The hearing before the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) on July 31, 2007 will be remembered for a long, long time. Over 1800 people came to City Hall to state in very clear terms that the project at Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard must be stopped to evaluate the damage done so far. Also those adversely impacted must be tested by an independent medical entity. We do not trust Dr. Mitch Katz and the SF Health Department.

We appreciate that Supervisor Chris Daly initiated the Resolution to stop the Parcel A project and enforcing the Precautionary Principle. That Ed Jew, Tom Ammiano, Gerardo Sandoval, Ross Mirkarimi, voted for it. If we had got one more vote that would have been nice and a total victory for the community.

Those BOS that have blood on their hands are Sophie Maxwell the District 10 Supervisor on the take that did not vote for the Resolution because she does not care for her constituents. The world now knows that she is not for the people of her District and always on the take. Time will tell.

Joining her in the madness was Sean Elsbernd, Michela Alioto-Pier , Bevan Dufty, Jake McGoldrick, and Aaron Peskin. Some of these Supervisors were called in by the Mayor and told to vote for his pet project on the toxic site at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and they did his bidding.

For years Lennar BVHP LLC has been bombarding the neighbors next to Parcel A East and West with high amounts of Asbestos dust. There is a Dust Mitigation Plan in place and Article 31 of the SF Health Department for enforcement - but Lennar BVHP LLC continues with intent to bombard the constituents with toxic dust and as part of this adverse course - dangerous asbestos dust. The dense ultramophic Serpentine when crushed releases Asbestos fibers that can be contained - if sufficient water is used. But, Lennar BVHP LLC from the inception of this huge scale grading has chosen not to use sufficient amounts of water and chosen to adversely impact thousands in the community.

The Regulatory Agencies State, Federal and local have all been bought by Lennar BVHP LLC. Lennar simply buys the politicians and the politicians permit Lennar BVHP LLC to commit the crimes.

It is time the Federal Law Enforcement zero in on all the dubious activities of Lennar BVHP LLC and drive them and the cronies like Aurelious Walker out of the Bayview Hunters Point community. These men of the cloth are raking in tainted money and not caring for what is morally right. The mostly Black men heading some churches have stooped too low and are swimming in a cesspool of lies and betrayal of their mostly poor communities.

It was a shame to see so many Black men of the cloth make a mockery of themselves. Amos Brown who lost his temper and was talking utter nonsense - verbally abusing some that did not agree with his take on Parcel A. And he is the President of the NAACP?

It is always a pleasure to hear Minister Christopher Muhammad speak to the point and make statements that shed light on the matter. Minister Christopher Muhammad's followers were very well behaved and received very favorable comments from many present at City Hall.

On many occasions the cap of 16,000 structures of Asbestos per cubic meter on Parcel A exceeded and nothing was done to stop the work and the workers and community adversely affected. At other times there were readings as high as 55,000 structures per cubic meter and many time readings in the 44,000 structures per cubic meter range.

It is shame that our City and County of San Francisco has permitted SF Redevelopment Agency to take control of City land and bring in thugs to develop the land. Technically speaking the Board of Supervisors can do little but persuade SF Redevelopment Agency to persuade Lennar BVHP LLC to do its job. It is for this reason some of us collected 33,200 signatures to stop the dubious ploys of SF Redevelopment Agency in the Bayview Hunters Point. Behind this huge expansion, Sophie Maxwell the District Supervisor and the illegal Bayview Hunters Point - Project Area Committee that is an arm of the SF Redevelopment Agency.


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