Some of us were in San Diego to witness the Dog and Pony show that Mayor Gavin Newsom - is on - surrounded by his Spin gurus that are making NO impact - what so ever. Lies and more lies will NOT take anyone far. One people see through it - you are history.

There is only so much - one can make with Proposition 8.

It could have have been a victory for Newsom and his folks - but the ones that ran the campaign - pocketed millions of dollars. For every cause - especially a worthy cause - you have to find decent campaign managers.

If you find a lousy one - one that cheats and steals - you can imagine what the results will be. So, we saw Gavin Newsom accompanied by his wife and other supporters - listen to Gavin Newsom - and feel the heat - in San Diego.

Speakers were planted - and we saw through the fakeness of the moment.

It is one thing to warm up to only White Folks and their company - when there are no people of color around.

Add some Black folks and a diverse crowd - and all the stakes that were high - in a controlled atmosphere - fall to the ground and are trampled over by the hogs of vain politics.

On Education Gavin Newsom had nothing to do with the "rainy day" funds and saving the jobs of our teachers in San Francisco.

The man that really stuck his neck out was Tom Ammiano. As a teacher working many years for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) - he saw the need for an "emergency fund". Even though the City and County bears no responsibility to the SFUSD - the legislator on the local level - agreed and the "rainy day fund" be created. Newsom had nothing to do with it - except sign it.

If he did other wise he would have to deal with the wrath of the parents and the youth.

In fact no one wants to go against the grain and oppose the teachers and students. Gavin Newsom touts as if he had something to do with the help - the teachers received this time.He had nothing to do with it. So, let us rest this notion or idea - once and for all.

In San Francisco our health programs are worse off today then ever before. Universal Health is easy to talk about but putting it in practice is very difficult. Our children in San Francisco can avail of Universal Health.

However, Mayor Gavin Newsom has laid off over thirty percent of the Health Workers - who work on the front lines. Now, you can go to hospital and spend the whole day - waiting for a doctor. Front line good nurses have been laid off. The few Registered Nurses have to do the work of 10 people. Go figure.

The Restaurant Owners have taken the matter to the Supreme Court - they are NOT prepared to shell out millions to front the premiums linked to Universal Health. As it is - hundreds of good restaurants have folded in San Francisco. The Mayor should address this - but he goes outside San Francisco - touting - LIES.

The man will LIE through his teeth and think nothing of it. The folks in San Diego were all goo goo - ga ga - and I could see them swallow his nonsense - without know the facts. Come to San Francisco and I will give you a tour - good people. Some of you have all the information you need.

Our Recreation and Park system is a mess in San Francisco. Once we boosted the best Recreational facilities. This year the Mayor has fired hundreds of employees. The Mayor is preparing to PRIVATIZE the Recreation and Park Department - after all these years.

Hundreds of programs that benefited children, youth, and seniors for over forty years - are now slated to be cut and some have been cut - already. If this is not adversely impacting Quality of Life issues - I do not know what is.

The people who came out to witness the Dog and Pony show may have heard the Spin in the Media - but when they met with us and found some of us reveal to them the truth - they listened to us - asked us questions - and found the whole Town Hall meeting model - very confusing.

Gavin Newsom starts the Town Hall meeting with some local person who has no clue about the facts. This person then begins - spewing diatribe.

Mostly they will say that President Obama mentioned Gavin Newsom's name linked to Universal Health. Well, Gavin had nothing to do with it - I just explained it away.

As much as Gavin Newsom talks about our City and County being Green - we are not. Daily the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and surrounding areas once wetlands - and now landfill - contaminated with radiological elements - harm thousands.

The United States polluted the land. Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Gavin does not understand the issues:

Yearly this area spews Methane Gas into the air. One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon-Dioxide. Over eighty tons of Methane Gas is spewed in the air. So, much for San Francisco being Green.

In the Bayview Hunters Point - the constituents suffer from one of the highest rates of cancer in the Nation. No coincidence. Babies are born still.

Thousands suffer from respiratory diseases. It is a pity to see the children suffer - while this man - Gavin Newsom pretending that all is well.

When Lennar bombarded the area in San Francisco - with Asbestos Dust and other radiological elements - thousands suffered.

