Lennar is a Rogue Company that has adversely impacted millions of innocent folks all over this Nation and in other countries too. Its motto is to make money at any costs - never mind the torture it has meted-out to so many innocent people.

As the main Proponent of Proposition F my sole purpose was to expose the Lennar Corporation as an entity that should not do any business in the San Francisco area and for that matter in all of California.

Lennar has failed San Franciscans and is in business today because of the Pacific Heights Mafia and leading this group Senator Diane Feinstein. Mayor Gavin Newsom the spineless, jackass that he is - has been in bed with Lennar for years. Of course the crook behind all these machinations, making a lot of money on the side - the one and only Willie L. Brown Jr. the most despicable politician ever to step on the face of this Earth.

Recently California Pensions (CALPERS) lost over $200 million on its $2.6 investment. Landsource, M.W. Housing Partners, and of course Lennar were involved - the trio blew it - in this one time Land Banking Deal that went totally sour, outside Los Angeles in Southern California. A sign of the times.

Closer to home for the longest time ever Lennar has been touting investors to invest in some prime land in the Southeast Sector. The only problem with this so called prime land is that it is polluted with elements such as depleted uranium.

Toxic land and Lennar are bedfellows - Lennar Corporation has no problem building homes and inferior homes at that - on toxic land. In one case it built a school close to a site that had live ordinance. I am talking - bombs. Lennar looks and has been looking at one thing only - the so called Almighty Dollar that has taken it down the cesspool of its own making.

Those who worship and serve the mundane will perish - one of these evil entities is Lennar and those that benefit from its tainted blood money and illegal wealth. No good will ever come from Lennar - it will perish for it has hurt, ruined, and tarnished too many innocent people all over this Nation and abroad.

Proposition F has two citizens of the United States with links to the Army one Jim Queen and Francisco Da Costa. Trained and disciplined to serve our community and Nation - we chose to do what is right and vouch for our community that was and is in peril. F stands for Fortitude and our Future and so we believe.

The main Press which is mostly the White Press wants to impress on others that Proposition F was not initiated by the Bayview Hunters Point community. Well, it has and the recent polls show that the grassroots population favors Proposition F. Proposition G that stands for Goons and Greed is loosing and deservedly so.

Our opponents have Proposition G G stands for Goons, Greed, and more Greed. Lennar has spent millions of dollars trying to first push the Initiative that led to Proposition G. On the Initiative itself it spent over $1 million. And now that it has the Proposition G Measure - it has spent over $2.8 million and some say it will top $5 million. Bottom line - Lennar can lie all it wants - it will loose.

The backers of Proposition F have a Spiritual Movement that backs them. A Spiritual Movement has nothing to do with being Religious but it has all the elements that embrace, unite, and fight for those that most need assistance. Our followers and leaders have a moral compass and having that we can all go to a better place.

We do not have money and have spent less then $4 thousand compare to the $3 million plus Lennar has spent. But we can declare we have God on our side and with God on our side - we can take on anyone including the evil forces and Mayor Gavin Newsom and his side-kick the Senior, Senile, Senator Diane Feinstein.

Lennar has no moral compass what it has are crooks, thugs, and sell outs politicians who will sell their mothers for a dime. Lennar from its inception has used thugs to divide the community. Paid folks millions to destroy and yet professes that it is capable of being a developer. Lennar is known for building inferior homes, never keeping its word, and using Land Banking to make millions on the backs of innocent people.

June 3, 2008 is a day that will be recorded in history. Because God is on our side - we are confidant that we will win. Nothing short of a victory has been promised to His children by God. God will never forsake the children and the elders - especially those that Lennar bombarded for months with heavy metals, particulates, radiological elements and of course asbestos structures.

Regulatory agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the SF Health Department, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Agency of Toxic Substance and Disease Registry - other State, Federal, and local Regulatory Agencies have all taken money from Lennar and failed the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. Time will tell.

The youth in the Bayview Hunters Point have stood up registered and will vote for Proposition F. Proposition F stands for Fortitude and our Future. Vote for what is right, vote for the children and the elders. This is our last stand against the forces of evil.


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