All roads lead to SF General Hospital.


San Francisco has yet to define Community Policing with the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice beating around the bush with a document SF Safe Summer 2006 that speaks of many issues in generalities. How difficult is it to define Community Policing or are we dealing with morons?

The document has no concrete blue print as it is not based on empirical data at ground zero where all the crime, shooting, and killings take place. Some City Departments have begun to initiate some dialog based of this faulty document but there is no focused dialog, no goal, less accountability and absolutely no transparency that can and should curtail deaths, violence, and crime in general all over San Francisco and especially in District 5 and District 10 in San Francisco.

All over the world sociologist and psychologist are studying models and observing human beings and focusing on civility that they say should curtail crime and violence and address Quality of Life issues. Here is San Francisco we have had 58 deaths and before this article is printed another 5 or 6 may be added to the list.

Less crime and violence and more focus on Quality of Life issues is what we need to focus on here in San Francisco. How ever here is San Francisco it is common for people of color to be treated as uncivil, with less emphasis on Quality of Life issues and having the interests of those that are poor very low on the totem pole. For too long this nonsense has been perpetuated by City Hall and many Mayors before Gavin Newsom - Diane Feinstein, Frank Gordon, Art Agnos, Willie Brown and now Gavin Newsom.

City Hall does not really care about the districts where poor people live pay check to pay check and where City Services are not provided even though they pay taxes. Over 60% of the residents in District 10 own homes for example as far as I know they all pay huge taxes and get little in return in terms of services. What are more thousands of small and large businesses in the Southeast Sector pay millions in taxes but get SHIT in return for their taxes. This nonsense must stop and City Hall must realize that the time has come to change their stupid mentality the sooner the better.

The Southeast Sector is the last frontier in San Francisco and greedy developers using San Francisco Redevelopment Agency are out to steal land using Eminent Domain, Blight, Tax Increment, and building High Density units to rake in the money.

SF Redevelopment Agency has a poor track record in San Francisco and must be ousted and shut down. Heading his Evil Empire is Marsha Rosen aided by Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, Mayor Gavin Newsom and the sell out Uncle Tom - Sophina Maxwell in District 10.

When there are deaths, crime, and violence most White folks including Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ), and other Law Enforcement agencies have allowed incivility to rule in poorer neighborhoods. Psychologists and Sociologists are NOT baffled because they see the hand of design behind the scene time and time again and are not afraid to state so. Shame of this City that is racist.

Community Policing is the mutual trust arrived by the parties to address Quality of Life issues within a certain geographical jurisdiction to create a better and safer environment.

In San Francisco we have 10 Police Precincts and a population of over 780,000. We have our streets, homes, schools, parks and general areas that should be safe. Towards this end San Francisco has not lived up to Accountability and Transparency. In fact we have no concrete Mission Objective and cannot curtail crime and violence at ground zero nor any where in the City of San Francisco.

Drug deals are prevalent all over the City of San Francisco and the District Attorney is doing nothing much about this. Illegal guns can be bought cheap and local and national thug and warring gangs have made San Francisco their free turf - killing, shooting, selling drugs, disrupting normal life and making San Francisco a City that now is synonymous with Hell. Soon it will affect our Tourist Industry. The Select Committee on Crime and Violence with Sophie Maxwell as the head of this Mickey Mouse committee is a joke. Sophie has no clue and thinks that she can side track the issue by bringing some so called experts to talk on issues that have nothing to do directly with curtailing crime and violence. The woman simply does not get it she is an Uncle Tom.

The crime and violence is not a result of something that happened a few months back. In happened years back with Crack Cocaine and other drugs taking a very heavy toll on family life and destroying a stable family life as Sociologist and Psychologist fully understand.

We have had no experts to address this situation at the Select Committee on Crime and Violence at the meeting held at City Hall in Room 263 pertaining to the influence of Crack Cocaine over a long period of time. The taking and selling of drugs all over the City and especially the Gay Community - there is something called supply and demand.

None of the City's Departments in San Francisco understand the population that is the youth in San Francisco in toto. About 15% of our total population of about 780,000 comprise of youth all over the City of San Francisco. In the Southeast Sector we have about 20% youth.

No one cares much about our youth - the result many families are leaving San Francisco. Soon we will have too many gays and a life style that will not favor healthy growth of families. We have too many perverts living in San Francisco and too many leaders many of them Supervisors that have no morals. These folks do not really care about youth they care more about life style. The Mayor has put more energy defend same sex marriage and less the youth that are dying on the streets.

We spend millions of dollars to defend Gay Rights but thousands to save youth and life. Our Health System is bleeding catering to AIDS and AIDS related diseases. In proportion very little money is spent on Youth and we brag we have a $5.7 billion City Budget. The SF Health Department has a $1 billion budget and very little is spent on youth, crime prevention, and to address Quality of Life issues pertaining to youth and families. We propose that the Department of Children, Youth and their Families (DCYF) create 350 summer jobs for our youth and wish that crime and violence will go away. It is such nonsense that exposes the idiots that puts together the document SF Safe Summer 2006 that prides it has made about 350 Summer openings and that it is on the right track.

