Sophie Maxwell is the District 10 Supervisor NOT too smart and a person who joined politics to be on the take. Sophie Maxwell Chairs, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Land Use and Economic Development Committee - joined by the President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, David Chiu from District 3 and Eric Mar from District 1.

Sophie Maxwell is not educated on issues having always had a difficult time learning be it in high school, trade school, the many jobs she has held before she chose to be an inept politician. Willie L. Brown Jr. had an important in putting this dumb ass woman in place and as an inept - politician.

As Chair of the Land Use often times Sophie Maxwell will speak of the Hunters Point Shipyard as being ready for development. Hunters Point Shipyard is NOT ready for development. The majority of the 900 plus acres is polluted much of it with Radiological elements. The area has been declared a Superfund Site but Sophie Maxwell has begun to call it recently Brownfield - which goes to really pin point her ignorance and what is more her arrogance on the subject. Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The Hunters Point Shipyard comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy that has been dragging its legs to clean up the Hunters Point Shipyard. The U.S. Navy has wasted millions of dollars in past year - the most, over $300 million when a contract was given to International Technologies (IT) that wasted the money and then declared - bankruptcy. Few know about this most do not care. At the moment Tetra Tech is raking in the millions and in bed with the United States Navy - working closely with Douglas Gilkey and Keith Forman.

The U.S. Navy has polluted the Hunters Point Shipyard and much of the watershed. As things stand today the U.S. Navy as and when it conveys the parcels after clean up is stating upfront that certain areas will be out of bounds. Among them some beach front areas. For sure the U.S. Navy prohibits digging in the soil, using the dirt to plant, and playing in the dirt where young children are concerned and prone to do so. So, who does the Navy expect to live at Hunters Point? Why would anyone live in the middle of Chernobyl?

The U.S. Navy is not addressing the over 2000 tons of Methane Gas and other gases that are spewing all over the Hunters Point Shipyard. Time and time again when visitors go to tour the Hunters Point Shipyard they suffer from headaches and nausea. Of course the dumb, inept, ignorant, arrogant - Sophie Maxwell, the District 10 Supervisor would NOT be cognizant of these facts because of her lack of comprehension and very poor IQ on the subjects, discussed.

Sophie Maxwell has not read the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report. A general review of this document produced by the U.S. Navy states the over 450 Radiological and other very dangerous elements that have to be dealt with. All of them present in high levels and all of them adversely affecting - all life forms and that of course includes, human beings.

The City and County of San Francisco has the Precautionary Principle on its books. The Precautionary Principle states that if there is any doubt linked to any project where any life is adversely impacted - everything must stop and the factors evaluated. The United States Navy and other Regulatory Agencies are fully cognizant that the Hunters Point Shipyard is polluted, so polluted that it is on the Superfund List. It would take over $1 billion just to clean parcel E and E2. Sophie Maxwell could not understand this as this cannot see beyond her nose.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency is an off shoot of the National Defense Radiological Laboratory that was first formed at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The activities of this institution and other atomic experiments have polluted the Hunters Point Shipyard. Hundreds of radiation animals were buried all over the Shipyard. Added to this sand blasts most of it polluted after the Ships that took place in the Atomic Experiments at Bikini Islands were brought to Hunters Point Shipyard for cleaning. Toxic radials the worse kind that have leached and polluted the Watershed - most of it all over the Hunters Point Shipyard and beyond.

Well, that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has been very polluted has been proved again and again - but the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, the Rogue Developer LENNAR, the San Francisco Health Department, and folks from the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - folks like Michael Cohen and Tiffany Bohee will look the other way, discard current laws and regulations, the legal Disposition and Development Agree signed by the Rogue Developer Lennar - and amended so many times, defying justice, fairness, accountability and transparency.

Many of these folks do not live in San Francisco they come here to make their money and really do not care about Quality of Life issues, the history of the land, the culture of the people, especially the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People that lived here for thousands of years . In short these corrupt folks, working for Mayor Gavin Newsom's agenda - are in it for the money, to propagate GREED, are vermin more scumbags and belong to the ilk of Bernie Madoff and others that have ruined our Nation and created the present state of our Economic Crisis. Lennar forced Vallejo to declare bankruptcy after Lennar failed on Mare Island and after ten years failed to build 10,000 homes and declared Bankruptcy. The signs are all over it will happen in San Francisco - too.

