It had to take a Muslim brother, intelligent and quick to comprehend the issues when at the right moment came to bring together the flock and point out what really was going wrong in the Bayview Hunters Point Community. Praise be to Allah and to those that believe in an Almighty God that protects his children.

You would think that the Black Pastors who wear a collar and preach from the podium would step forward and lay their lives for their flock. You would think that these so called men of God would have nothing to do with tainted money, real estate, and would protect our children.

The paradox is that the Tabernacle Group is the devil's workshop. So much money has flowed through this dubious organization of preachers such as Aurelius Walker, Boyd, Calvin Jones, Bishop Green, and a few others that heaven is crying for justice.

Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. What does it profit anyone to gain the whole world but lose his soul? Again and again these so called men of God have acted like scum bags and brought disgrace to the human race. They have shamed all Christians and brought disgrace to decency if it all exists with these scum bags around.

The Bayview Hunters Point has given the world many good leaders but it has in recent years been tarnished by scum bags that I have described above. These scum bags mostly Black have chosen to brag in inner circles that there is lots of money to be made for themselves not caring about the values that defy logic and bring disgrace to everyone that is half way decent. But, the devil has not seen anything yet.

God will not allow anyone to harm his children - especially young children that are innocent and look to us adults to protect them. The leaders from San Francisco have failed our children and many have died and others will die a slow death in the years to come. If there are any warriors left now is the time to come out and show your true colors. One has just to do some sound investigative research linked to health issues in the Bayview Hunters Point and here is where an Epidemiologist comes.

Such experts evaluate the situation and can relate to genocide, pandemics, and a situation such as we have in the Bayview Hunters Point where strange ulcers, cancers, breathing problems, nose and other bleeds - baffle the ordinary doctor in practice. And there is more.

Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein two of the worst representatives ever - fake as the two inch make up they wear - talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Right here in our back yard our children are dying and at this late hour - the scum bags are hurrying up to find out what is going on at Parcel A which is part of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Lennar Corp has broken every protocol and every law because Lennar has been very busy spreading money. Kofi Bonner the weasel from Ghana has been seen at City Hall - trying to smooze and buy his way out of many difficult situations involving the blatant pollution of the air, land and water in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Lennar does not believe in the Precautionary Principle a law and ordinance that forbids pollution and calls for extra ordinary steps to be taken if any life in any form is adversely impacted.

Lennar chose to clear cut 400 mature trees without any permit. Chose to conduct itself in operations of major grading without any dust monitoring equipment in place for months on end. No Asbestos Monitoring equipment in place for months on end.

No enforcement of trucks zooming through the streets of the Bayview Hunters Point without tarps covering very dangerous toxic soil. Lennar did so much is so little a time that it set back the norms of toxic level of air, land, and water pollution to an all time high - adversely impacting thousands.

Mayor Gavin Newsom was busy screwing his best friend's wife. Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein were raking in money. One from and operation in American Samoa with the Del Monte Company. Go figure. Nancy's husband while making hay in American Samoa by not providing just wages to the workers working for him at a canning company. Diane Feinstein buying favors for her husband so much so she was kicked out from a Select Committee that dealt with military contracts.

There is major whoring going on in Washington D.C. and as much as these hags would like to impress upon us that they are serving the constituents they are raking in millions and filling their own coffers.

Politicians from the Bay Area and I have named them with Black leaders we call sell outs have chosen with intent to do the devil's work. It is simple to understand this factor. If one is spiritually bankrupt - then these scum bags have no standards, no values, no morals and no ethics. Leading the pack Sophie Maxwell the devil is written all over her face.

In the mean time all Regulatory Agencies the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC), the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), the Regional Water Board, the SF Health Department and many more State, Federal, and local leaders including the Governor of California, the State Attorney General, Jerry Brown have failed us. They all have blood on their hands. We just cannot permit innocent children to die and suffer and look the other way. And that is what these scum bags have done for the longest time ever.

The SF Health Commissioners should be ashamed of themselves. Under Article 31 of the Health Code the Commissioners could have halted the operations at Parcel A - even as an interim measure. They have failed to do so and in doing so have blood on their hands.

It is paramount that all parts of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard be abated and mitigated to the highest clean up standards. If one was to follow Proposition P - to residential standards. The United States Navy is obligated to do this but scum bags such as Jessie Blout, Marcia Rosen, and others want the U.S. Navy to hand over the parcels so that these vermin can make a name for themselves and fill up their private coffers. The time has come for a revolution and the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard must be shut down. All procedures must be evaluated on Parcel A as well as Parcel B, C, D, E, and F that comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy.

Even as we think Lennar has been doing the community harm - we must not forget that the United States Navy too has been playing games and cannot be trusted. In the past millions of dollars have been wasted. On the local level again mostly Blacks have wasted time arguing and dividing the community at the Restoration Advisory Board meetings - allowing Arc Ecology and others to have a hay day - encouraged by the devil itself Sophie Maxwell.

The time has come to take back the community and send those forces that are taking advantage of the community reeling back to the confines of hell. Scum bags must be told to leave the community failing which most of them must be sent to jail.

Most of them should be declared persona non grata and not allowed to hold any positions in any local administrative and especially fiduciary positions.

The Project Area Committee to the Bayview Hunters Point, the Citizens Advisory Committee to Parcel, and the Southeast Commission is where the parasites flourish. Time to rid them all and elected good people to serve those that deserve the best. The time is now and there is no time to waste.

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