If anyone does an analysis of the Summer Jobs even if a 750 number is used for youth employment it fails to address the problem at hand and especially in communities that are poor. In short our City has failed our youth and continues to fail our youth. I see it every day and have been monitoring the situation for over 10 years since Willie L. Brown Jr. got into office for sure.

I went out of my way to attend the Citizens Advisory Committee linked to DCYF and was told that the Director of the MOJC would be addressing Crime and Violence - of course Allen Nance did not show up. This again goes to show how Directors schedule meetings and volunteer to speak then travel or go places to screw up the situation at home and in our back yard.

The San Francisco Police Department is at a loss as to why the crime, violence, shootings, and deaths are going up. The situation has reached an Emergency Situation and no one is really taking responsibility. Mayor Gavin does not have the balls to address the chronic situation. He is on vacation screwing around and thinking that Spin and Media will come to his rescue every single time.

In the mean time the documents we ask him under the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act cannot be given to us. Left, right, and center staff from the Mayor's Office are fleeing much like the Jews left Egypt to seek refuge in the Desert and away from the wrath of Pharaoh. It is too much work to give the constituents the right information because crooks in the Mayor's Office have been corrupt and doing things under hand. We have a $5.7 Billion budget yet the Mayor chose to cut funding to those organizations that do good work at ground zero, on the front lines addressing gangs and gang violence. Then the Mayor chose to come out with a lousy, non directive, not proactive, lacking goals; with no input from those organizations that really do good work to release some money with a fake hand shake behind close doors. The case in point the Community Based Organizations that work with youth that have a criminal record and need help to rehabilitate. Other youth that comes from dysfunctional families. You should get the picture.

Then you have misfits like Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris that think they can hood wink the constituents of San Francisco by putting some little federal money to make some good happen by magic by creating some models too late to band aid chronic situations, a culture that is prone to violence and death because for a good long time no one has cared to cure the ills linked to other chronic ills such as crack cocaine and single parents mostly mothers bring up kids fathered by several fathers. Domestic violence and health issues that plague our youth.

Our San Francisco Unified School District has fewer students enrolled but more teachers that cannot cope up with the students in facilities that are not conducive to good teaching with books and other material that is non existent. So this year the Governor has promised $8000 per student and let us see how that works.

In the Bayview Hunters Point the Boys and Girls Club by Kiska Road is closed and the Joseph Lee Gym is demolished. The children have no place to go and the DCYF was not fully cognizant of this fact when I brought it to the notice of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The Mayor has worked behind the scene to close the Boys and Girls Club and knows that this fact hurts poor youth. We cannot afford to deprive our youth of SAFE HAVENS.

The Mayor is working with AIMCO a property manager that was taken to Court by the City but now the Mayor is actively working and is in bed with AIMCO. The Mayor uses Sophie Maxwell a sell out and not respected in District 10. It is a shame that politicians in the name of money are allowing blood to run in our streets and other places. Surely, Mayor Gavin Newsom has blood on his hands and he knows it. I can say the same as far as Sophie Maxwell is concerned she has no feeling and has not lifted a finger to curtail crime, violence, and death in the Bayview Hunters Point.

The African American Community Policing Board has taken the initiative and created a model that the Mayor refuses to accept. The MOCJ has no clue what it is doing to curtail crime - yet cannot have a meaningful dialog with the African American Community Policing Board, the Latinos, and Pacific Islander Asian Community Board that have all agreed on one document, with one single plan, with achievable goals, time lines, accountability and transparency.

Jim Queen has spent hundreds of hours, getting input, and putting a sound document together that serves all of San Francisco - we now have a plan but no one has the BALLS to sit with us at the table and have a dialog about the chronic shootings, killings, crime and violence.

The City prides on joining nonsense projects most of them connect this and that but give them an opportunity to meet real men with good ideas and the jerks cannot meet their match. Impotency runs rile at City Hall.

We have the blind leading the blind at City Hall in San Francisco - we have no leaders with a vision. Why is it that this document is not being accepted by some parties? Is it because the Mayor's Office and some other vested parties by design want our youth to die?

Tom Ammiano, Sophie Maxwell, and Ross Mikarimi try their best to act well at the Select Committee on Guns, Crime and Violence but will not accept the Community to take charge of their destiny with a Community Policing Plan that is already in place. We once had Lieutenant Con Johnson help us but some one chose to give him a hard time and force him to not to work with the community he loves.

If the constituents pay taxes and if the constituents live in San Francisco and if the constituents pay the salaries of the Police, the Mayor, and the Board of Supervisors then let the constituents make the choices or else we should take this matter to the Ballot. Community Policing with the Community in charge is the norm of the day for the very simple reason those that have to protect Health and Safety have failed us miserably. The Community now has a plan and it has the numbers behind the plan. What we do not have is a Mayor with guts and those that are supposed to do their jobs linked to Safety and Health taking a stand and doing their jobs. Further we have the blind leading the blind at City Hall. Too many jerks that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.