There comes a moment in life when the authorities that be in this case the San Francisco Housing Authority, the Mayorıs Office of Economic Development and Workforce, and the Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom are doing all in their power to gentrify the Southeast Sector known to most as the Bayview Hunters Point. Thousands of Black mostly have left and many area are becoming Ghostly.

Large areas were left by the San Francisco Housing Authority and the dubious San Francisco Housing Commissioners to fall into disrepair. These housing units built by the Department of Defense to mostly accommodate Defense personnel during World War II. The property was transferred to the Housing and Urban Department who is turn leased the property to the San Francisco Housing Authority that has one of the worst track records - treating those poor and disadvantaged living in Public Housing worse then animals.

Mayor Gavin Newsom before the housing crisis came up with a ploy called Hope SF. Hope SF that put out bids on property such as those at Potrero Hill, Hunters View and Sunnydale. Prior to this happening the Mayor personally used brute force and other dubious ploys to drive thousands of innocent folks away from Public Housing into oblivion.

On any given day if one goes to the Tenderloin you will see hundreds of former constituents that once lived in the above mentioned Public Housing now living on the streets. Some of them are families. This operation has been going on for the last five years and in the last three years - it has gotten worse.

San Franciscans must ask themselves why does the John Stewart Company want to build 800 plus housing units at Hunters View where now there are 267? People must ask themselves why is there NO dust mitigation plan? People must ask themselves why have they learned nothing what so ever from the adverse impacts imposed on the near by community - within a stoneıs throw, by the Rogue Developer - Lennar.

The plans are for the John Stewart Company a very large Property Manager who controls all of the rental units at the Presidio of San Francisco, most of the rental units at Treasure Island, thousands of units called Single Residential Occupancy units in the Tenderloin, Northridge Cooperative at Hunters Point and thousands of other units elsewhere. This is the same infamous John Stewart Company of Geneva Towers fame.

It is shocking how this company has bought off people some calling themselves ³mothers² living at Hunters View that have no clue what so ever about Real Estate and less about Property Management. These fake spokes people working for Communities of Opportunity (COO) are a disgrace to the human race. Most of them Black selling their community for stale bread crumbs and still having the PLANTATION - mentality.

Special crafty questions and answer have been crafted to deceive the residents living at Hunters View. Right now less then 15% live in the immediate area. Most of the homes are boarded up and the units sit on the Ultramaphic Serpentine Rock the densest and prone to release Asbestos structures much as adversely impacted thousands because of the activities by Lennar on Parcel A.

No good will come at Hunters View and the proposed Gated Community. Review the questions and answers for yourself:

Mayor Gavin Newsom introduced Gang Injunction to strengthen the devious rules and regulations that the San Francisco Housing Authority uses if it wants to target anyone. A grandmother may be living for years in a unit and if her nephew or niece who she takes care of because the parents are in jail or divorced - are found breaking the law. The SF Housing Authority can use flimsy reasons to evict and destroy the peace of mind of our Elders.

Many of our Elders came here from the South and I have spoken to them at length. Many of their husbands worked on the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and for the City and County of San Francisco. Many of these elderly women are heroes because they have dared to care for the babies that their children delivered but fell prey to crack cocaine that was planted in the community by Whites who used Black to make some blood money.

The City and County of San Francisco and more the SF Housing Authority has given no consideration to study the history of those living in abject poverty with no opportunities to better themselves. There have been three generations and more that have been left to fend for themselves. Many of them on welfare and many of them have no clue how to manage their money or measly assets.

The many single mothers have children fathered by different fathers. The women will tell you - when the times are difficult they will do anything to feed their children. Some of the mothers that work as nurses, teachers, MUNI drivers for example and have extra money will feed the children from the near by housing units.

These youth that I inter-act with are harden by the misery and the disproportionate hurdles that they have to overcome to survive. Sometimes I spend hours to understand where they come from and if you get an opportunity for the youth to tell their personal stories most of them are horrific and heart rendering. You cannot but admire their courage to live surrounded by pollution of the worst kind.

For years you had the Hunters Point Power Plant that some of us like Michael Boyd, Lynne Brown, Maurice Cambell, Andrew Bozeman, Francisco Da Costa - fought to shut down. While we were fighting to shut down the very toxic Hunters Point Power Plant others so called Environmental Justice Advocates helped to keep it open. They encouraged buying ³credits² from other areas to keep the toxic Hunters Power Plant open. Every year the Hunters Point Power Plant spewed over 80 tons of mercury, lead, and other dangerous particulates that landed closer to Hunters View and Middle Point and Kiska Road.

Today these same culprits are hustling for grants and favors from the City of San Francisco that is racist and uses these ignorant so called fake environmentalists that have no education - calling themselves community outreach workers and when it suits them - shouting out they are environmentalists when truly they should be ashamed of themselves and create more harm then good. They will work with anyone and recently some want to create a Bayview Hunters Point Coalition to address the filthy and polluted air that has been there for the longest time ever.

