie Maxwell will never get it. Not once has she visited the store keepers and assured them of their Safety and helped them with their concerns. All she has done - in all the years she has been in office as the District 10 Supervisor is pander to the crooks and that includes SFRA.

Ali and many other Middle Eastern Businesses are fed up with Sophie Maxwell. They have been telling that to me for a long time - but now after the last Off Sale Alcohol Ordinance Sophie initiated and the other Supervisors went along with - the Middle Eastern Store Keepers and other Store Keepers have had it with the moronic Sophie Maxwell.

Businesses on 3rd Street and now being visited by all sorts of Inspectors taking photographs, inviting themselves without due notice and asking all sorts of questions regarding permits and other such stuff. We never, ever saw these vermin before but now they all seem interested in prime real estate. The come out of the woods at all times trying to harass folks and are jut plain mean.

Ali and his coworkers have worked very hard and it is especially difficult working on 3rd Street and catering to the variety of folks that visit any business. But now it is all coming to an end and Ali and Sam and his other friends - will fade away. Soon you will hear of another business shut down and then another and before you know it Sophie Maxwell, the Sell Out Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee and its Chair Angelo King and his supporters will realize the folly of the century. It is one thing when Whites screw up the community but it is another when dumb, ignorant, Blacks do the community in. SFRA is all about project development, Market Value Housing, Greed and Eminent Domain. Good Bye Golden Eagle.

Sam working hard.

Golden Eagle.

The train will stop but NO Golden Eagle!

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