The recently released fake Draft, Environmental Impact Report linked to Hunters Point Shipyard and the Candlestick Point area - left out the First People, of the San Francisco area, the Ohlone in toto. When this was brought to the attention of the SF Planning Department, the Mayor, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, the City Attorney, and the SF Redevelopment Agency - the answer was that was not done intentionally. The matter of fact was that it was.

Idiots like Tiffany Bohee who has been jumping from Agency to Agency, a misfit of sorts - seems to think that if you have hundreds of meetings that the meetings are critical to any Major Development. She often says that some local bodies like the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee and the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Hunters Point Shipyard have jurisdiction over the Shipyard. This is totally wrong. But, lies that she spews, inexperienced as she is, lacking comprehension of basic Environmental Issues every time she opens here mouth she shoves her foot in. Others have come before her and all of them have failed.

The Ohlone was here for thousands of years so it seem funny when mostly dumb Blacks the likes of Tiffany Bohee from outside San Francisco and Sophie Maxwell who is not too clever - think they can speak for the First People and know what is best for the land that belongs to the First People, the Ohlone. Secondly, the land we are talking about is really the former wet lands and nothing precludes anyone to restore the land to wetlands - and let the land - HEAL. Why are we so eager to build inferior homes that Lennar a Rogue Developer is so famous for? At this time thousands of units are vacant in San Francisco. By Candlestick Point at Executive Park condominiums once for sale are now being rented out and so one has the money to rent them.

Tiffany Bohee is boring and when she speaks there is NO clarity, more confusion seems to take hold of her brain and outs she spews diatribe that defies logic and common sense. More, she has NO clue what she is talking, about. This woman has not studied the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report, has no clue that the entire Watershed of the Hunters Point Shipyard is polluted. That hundreds of innocent people have died from cancer. Many children surrounding the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, are still born and others with deformed limbs. Both Sophie and Tiffany are Black women that NOT once have addressed this issue. Where do these hardened, putrid minded, Black women hail from? Who gave birth to such despicable human beings that fail to comprehend the basic truths occurring in the area and lack compassion?

Proposition G was placed on the Ballot with the blessing of Mayor Gavin Newsom, Senator Diane Feinstein, Aurelious Walker a Black Poverty Pimp Pastor, Lola Whittle a Sellout from the Bayview who has depended on handouts from City grants and some others. None of these individuals have done anything for the Bayview Hunters Point - except made money for them or used the constituents to get elected.

When Proposition F made to the Ballot and in nine days we collected and vetted over 18,000 signatures in very inclement weather - deals were made with the San Francisco Labor Council, ACORN (now being investigated by the IRS), the SF Organizing Project - each of them were promised money. Prop G contains fake language that is not legal and mostly not binding. Prop F forced the crooks to incorporate at the last moment thirty three percent affordable housing but Prop G is going no where. Prop G remains a ploy and will be a ploy that will take this City and County of San Francisco - down.

Reading Prop G there was no places for taking over the State Park using Senate Bill 792. But, today Tiffany Bohee talks of SB 792 as if it was part of Prop G. Well, Public Trust Land belongs to all of California and all Californians. The precedent set by SB 792 will come to haunt Senator Mark Leno and the Rogue Developer Lennar. Lennar now wants to move its conceptual plan to Candlestick Point and develop seventy five percent of its development using Alice Griffith Public Housing that belongs to the Federal Government and Housing and Urban Development, the State Park, when no land has been swapped as yet, the land is still under the jurisdiction of the State of California.

On Hunters Point Shipyard - Parcels B, C, D, E, F, G, and the other parcels carved out and named by the U.S. Navy to confuse others - still have not been conveyed and still belongs to the Federal Government. But listening to the two dumb Black women Sophie Maxwell and Tiffany Bohee you would think - it comes under the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco and the SF Redevelopment Agency - the source, facilitator and propagator of gentrification in San Francisco.

At the last SF Land Use Meeting held in Room 263 on Monday, February 8, 2010 - Sophie Maxwell made a fool of herself. Sophie Maxwell a product of Public Housing has turned against hundreds that are being removed from Public Housing to make room for others developers like Mercy Housing, Bridge Developers and the notorious John Stewart - Property Management Company. Sophie Maxwell a Black woman is a disgrace to San Francisco and to the exploitation and flight of thousands of hard working Black that once made their home in San Francisco. During Sophie Maxwell term in office as District 10 Supervisor more innocent people have been shot and killed in the Bayview Hunters Point area, Visitation Valley, Portola District, Silver Terrace, Little Hollywood, Dog Patch and at Potrero Hill. The facts and incident reports bear that out. The woman is at the end of her term - good riddance of bad rubbish.


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