Why cannot these stupid people demand for a Dust Mitigation Plan from the John Stewart Company? Why do we not see these people speak on this topic in Sacramento before the Legislators? Who are these sell outs that continue to adversely impact the community at large and are mostly Black?

Hunters View, Northridge Cooperative Housing, those living in and around Kiska Road near Marinersı Village all have contributed to the San Francisco. The Elders know this but slowly the area is becoming a GHOST town. Often when I visit the area with friends who lived in the area they are shocked at the sad state of affairs.

At 195 Kiska Road you will find a brand new Boys and Girls Club named after Willie Mays. How ever there are few boys and girls from the hood that go to this fancy place. To add fuel to fire there is a Police Station stark naked in the Boys and Girls Club . What type of message is City Hall sending to the community at large?

Intelligent community advocates created a Police Community Plan - it was vetted before the Mayor who agreed to implement it and then once some one read it to him - he got cold turkey. Some of us have followed Gavin Newsom the LIAR and have heard him spew lies like a polluting chimney that has not been cleaned for years. The man will embrace children and pretend he loves them - like the day he came and slam dunked a bit at Middle Point and today in no where to be seen. He is very busy not doing the City business but spewing diatribe, hot air, lies and more all over California. He it seems is vying to become the next Governor! Go figure.

No good with come at Hunters View with the John Stewart Company at the helm of affairs. The same at Sunnydale with Mercy Housing mercenaries, backed by the local sell outs mostly Black and fed on some very stale bread crumbs. I see the sell outs all the time - most of them want the money for their petty needs and others for their habit. When the Mayor comes out to the hood surrounded by the Army you will see the sell outs in his shadow - nodding their heads and saying ³yes masta² you are right - even if he is dead - wrong.

For thousands of years the land you see around Candlestick Point, Visitation Valley - now what is known as Bayview Hunters Point, Potrero Hill and more all belonged to the Ohlone. The remains of the First People are found all over the place and the United States Navy especially desecrated the remains of the First People of San Francisco. There is a deep relationship between Blacks and the Native Americans. The Elders will tell you when they ran away from the sordid plantations they took shelter with the Native Americans. Today many Blacks have failed to respect the Native Americans and will take stale bread crumbs and turn their back on TRUTH and a vision that we can build based on TRUTH.

At Hunters View some stupid folks have deemed it fit to stay put surround by the toxic dust while the John Stewart Company exposes them to toxic dust. In a couple of months they will suffer because right now most of them already suffer from serious ailments and their immune system has been compromised. Even before Phase One has been completed - many of them will die a slow death.

Where is the Dust Mitigation Plan that has been vetted by the community? Who is the John Stewart Company talking to? Does the community living with a few hundred miles know they are already bombarded by radiological elements from the dubious activities of the United States Navy? Are they fully cognizant of the fact that they are bombarded as of now by Lennar and the many exceedances that come to our attention?

Lennar is supposed to stop work but the question to be asked is what happens to the Asbestos Structures taken by the wind to far off places and inhaled by those that were at the wrong time in the wrong place?

No good will come at Hunters View with the John Stewart Company at the helm of affairs. This poverty pimp the largest Property Management Company in San Francisco was once fired by Fanny Mae is still hoodwinking the populace - any which way he pleases. Using the Stimulus Money and money from Sacramento to prey on poor families that cannot defend themselves - less think straight.

Today, the John Stewart Company is hoodwinking the hood. While some think they are invincible and allow this poverty pimp to come to the homes of the poor and rearrange the furniture without any permission. The Black on Black killing must stop and it will stop - when some one drives those that have not taken control of the lives and contributed to the community at large. Some unknowingly have made way for the DEVIL to take control of the community.

The folks that wheel and deal can stop this nonsense and take control of the issues at hand. But, will they? The few that have not fled to Vallejo and others that are on the Gang Injunction List? Imagine not being able to visit your mother and grandmother - other family members? You have a Black Supervisor that wants you all to be Middle Class but has offered you nothing. In the many years Sophie Maxwell has been in power she has amassed wealth and is on the take.

Other so called Black leaders live in the past and have no clue about the future. They made their money - making pacts that filled their own pocket to hell with the community.

Our babies are dying and the fact that bothers me most is that no one really cares. The White Man has created a scenario where the situation is so horrendous that the only way out - is to get out of the living hell.

Daily hundreds of Blacks are fleeing. Many of them have gone hungry for months and they cannot take it. Others have fallen prey to sub-primes gimmicks and have fore-closed on their homes. Many Blacks owned homes and paid for - the generation after their parents took loans and thought they could pay it back - but cannot. This tryst with destiny is real and the community is suffering. I watch and pray and that is all I can do. I can sound the CLARION call only so many times - I can say only so much - destiny seems to have dealt a card that is devoid of real - hope. Time will tell.

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