Violence Prevention at UCSF.


San Francisco is a RACIST City and let us not forget about this statement. Years ago with intent certain power plants, sewer plants, free ways, and other facilities ripe with pollution were planted by design in poor neighborhoods. The Bayview Hunters Point has absorbed the adverse impacts and today suffers direct and indirect impacts.

While is it is fine to adversely impact poor folks with the worst pollution - some how it is not fine to invest in these neighborhoods but use them as a ploy to cast aspersions and this has been going on for years without anyone in the know ­ writing and saying what has to be said. The time has come to call a spade a spade and reveal the ploys and gimmicks initiated by City Hall in San Francisco in the year 2006.

San Francisco is more racist today then it ever was and more determined to wipe out people of color using the most devious methods at every level. De-population has begun in the Bayview Hunters Point in large measure through the leadership at City Hall which has failed San Francisco.

The MUNI Lightrail has been built with one purpose to wipe out an entire population using San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and its devious plans that are well known but never, ever taken into account when addressing adverse impacts such as Violence and Killings.

House Negroes bought by City Hall and developers like Lennar Corp for bread crumbs contribute actively to adversely impacting people of color - especially our youth. Directly and indirectly, impact violence because of lack of job opportunities and false promises made on behalf of the people. Some one has blood on their hands and this has been going on for years. In recent times the District 10 Supervisor a sell out.

Plans were afloat to build a huge stadium without any input from the constituents. All these plans costs millions and when the 49ers opted to shun the plans - the crooks were exposed complete with their pants down. Grandiose plans went down the drain and into the cesspool. To date there has been no trust between the constituents adversely impacted by violence and the policy makers at City Hall - more so in the area we call the last frontier - known to the world as Bayview Hunters Point.

Men who profess to be men of God come before the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) to back SFRA projects because they have been paid and are on the take. These same men of God do not care for our youth. Right outside their churches youth are shot and these men of cloth, with fake collars that were bought with less then $10 are on the take - but, will NOT lift a finger to help save lives of our youth.

Violence Prevention cannot be addressed in San Francisco with clichés and models from some where else without having meaningful dialog in and around the hot spots where violence prevails and will prevail unless TRUST is established to first acknowledge the multitude of elements that have perpetuated and breed violence in certain areas in San Francisco - much of it by design and faulty policies by those that control economic development, planning, law enforcement, health and education and so on.

The Samoan community has lived side by side with Blacks for the longest time ever. You never hear the dynamics of the Samoan community. No one ever bothers to consult the Samoans about their needs and their exploitation. Samoans have served this Nation is huge numbers in the Department of Defense. Disproportionately more Samoans have died in the Iraq war then any other ethnic group.

Samoans in public housing have not been given support services. In our schools they have been treated like second class citizens. Youth have been incarcerated and treated like animals. Behind the wall Samoans have begun to realize that this Nation has done them in and not given them the respect of the Traditional Warrior.

In the Violence Arena if a couple of Samoan gather the rest disperse - you will not hear a whimper. Yet, time and time again I hear some, mostly Blacks talk the talk but really speaking - Gang Leaders and those in authority in the under world prefer actions. Talk is cheap like the so called experts that want to address Violence issues but leave out the communication, the home work, the known details and the trust. Our Latin sisters and brothers will not stoop down to snitch and if one does, no more can one break bread or eat that famous tamale. But then again who is to speak in matters where a fine line is drawn - that comes between life and the Maker of all things.

Our Asian Sisters and Brothers have long watched the crooks and the power that discriminate. Organized they have moved and made progress and in the process bought and brought about development. Leaving the experts on Violence to lick their wounds and ponder their ignorance.

In areas prone to Violence there has been a neglect linked to Health and Safety. Time to call the Center of Disease Control (CDC) as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the San Francisco Health Department have chosen to betray the constituents most affected by pollution and other adverse impacts in San Francisco that contribute to violence.

The Nation of Islam has stood tall and watched and participated in the deliberations only to be lied and shunned. In recent times we all have met and broken bred and come out with a Blue Plan. We can put forth ideas and explain but we will not let folks stumps on our backs and bring back the days of slavery. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya ­ I speak several African languages. To those that say they are African American - I sometimes wonder what part is American and what part is African?

If we take the Southeast Sector for example and ask the experts if they have any clue and have read the Housing Element, the Final Historical Radiological Report linked to Hunters Point, the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Parcel A, studied the empirical data linked to over 500 hot spots in the Bayview Hunters Point. Understand what a Superfund Site is? Have any clue about long lasting adverse impacts linked to radiological elements - you will draw a blank stare and brains that cease momentarily less to function because they have been stumped. Recently Lennar Corp for months on end crushed Serpentine Rock ­ released asbestos dust with NO Air Monitoring Equipment and against the mandates of the Disposition and Development Agreement a legal document. All this happening on Parcel A at Hunters Point.

