Mr. and Mrs. Larry Halling.


The saga of the Executive Park which lies close to Candlestick Park defies logic when one takes into consideration the lackadaisical interest of the San Francisco Planning Department and City politics to cause as much hardship as possible to those decent developers that put so much investment thinking much good would come and the near by constituents benefit.

San Francisco Planning with full cooperation of Sophie Maxwell the District 10 Supervisor who was conspicuously absent from the July 22, 2006 SF Planning Workshop held at 5 Mellon Circle thought they could hold a workshop and get some input from the constituents and other parties interested in Executive Park. Her intention was to throw some curve balls using her planted cronies like Fran Martin.

Executive Park has always held a close relationship with the South Bayshore Plan which has been in existence since the early 1970s. The Executive Park chose early on to work with developer George Yerby and create a Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC).

It has some seasoned members, Shirley Jones, John King, and Espanola Jackson. It has other members among them Fran Martin who chose to act as a mole to create divisiveness and work with Sophie Maxwell to gain benefits from any development at Executive Park without any constructive contribution.

Fran Martin has been working against the better interests of the community. Her over million dollar grant with Recreation and Park fell by the way side. She has been working hard always behind close doors with evil intentions to make money and have other folks pay for her petty project and machinations. She is an utter failure.

For all practical purposes she belongs to the Executive Park CAC but she chose to make a statement a couple of times that she does not. She has not resigned and was reminded of that fact by Shirley Jones. Fran Martin better reflect on her evil designs and her prevailing attitude that borders on being omnipotent. One look at that face and a skunk would think twice about spraying Fran's ass. It is time she leaves meddling in the affairs of the community and pretending that she is some leader of sorts.

The SF Planning has failed the constituents of San Francisco when it comes to the Eastern Neighborhoods and a sound Environmental Impact Study.

It has failed the Southeast Sector which includes Bayview Hunters Point and Visitation Valley and Little Hollywood and beyond with a sound Economic Analysis. It has failed the Eastern Neighborhoods when it shelved the workshops linked with the Eastern Neighborhood.

SF Planning has no sound Housing Element. It does not have a sound Transportation Document of its own. It cares little to outreach to the current demographics that keep changing and has more Latinos and Asians.

SF Planning led by crooks like Sophie Maxwell and Marsha Rosen of the SF Redevelopment Agency think they can push for Redevelopment using Blight, Eminent Domain and the tool of Tax Increment and High Density and fool the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point, Executive Park, Visitation Valley, Little Hollywood and beyond. They will be in for a big surprise.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Halling were present at the workshop and they two were listening intently. Then Mr. Larry Halling spoke and informed everyone that he wanted benefits in the area where he lived. He was concerned about parking and about heavy traffic. Of course Mr. Larry Halling would know because he has lived in Little Hollywood for over 77 years. Do you think SF Planning, the consultants, and sell outs were listening?

As usual you said Doris Vincent voice her opinion. She stated that all the communities should work together and that is fine. Doris Vincent is the first to take benefits for her and positions herself to ask for more benefits. There could be no other slick sell out then Doris Vincent in the Bayview Hunters Point. Her doings will come to haunt her. Aurelius Walker has got all he wanted from SF Redevelopment and chose to comment on something that did not make sense. Aurelius Walker has built some homes on toxic hot spots or brown fields and is finding it difficult to get his units filled - no one in their right mind will live in an area that is polluted - right by Candlestick Park and near Yosemite Slough saturated with PCBs.

Cedric Jackson came to speak and as usual after his diatribe he left. Cedric Jackson has failed to understand that his good friend Sophie Maxwell has sold out the community - many times over.

In all the years Cedric has worked with Sophie we have fewer jobs, lots of hot air, few affordable housing, and no action. In fact Cedric Jackson has failed the community on many fronts including the time he was a banker and right now at the Southeast Community Facility - in the basement where many youth are looking for help and cannot get it.

Mr. John King spoke the truth and asked why it has taken so long to bring some progress to 5 Mellon Circle with Executive Park - he has been with the CAC for over 31 years.

The City has chosen to penalize small and large businesses and large businesses will cross to South San Francisco, Brisbane, Daly City, and Burlingame and get incentives. Commercial rents are cheap and so many basic industries are fed up dealing with the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce and City Business Taxes that are a pain in the ass. Add to that the very high Commercial Rents.

Sophie's cronies were in the house Olin Webb, Jessie Mason, Greg Assay, Fran Martin and many of them did not voice their opinion.

They were present to throw those curve balls and when possible make money under the table but usually end up with bread crumbs. Olin Webb with his racist remarks fails to understand that again and again he works for the White Men and will never understand that he is no environmentalist. The Bayview Hunters Point Advocates was given over $1.5 million by the San Francisco Environment and Olin Webb was on its pay roll without lifting a finger. He sat on his ass and got paid. It is such crooks that have screwed our community but thank God they are now leaving in droves. No accountability and less transparency. The demographics of Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley, Little Hollywood, Portola District, Bernal Heights, Mission Bay, Excelsior District is drastically changing. The demographics reflect more Asians, Latinos, Samoans, Whites and this will harbor good for the neighborhood. There were days when some idiots shouted and others gave in - the result millions of dollars were spent, mostly City Money and most of it was pocketed and went down the drain.

It is wrong for Executive Park developers to give money to Visitation Valley. Visitation Valley has been neglected by the City and County of San Francisco and the City should invest in Visitation Valley. A Community Hall, Swimming Pool, Library, and other facilities should be built by Mayor Gavin Newsom. He could allow Fran Martin to cut the ribbon and have at her side that dog that chases his tail and is a Supervisor sitting always next to Sophie and defending her ass.

The City has not invested in the Portola District for example, home owners and others pay City taxes and neighborhood groups have maintained a better neighborhood in the Portola District. Thank God we do not have to deal with SF City Planning and more SF Redevelopment Agency.

The Portola District and especially San Bruno Avenue accommodates thousands of folks from Executive Park, Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley and of course Bayview Hunters Point.

The 3rd Street Corridor did at one time have good businesses tailor shops, a theater, bait shop, good bakeries, and so on mostly African American leaders with poor leadership let the community down. Like Sophie Maxwell they keep blaming others, are quick to take money under the table, they talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

The demographics have changed in the Southeast Sector and in a year or two it will not be business as usual not for SF City Planning nor for those that have had it good up until now fleecing the public while pretending to work on some projects like Sophie Maxwell. Mr. George Yerby is a good man and one of the better developers. He spoke to me - as I know him and wants 5 Mellon Circle to accommodate affordable housing. The man has invested, he has had the patience of Job, and he has done what it takes but has not gotten the support of the City and County of San Francisco. He was born and lived in the area and so he should know it and can vouch for it.

District 10 had two future candidates running for Supervisors - Espanola Jackson and Dwayne Jusino attending the workshop.

Hopefully, Sophie Maxwell will be gone from office and away from San Francisco. The least the woman could have done was show up - but she does not want to show up and fact the truth. Sophie Maxwell is good meeting behind close doors and asking for money she does that all the time. No wonders so many projects in District 10 go down the commode.

The Workshop at Executive Park.

Vistas of Executive Park.

A changed demographics.

Dwayne Jusino - candidate for District 10.

George Yerby a back sit view.

Executive Park Showcased.