One would think the days when Union and Non-Union workers are reaped off, discriminated, abused, and even shot at and killed is something of the past - episodes, that should not happen in San Francisco. San Francisco after all is a Union City and should stand for decency.

It is a shame that Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) has with intent hired "thug" sub-contractors and used Black consultants to deceive and adversely impact hundreds of innocent residents, workers, and the community at large at Hunters Point.

Some months ago AIMCO accompanied by some Sellout Blacks went to Sacramento pleading for State Bond money to fix about 235 residential units at Hunters Point.

Some years ago AIMCO a property management company was taken to court by the City and County of San Francisco and fined $3 million. Now, suddenly with the help of Supervisor Sophina Maxwell - AIMCO has been given access to millions of dollars - and this City expects AIMCO to do the right thing.

It was shocking to hear the victims state their cases before the Chair of the Neighborhood Services committee - Jake McGoldrick February 28, 2008 in Room 263 and San Francisco, City Hall.

The victims many Blacks and Latino were pitied one against the other. It is shame that one worker was shot and killed on the work site. It is shame that the San Francisco Police Department was called to the various sites many, many times to prevent riots and physical assaults.

The committee heard the victims and what they heard was not nice. The victims were forced to sign their checks and the "thugs" linked to the sub-contractors took the checks and cashed them. One worker stated again and again he was given $400 from a check that totaled $1400. Many workers experienced the same and this is a crying shame.

Some thugs went to the workers homes and threatened them and all with the blessing of the sub-contractors and with the full knowledge of AIMCO.

When this case was brought to my attention - I could not believe what I was hearing. I have been with the Unions and I have had my share of listening to facts and have solved many labor disputes - in my life time.

These horror stories impacted the workers, their families, and all in this Union City we hail as San Francisco. A truly Union City, San Francisco - where Union workers were killed in a struggle so that other Union workers and non-union workers - could earn a decent wage with benefits.

City Build and one Rhonda Simmons was no where to be seen at the hearing - except hovering outside in the hall ways - gathering facts which I suppose they did not meet her fake expectations.

City Build is a joke and does not have the know-how or the ability to run any genuine Work Force program. Thousands of dollars have been spent giving a fat salary to Rhonda Simmons who should be sent packing to Oregon. And what happen to the thousands that were given to Laura Luster who was the fake guiding force with a White Paper on the subject of Work Force that has no standards.

Our City of San Francisco loves bringing in forces from outside San Francisco - who have no clue - gives them money and these pathetic jerks spend the money and laugh all the way to the bank.

City Build was involved with this AIMCO project deeply and failed the workers and brought disgrace to the City and County of San Francisco and decency.

The authorities must protect the workers and those that were defrauded must be paid. AIMCO must be taught a lesson so that it does not get away with murder in broad day light.

I can reveal the name of Black thugs - so called consultants that earned fees in the thousands and divided the community and ruined it for the many workers, their decent families.

Here are some photographs from the hearing:


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