If these same Violence Experts have any sense about Recreational Facilities torn down on Kiska Road and the one on 3rd by Newcomb the Joseph Lee Gym. If they have any clue about the chronic respiratory diseases, skin irritation so prevalent in Public Housing, cancer galore, these so called experts look at you with a blank stare that reveals their ignorance and more their arrogance. Yet, they step forward with all the wrong reason to want to help in all their ignorance!

No good will come if we do not have a spiritual foundation. No seed planted that is bad can germinate and sprout as a good tree and give good fruit. I see the demons from a far and have spoken and gone in the midst of the turmoil and seen it all. Time and time again greed, money, false impressions cannot take me away from what I am focused on.

The community that has suffered and is suffering has NO leaders. The few that are there speak about the past and are constantly on the take. The contemporary leaders mostly Black are sell outs. The pandemic goes on but some vaccination must be created to wipe out the plague and this has to be done sooner not later.

In the past they have come with their lies and nothing much has changed. Same crooks clothe in wolf clothing entering the chicken coop. Now, they are doing it in broad day light - with boldness never seen before and with bloody defiance.

In San Francisco we do not appreciate strangers coming from outside in to our living room and rearranging the furniture without permission.

More dictating to us tax payers and constituents what should be done on the pretext that some money has to be spent within a short frame time on violence prevention - using names such Nancy Pelosi. Nancy is fake and has been a fake - fake as the two inch make up she covers her strange wrinkles. San Francisco the City by the Bay - a City known for its compassion, sadly has been plagued by violence since the early 1980s.j All this my design and deep with in the chambers of City Hall.

While trying to pin point what exactly has brought about such a drastic change and exhilarated the violence - one has to stop, ponder, and delve into family issues, drugs such as crack cocaine, the high number of youth in foster homes, single mothers, the lack of support from the many so called Faith Based Organizations mostly Black, the change in demographics, lack of opportunities when it comes to good paying jobs, health, education and poor supportive services, poor City Planning, the intrusion of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, dysfunctional Law Enforcement and high arrest rates in San Francisco linked to minorities, and a host of other pertinent and very poignant issues we will attempt to discuss here.

If one is not prepared to understand the dynamics of San Francisco in a Holistic Manner no one in their right mind will be able to begin to tackle the task at hand. Without experience and without sound education we few who have been working on the issue for years with out City funding - based on love and sacrifice ­ we will not stand by and allow some jerks mostly uneducated Blacks to begin the begin and ruin our lives.

If one wants to know the state of affairs at any hospital you do not ask the doctors. To feel the pulse you go to the patients they will tell you the truth. Violence can be addressed in San Francisco but how?

In order to understand Violence and its repercussions one has to visit the perpetrators, culprits behind the walls - closer to San Francisco, San Quentin and Folsom afford those that have this unique opportunity to fathom the depth of what VIOLENCE and related issues are all about.

There is a plan - a Community Peace Plan ­ presented by the African American Community Police Relations Board and Latino-Asian/Pacific Islander Coalition. It has been there for all to see for the last three years - we are in the year 2006. Violentus in Latin is force and one has to understand the etymological meaning especially in the context of turfs, sets, hoods, vicinities, dens in San Francisco. We just cannot apply outdated models from Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Watts, fake models from the East Coast on the West Coast, from those sites that do share the common denominator with our sets, hoods, turfs, OGs, lyrics, environment, milieu that is one of a kind and known the world over.

Listen to music from ground zero the center of the killings and drug selling in San Francisco. Listen to the lyrics and pay attention to the pain and suffering. Listen and you will fathom the ignorance of the experts that are deaf to the pleas but continue to act and come out with plans from dumb text books and far away plans, laden with emptiness - that cannot and will not bring about solutions to the issue at hand.

Violence, when addressed with force resulting in killing, adversely impacts and opposed to civility in the context of tremendous harm done can be baffling to the novice but not to those that understand the human psyche and related causes.

It is here that those buffoons that called themselves "experts" fail miserably. Books and manuals can tell you little about violence but on the job, in the spot, at the site, in the hood, in or with the sets, can open a can of worms and a world that cannot be described in words.

More if you have seen blood first hand and witnessed death enrobed with trauma, pain, pangs, fight for life, breathing, gasping, suffering and those unique moments that cannot be described by words - especially those that want to fake it by reading reports far removed from the actual scene of trauma and death.

It is this understanding that will baffle the so called best of criminologists and those that purport to have some clue of what is happening but are far removed as many of us on Earth are from the Planet Pluto. San Francisco is unique but the details have been kept a secret because very few have been a witness and those few that have - do not live to tell the tale or if they do they whisper in small circles. White gangs have their own mores and we should not de facto believe that minorities fall into the same pattern or mode and can be understood and examined by the same matrix. It will take ages to penetrate the Chinese gangs and more so the gangs linked to El Salvador for example who can control anything they apply to on the local, National, and International level.

