The youth in San Francisco make up about 18% of the population and the way we figure this out is drawing a line at 18 years. San Francisco has a population of about 780,000.

The majority of the youth live in the Southeast Sector Bayview Hunters Point, Portola District, Visitation Valley, and the area bordering these areas. Mayor Gavin Newsom boasts that his lousy administration is doing something for the youth. The reality is that the youth of San Francisco are shafted again and again - especially those from the Southeast.

About 20% of the youth live in the Southeast Sector that is from the general population of San Francisco which I said is about 780,000. Just take a look at the recreation facilities in the impacted area I have mentioned and only one word describes them all - deplorable.

The Board of Supervisors plays lip service to the youth especially Hank the Dwarf and that inept District 10 Supervisor. The youth who live in the Avenues have the Golden Gate Park and other facilities that are half way decent but the youth of the Southeast Sector have to play on fields like the Bayview/KC playground which resembles a battle field on which some heavy duty armored tanks have just rolled over. Gofers have drilled holes to make the situation even worse.

We have some crooks backed by Don Fisher and the like that are out to steal playing fields but more to accommodate Whip Cream. Some dubious organization wants to work with SF Recreation and Parks to maintain some playing fields like the one at Bayshore and Silver by outfitting the fields with astro turf or some fancy artificial turf. No one has yet had any meaningful dialog with the constituents that live in the area. These pathetic scumbags will do anything and everything to wipe out people of color and have started adversely impacting our youth in more ways then can be counted. Millions of dollars are going to be spent to retrofit the playing fields at Burton High School - again no meaningful dialog with the constituents that live in the area. More areas are targeted by crooks that are meeting behind close doors.

The Redlining has begun in earnest and Gentrification is creeping in by leaps and bounds all over the Bayview Hunters Point. Soon we will see a lot of Whip Cream and people of color will be swept off their feet and out of the community they live in. Shoreview and other such housing project have had their rents increased by hundreds of dollars all with the consent of Big Ass and Little Brain - the District 10 Supervisor.

In the Bayview Hunters Point area the main recreation facilities are either demolished to build new facilities or shut down for some take over by large corporations. These decisions have not been mentioned to the constituents less have the authorities had meaningful community meetings.

Of course Mayor Gavin Newsom is for the youth or so he thinks. He talks the talk but cannot walk the walk. In the interim our youth have no recreation facilities and are left to the mercy of those factors that adversely impact them foremost, the San Francisco Police Department. Every opportunity is being taken to ticket our youth and defile their records and opportunities for life and a good job.

I have been interviewing the youth and asking them general questions about Recreational Facilities. The youth cannot fathom why those that should be vouching for them are penalizing them. How can anyone deprive the youth of sound and good Recreation Facilities? Add to that lack of good Summer Jobs and the youth are left to fend for themselves and often fall prey to those sharks that are waiting for such opportunities. The pastors and ministers are busy collecting donations and looking the other way and in bed with SF Redevelopment Agency.

Some may think the young boys have it bad - it is worse for the girls. They lack opportunities and the very few Summer Jobs are far between. I have been talking to the girls and they too are at a loss. What is the District 10 Supervisor doing besides carting her big ass around and thinking like a moron? The woman has no clue about reality and less about the youth in District 10. Hank the Dwarf lives up on a hill and much like Rip van Winkle does not know what is happening in the Southeast Sector. He will go out of his way to fight for the closure of Mirant power plant and the placement of 3 Combustion Turbines. He will back the so called Blue Paths ways that are heavily impacted by radiological elements and the worst particulates all because he wants to be kosher with Big Ass and Little Brain who purports and thinks she rules District 10 like some fiefdom.

Big Ass and Little Brain has appointed her cronies to back the Bicycle Coalition and other outsiders that have no connection with the mostly people of color that live in Southeast Sector.

Just like the Saturday Farmers Market that is held on Saturday near Palou Street on 3rd Street from about 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and which the San Francisco Environment has given over $175,000 in grants. Outsiders have come in for some little time to convince ordinary poor folks that buying expensive organic food will make them whole. The majority has little money and organic is as foreign to them as the existence of the Planet Zubie Zubie.

Why not spend the $175,000 on youth and give them stipends while they work during the Summer. How many youth mostly of color have to be wounded, shot and killed, while organic carrots are sold and no one can afford them right where most of the youth congregate on 3rd Street? This Farmers Market is a kind of Circus complete with tent and lots of Whip Cream that are out of touch with the community.

Black folks will watch these idiots come into their community and piss on their territory and insult them directly and indirectly and yet scum bags go Scott free without any hindrance what so ever. Only in the Bayview.

The Pacific Gas and Electric power plant at Hunters Point is going to be torn down. Vultures from Oakland and elsewhere are making pacts to share the $47 million set aside to tear down the polluter plant that has killed so many. The area has to be mitigated and will cost millions. No mitigation plans have been discussed with the community but Big Ass and Little Brains has plans to build thousands of units and is having meaningful discussion with crooked developers. How many millions have been set aside to help our youth especially those that lived and the many that have died in the near by Public Housing? What has Mayor Gavin Newsom to say about this fact that is buzzing mostly among crooks and wanabees in the community? Has anyone bothered to call the youth together and ask their opinion? Does it matter to the fools? What has Big Ass and Little Brain have to say about the youth? Why build housing on toxic ground? What about Cumulative Pollution?

It is high time our youth all over the City and County of San Francisco are taken seriously. It is high time that the over 20% of the youth that live in the Southeast Sector are given some respect. It is time crooked politicians get out of their way or forever hold their peace.

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