San Francisco by the Bay, the Baghdad of the West, the City of Compassion, the Foggy City - surely does not deserve a man like Gavin Newsom to be the Mayor of this City and County of San Francisco.

Any Mayor, in this day and time should be a good leader. Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. Here, we have a leader that has lost his moral compass. Anything goes. He just has to grin and people go - goo goo, ga ga over this so called man that speaks often from both sides of his mouth.

Propped up by tainted money from some rich quarters this man of Plum Jack fame and having an affinity more to take care of his hair and less of the constituency of San Francisco has sold this City for the worse again, and again and again.

We call this City a Transit First City but one has just to ride the T-Third Light Rail to find out the mess that it has cost to so many hard working San Franciscans. Now, Gavin Newsom wants everyone to ride MUNI free and all of sudden he is talking about fixing MUNI that is in dire straits. Morale is low and riders that pay get lousy service.

We want to build homes so that decent families can stay in San Francisco. But, Mayor Gavin Newsom has taken on the Residential Builders Association, other small developers, making them go through hurdles, bend backwards to follow policies that are made up every two weeks behind close doors.

Any small business, it does not matter how efficiently they run - this City and County of San Francisco under the tenure of Mayor Gavin Newsom in out to get them. This City for sure wants the taxes but when it comes to services - forget about it. One of the worst served populations that work so hard often holding three and four jobs is the Latino population. They wash dishes, they work in the hotels, they are in construction, they do any menial jobs for pittance, these folks work and work and work and work.

Another, population that is out the door and into the abyss of confusion and despair the African American population. Once they formed thirty five percent of the City's population - now down to five percent and less.

Mayor Gavin Newsom does not get it when it comes to children. In the Southeast Sector twenty five percent plus are children and a mere glance of the situation at hand will tell you - these children are not getting much help.

There are forces out there that are in charge of funding that will help the Mayor and his cronies but not the children. One reason being these folks have no children and really speaking does not care less what happens to children. These vermin are into life styles and other such innuendos and so one worth their salt has the guts to point out to these perverts the truth.

We cannot have good housing, open space facilities, educational facilities, hospitals, good transportation; address health and safety issues without a dialog- giving the public an opportunity to speak.

This Mayor thinks when he speaks he makes sense. At other times he will deny public speech. Kimo Crossman and I had to take this man before the Sunshine Task Force and force him to admit that he denied me the chance to speak, even when I stood up and made a decent attempt to request for one. Mayor Gavin Newsom was called on this one and admitted that he blew it.

The same with Annie Marie Conroy and her diabolical stances with issues dealing with Emergency Services and the constituents of this City and County of San Francisco. I had to point out to these morons that we do not have a working plan. And leading it was an inept and very arrogant woman that used tax payer's money to get trained to have some little understanding of the job at Fort Ord, Monterey.

Let us NOT even try to delve into the mess that is the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) under Susan Leal. The SFPUC is wasting millions of dollars and Tony Irons tries to say something but each time shoves his dirty foot in his mouth.

Richard Sklar with all his experience cannot fathom the nonsense be it the Combustion Turbines, the lack of experience on Infrastructure Projects linked with the Hetch Hetchy Project and so on. We had a decent man in Adam Werbach but he has left and gone to address better issues and will be well received - elsewhere.

Watching the SFPUC perform is like pulling out one's teeth - dumb asinine jackasses making a fool of them again and again. Standing out Barbara Hale.

We have some very serious issues at Parcel A at Hunters Point Shipyard. None of our San Francisco Board of Supervisors (BOS) has read the Disposition and Development Agreement. Lennar BVHP LLC is doing as it pleases and with Aaron Peskin and Sophina Maxwell on the take - Lennar BVHP LLC thinks it can get away with murder in broad daylight. Your days are numbered - we want you out of this City.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has failed to do its duty. There have been over one hundred exceedances of Asbestos Structures over the 16,000 cap and as high as 55,000 structures on many occasions. Lennar could be fined as high as $75,000 per day- but everyone is turning the other way.

One Cora Gherga from the California Health and Safety Agency gave a waiver to Lennar BVHP LLC linked to crushing Ultramaphic Serpentine Rock - when crushed this unique dense rock releases Asbestos Structures or Friables. Time to call in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other higher Regulatory Agencies.

James Austin the mastermind that hid millions of tons of toxic dirt at Mission Bay is the Environmental Czar at Parcel A. He once worked for Cattelus Corporation at Mission Bay and now manages the devil's workshop at Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. We have the proof that he is doing wrong and lied when called to speak the truth.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi are well informed about the above stated facts. These scum bags are spiritually bankrupt, have no moral compass, and as such must be removed from office. They do talk the talk but fail again and again to walk the walk. They do have blood on their hands.


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