One would think that innocent folks and especially children would be protected in San Francisco - the supposedly most liberal City in the Nation. Unfortunately, under Mayor Gavin Newsom that is not so. Innocent people continue to suffer every day in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco.

Money has been used to buy thugs and others in powerful places to deliver goods much like the Mafia or some very evil cartel. The innocent and the children are used as commodities and no one in this our great City - we call San Francisco cares too much. This Racist City is looking the other way because the constituents affected are Black and mostly minorities.

In recent months there has been a spiritual movement and brave warriors like Christopher Muhammad, Pastor Ernest Jackson, Archbishop King many others too many to name have taken the lead to defend the innocent and bring justice where there is injustice.

Other leaders such as Espanola Jackson, Jim Queen, Francisco Da Costa, Brothers Miles, Mark, and Leon, Lynne Brown, Willie Ratcliff have joined ranks with a leader who is taking us to a better place.

It is wrong to harm our children but the Health Department continues to make statements like, "Air Quality in the neighborhoods near the Shipyard is better than other parts of the neighborhood and the city and many portions of the State of California".

It is a shame and a disgrace to the human race that Doctor Mitch Katz could distribute such a letter containing such nonsense and that on a letter head bearing the logo of this City and County of San Francisco.

Thugs have been hired to intimidate innocent people. Misinformation has been distributed and the information contains no contact number and we know who is behind this nonsense. Time will tell. Why is it that this City has put so much trust in Lennar BVHP LLC whose stock and shares are down over seventy three percent? Why is it that this City and County of San Francisco backing a developer that has hundreds of innocent homes owner suing Lennar for building inferior homes and many of them on toxic land all over this Nation?

The Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce has wasted millions trying to prop an evil developer to bring the 49ers to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard that is known as one of the worst Superfund Sites in the Nation. The 49ers have said that they do not want to be near the Superfund Site but others continue to beg them to be near the toxic site.

The City and County of San Francisco has chosen to waste millions to pander to 10 football games a year - while thousands have been exposed to toxic dust and asbestos dust without any type of monitoring from the enforcement agencies. Not one cent has been spent by this City and County of San Francisco to test our children. I am talking blood tests.

Lennar and the Mayor have chosen to allow innocent people to suffer. Hundreds have come out and testified in public but our City has chosen NOT to listen to those that deserve to be heard and all of them pay taxes. It is a shame that San Francisco has stooped so low to adore money, evil power, and have with intent allowed innocent people to suffer while backing thugs.

The Black sell outs too many to mention and the Black Faith Based so called leaders have BLOOD on their hands. Foremost the Tabernacle Group that should be in the business of saving souls and not making money by putting inferior homes on toxic land that is a Superfund. Where does it state in the Bible that men or women that should care for the faithful have to participate in programs dubious in nature and tainted with blood money?

Other leaders from some National Organizations have chosen to listen to the devils. Local leaders meet every Thursday at Grace Tabernacle Community Church. So far none of the so called Black Leaders heading any National Organization have attended the Town Hall meetings. Supervisor Sophie Maxwell the greatest sell out has not attended our meetings. One cannot turn away and permit innocent people to suffer from actions that can be avoided and are laid down in the Disposition and Development Agreement signed by SF Redevelopment Agency and Lennar BVHP LLC.

Thugs continue to intimidate innocent people and continue to spread misinformation. Some have sold their souls to the devil for some little money. We have thugs that think they can intimidate us all. The City has worked with these thugs, allowing them to create confusion and harm innocent people.

The time has come to take a major decision any entity that does not show Accountability and Transparency has no place in our community. The land belonged to the Ohlone and the Muwekma Ohlone has exercised their Right of First Refusal on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The City and County of San Francisco knows this and better inform the thugs of this pertinent right that will come to bite the City in the butt.


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