We the community have made it very clear to Susan Leal the Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) that we do not want any Combustion Turbines (CTs) or small diesel engines - burning fossil fuel in our community at Bayview Hunters Point.

Joe Boss and his cronies could place the CTs if they want them closer to Goat Hill Pizza or by Delirious where Sophie Maxwell goes to buy her shoes. The Power Plant Task Force that is fighting for these dirty, toxic spewing small power plants does not represent the Bayview Hunters Point residents - but mostly the White bigots living in and around Potrero Hill with no consideration to folks living in near by Public Housing.

As things stand today we use about 960 Mega Watts of Electricity. We need some stand by energy as and when we have a peak demand for electricity. We have resolved this with the Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line that has to be tweaked. Inner City smaller transmission lines that have been upgraded and come under the jurisdiction of Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and provide better service and flow of electricity in and around San Francisco.

In the pipe line we have a brand new transmission line from Pittsburg to Potrero that will provide over 400 Mega Watts of electricity -sufficient to meet the demands of the City and County of San Francisco and much more to spare. This transmission line should be in place within two years - 2009.

We have in the pipe line a transmission line from Canada along the coast that could land in San Francisco or the East Bay and provide added electricity. We need to work on our connecting hubs and provide added capacity and this could be done using the latest technology.

SFPUC does not have the ability to run and maintain any power plant and has failed with the Hetch Hetchy hydroelectric supply for years. Anyway you look at it we do not need in 2007 any fossil burning smaller dirty, toxic spewing, power plants. The old Mirant power plant must go - but we must work with Mirant.

The City keeps suing Mirant and then wants Mirant to cooperate and this nonsense will simply not work. The City and County of San Francisco has wasted million suing Pacific Gas and Electricity (PG&E) and lost.

The City built the conduits under Islais Creek and compromised the Force Main and in doing so compromised the conduits. Over $15 million was wasted and no one has spoken about this in public. SF Public Utilities Commission and Sophie Maxwell knew about this and have not apologized to the public at large. These conduits were connected with the proposed CTs but the idea failed and the tax payers foot the bill.

California Independent Systems Operator a non-profit organization that maintains it is serving California by monitoring and seeing to a regular flow of electricity has failed all Californians. Time to get rid to this outmoded, out of sync organization that failed to serve us with the 2000 electricity crisis and still thinks it can perform.

Enron and other corrupt companies made money during the 2000 electricity crisis because CAISO was NOT doing its job.

As a result of the 2000 - one of the mitigation measures was the donation of four Combustion Turbines given to San Francisco by the Williams Energy Company. The idiotic Sophie Maxwell was spurred by cronies such as Joe Boss to go ahead with this stupid idea. We could have taken money and used it for many conservation projects as did others.

Today millions have been spent to decide how best to use these old technology, toxic spewing, fossil burning Combustion Turbines that are really jet engines that gobble up diesel and spew dangerous PM-2.5 into the air. The proposed CTs will use treated water and this will result in pathogens spewing into the air that will slowly kill our population -specially our children, elders, and those that have compromised health issues. Susan Leal, Barbara Hale, Karen Kubic and some of the SFPUC Commissioners could not give a rat ass. One of them Ryan Brooks.

We are putting California Independent Systems Operator on notice. For too long have we tolerate your nonsense. Shove your Reliability Must Run policy and learn to think outside the box. We do not want the CTs and we really do not mind if you and your kind go fish some where else.

No more fossil burning power plants in our community closer to Bayview Hunters Point.


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