Violence Prevention is a multi-faceted issue that is impacted by a multitude of socio-economic, political, survival, family, gang, drugs, and a host of elements some too deep to explain. In the over thirty years I have delved into the issues related to gangs and violence each issue gets too complicated to solve with one simple formula or text book phrases. It takes the strong of heart and mind and more spiritual to discern - less fathom the state of affairs that lead some youth and men to play with life and death - time and time again not because they want to but because they have to. Only the fool thinks one can comprehend all.

It takes a lot of experience and being educated on issues mostly multidisciplinary that bring one to fathom the tip of the iceberg when it comes to violence especially dealing with killings, shootings and youth. This year 2006 we have seen so many deaths that we stop counting.

Behind the wall one can begin to feel the pulse when one understands the circumstances of many of the actions mostly committed in an environment of misplaced actions - with intentions and repercussions that cannot be adjudicated by logical, well thought out rules, laws, and mandates that govern the present judicial system that is ripe with flaws.

The Magna Carta was never designed for contemporary times. And with the change of time the laws of the land have been left behind to favor those with money and closer to corruption. These indeed in the Land of the Free but those with access to money are more Free.

Those few that have had the privilege of listening to the confessions of the crimes know well what I am talking about. Others a pretend that they have - let us leave the issue at that. We often hear in a fit of anger the crime was committed. A loaded statement but play the scenario over and over again in a thousand other instances and scenarios - one thinking outside the box cannot begin to understand the complexities of the human mind and ego.

In San Francisco we have the San Francisco Police Department that is now dysfunctional and yet trying to work with the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice (MOJC) another dysfunction Department.

When addressing issues pertaining to crime and violence it is not uncommon to hear that we should try this model or call in some so called "expert" with some little criminal expertise mostly gained away from San Francisco to understand what happens here in San Francisco. Those calling the shots are ignorant and that is why we have the present sad state of affairs.

These type of modus operanda have been tried before again and again by strangers with abject failure. There are reports done by consultants in the year 1988, 1989 2000, 2003, 2005, and now in 2006 that try to address some of the issues but they all fall short being misplaced.

A trust has to be built for those that perceive to conceive and better understand the situation at hand. Again and again those that matter are treated like guinea pigs. So called experts with condescension try to speak on behalf of the oppressed that have no voice and will not trust and speak to snitches and strangers that are far removed.

None of the so called Violence Prevention Models have the expertise, time, and money to look at the Magnitude of the Issues in a Holistic Manner. No progress can come unless there is sincerity, trust, and full accountability between all parties. If not - dog eats dog and that is the state of affairs as it prevails today.

One often wonders why these so called experts will start with a story or episode that really has no bearing with Violence and related issues in San Francisco. It is to take you away from the real issue at hand. Any story has many sides but when it comes to Death and Violence the dynamics change every single time. To fathom the cause the facts have to be precise and related. So called experts project various models that are out dated and mundane and far removed from the Foggy City. Then try to convince the audience that the issue is very complicated and further worsen the situation with diatribe and concepts that are pregnant with confusion of the worst order.

KISS is an acronym that applies to such folks - Keep It Simple Stupid.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is a Racist Mayor and nothing good will come from Allen Nance the Uncle Tom that has caused immense damage and left an adverse indelible mark on various bench marks and goals linked to Crime and Violence linked to San Francisco and the neighborhoods while working for the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice.

Allen Nance will soon jump ship and try to settle with William Sifferman his partner in crime at the Youth Juvenile Department by Forest Hill - both hail from Chicago and we in San Francisco pride to have our own methods to deal with our own issues. We know about the Windy City but we pride we are the Foggy City and will be.

In recent years the City Attorney, Dennis Herrera has side swiped certain ethical principles and tried to harass our youth. He has employed uncouth attorneys from the City Attorneys office to find means to bring about an "Injunction" in the name of nuisance laws that have baffled well meaning adjudicators and youth monitors all over this Nation.

The ploy behind this game was the "de-peopling" of mostly people of color to make room for San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and apply the same model in all of Public Housing including Potrero Hill where the City Attorney makes his abode in between Dog Patch. Time will tell.

More then twenty five percent of the population in the Southeast Sector are youth. Yet if one evaluates the programs of the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice (MOJC), the Department of Children Youth and Families (DCYF), and other related City Departments ­ not much in terms of funding and supportive services are given our youth in the Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley, Sunnydale, and Excelsior. The above example has been brought to the idiots running the Department but they cannot relate to facts and figures and play dumb when genuine empirical data is thrown at their faces. Mostly White buffoons used to playing one segment of the population against the other - these vermin that waste the tax payers' money - have little regard for the lives of youth and the future of those youth mostly of color.

San Francisco in the past 10 years has encourage incarceration as a ploy to rid some issues plaguing the hot spots linked to youth and violence. As far as Adults are concerned the Law Enforcement is left in the dark.

A crime was committed in broad daylight in China Town after several months a $100,000 reward recently announced by Law Enforcement - those that know are amazed at the lack of integrity and less comprehension of this one act and the repercussion that will follow in the future. We talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

UCSF Campus at Mission Bay.

A keen audience of sorts.

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