The Bayview Hunters Point area has been the focus of Environmental Injustice and Human Rights discrimination for years. It was a breathe of fresh air to find in our midst three attorney from New Orleans - Monique, Nathalie, and Michele conduct a workshop on Environmental Justice and Human Rights.

This workshop was conducted at the Grace Tabernacle Community Church and was a whole day affair. We are thankful to Bishop Ernest Jackson and the First Lady Doris Jackson for opening the doors of the Church to the community at large. We also want to thank Lynne Brown for making the arrangements to facilitate the workshop and seeing to those issues that he only know how to address.

Instrumental in bringing our attorneys all the way from New Orleans was Pastor Daniel Buford. Valerie Tulier was kind enough to make the other arrangements and provide the food. The sumptuous lunch was truly appreciated by all present.

The participants who came from all over the Bay Area were informed of this unique workshop and took note. Each of the participants was inspired by the hard work of the three attorneys who specialize in what they do and have had some unique results in the New Orleans area.

Our issues linked to the Superfund Site that is Hunters Point is unique but given the information we provided and the statements made at the workshop - we learned of ways to use the United Nations - the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Principles of Environmental Justice to bring about models that will help our Bayview Hunters Point community - bring our plight to the attention of the authorities that be and hopefully justice to our Bayview Hunters Point community.

The leaders of Stop Lennar Action Committee working with Pastor Buford and Valerie have done their best to educate the community on the toxic triangle San Francisco, Oakland, and Richmond. This workshop helped better comprehend the issues and the technicalities that go into addressing toxic issues, cumulative pollution, health and safety issues and human rights as tools to bring about a healthy - adjudication.

The day long workshop was practical and with a sound Power Point presentation that made the concepts - simple to understand and practical to execute. I want to thank the organizers for a job well done. The Bayview Community thanks you all for taking the time to come to our community all the way from New Orleans to share your wisdom.

There is a Katrina like episode ready to unfold and the City and County of San Francisco is put on notice. Surrounded by toxicity we look the other way and call ourselves a Green City. Go figure!

Enjoy the photographs:


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