That is why the man Leon Muhammad stood up and wanted to express himself. Gavin Newsom recognized him and failed to give him the opportunity - by stopping the Town Hall meeting. Then he wasted one and half hours pandering and taking - photographs.

The man Leon Muhammad is also the Co-Chair of the Restoration Advisory Board. Citizens appointed to review the clean up of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Most of the parcel are still under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Navy. The Navy personnel that see to it - are stationed in San Diego. We met with them the morning of the Town Hall - meeting. Leon Muhammad wanted to express himself.

What is wanted to tell the Mayor Gavin Newsom is that the Shipyard should not be capped. The radiological pollution and other toxic materials removed and disposed according to law.
Mayor Gavin Newsom want to cap the Shipyard and bring in the 49ers and build a stadium. This will never, ever happen. The 49ers do not want any part of this fake - plan.

It is this type of nonsense - when politicians have no moral compass. When they LIE - sleep with their best friend's wife - work with Rogue Developers like Lennar - that we encounter serious problems. Lennar has filled Gavin Newsom's campaign coffers.

Of course the Main Media will not investigate - this reed in the wind - blowing ever which way - and making no sense when he opens his mouth. Gavin speaks from both sides of his dirty - mouth.

Simply invoking Prop 8 and saying that you will do this and that is not sufficient.

Simply talking about education and not doing anything much - will not bring about progress. Thousands of families with children have left San Francisco - during the term of Gavin Newsom as Mayor of San Francisco.

Crime has been very high during Gavin Newsom's term. He will not talk about crime. Once, early on he said if crime does not go down - he would resign. This is the truth. The lying dog - did not keep his word. Today - he will look at you - straight in the eye and LIE.

Our local transportation is in dire straits - millions of dollars are required to fix it. Gavin Newsom is supposed to work the kinks and make good stuff happen at home - in his own back yard. He is busy touting his horn - trying to act like a Rock Star - when he stinks like a skunk and acts like a fool.

Often times he will hang with Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - two folks - who should call it quits - and take care of their hanging skin. Both have amassed wealth as the expense of the tax payers.

Nancy Pelosi's husband has assets in Samoa with the Del Monte Company. Recently over $20 million were sent in that direction. Some investigative reporter must look into this clue.

Diane Feinstein already has amassed millions - she is worth over $400 million. Her husband over $900 million. His name is Richard Blum and Diane was removed from a sub-committee - for sending contracts to her husband - before President Obama came on board.

Gavin Newsom is not for the common person and surely will not work with Blacks and people of color. Gavin Newsom has initiated a program to "gentrify" San Francisco. He wants the land to be given to Rogue Developers like Lennar.

Stop Lennar Action Movement - will be there to deal with Gavin Newsom.

In San Diego Lennar tried to bribe the Community Development and a huge project where the
Merriot Family wanted to build a 1200 hotel room - project - stalled. Once it found out about Lennar and its dubious connections - the project was killed.

At Mare Island - Lennar promised to build 10,000 homes. Lennar failed - after ten years it had nothing to show - and in the bargain declared bankruptcy. It will do the same in San Francisco - when in this economic crisis - it wants to build 10,500 homes.

A couple of miles away from San Francisco - thousands of homes are in foreclosure. What sense does this make? Homes once worthy $800,000 are selling for $200,000 and no one wants them. In Tracy, Stockton, thousands of homes are boarded up.

Millions of commercial space is going begging. No one has the money - GREED and White Crime has taken a heavy toll - and many people are jobless.

Food Banks have no food to give people and crime and especially thefts are on the increase.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard some 800 acres is a Superfund Site - only the worse of the worst sites that are very toxic are put on this list. Go figure.

In San Diego - the folks that came out - came to watch a Dog and Pony show. The ones that cared to remain and listened to a few of us - got some quality information and for sure - I heard them say: " Gavin Newsom is indeed phony".

Gavin Newsom has backed Lennar while it poisons our children and elders. Most of them are Black but may I venture to say in the United States with our Black President - Barack Hussein Obama - they are human beings.

Gavin Newsom has failed to protect our children and elders of Color - and this one single fact that will bring him down. Gavin Newsom will drown in the CESSPOOL of his own creation.

Palm Springs here we come - Stop Lennar Action Movement.

Here is a video:

Newsom and his run for Governor of California:

Francisco Da Costa
Director, Environmental Justice Advocacy

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