It has been some time now that staunch advocates have been fighting City Hall, former corrupt Mayors, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the SF City Attorney, the SF District Attorney, the District 10 Supervisors the former one especially Sophie Maxwell, and now her clone Malia Cohen.

This fight over the years - linked to the pertinent Quality of Life Issues - all documented and available for all to see and study the facts. This fight has not been easy but we advocates have learned that with fortitude and patience comes victory. The Bayview Hunters Point has been well represented with empirical data - and those that sell us out - will be dealt with.

Now, in recent months, we see some sordid SHENAGIGANS unfold before our very eyes and we cannot believe what we see. The devil is active but we are monitoring the devil and those that have no morals and ethics.

Constituents of San Francisco well remember the old days HOPE SIX the ploy at that time was to provide affordable housing to those that needed it. It did not work because inferior housing was provided. And when some housing was built - there was really no money to maintain it. One dump was replaced with another.

Now, choice developers have joined hands with mostly White Folks to use ploys and machinations to fool the local constituents that live in Public Housing but this time they are making use of the children and those that do not fully comprehend what is happening. Fooling the adults and buying their support with stale bread crumbs. These are called Shenanigans and we are aware of such machinations.

In the meantime every ploy to exercise "gentrification" has been put in place. Police Stations placed in closer proximity of the developer's project. Case in point at Hunters View - with little or no opportunity for "career jobs" - given to residents of Hunters View - where there exists fifty percent unemployment.

Gang Injunction that divided the community and divided families - and the City Attorney running for Mayor of San Francisco - has BLOOD on his hands. Gang Injunctions have been an utter - failure.

Promises, made by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, the Mayor's Office of Housing, and the building contractor in this case Cahill who works for the John Stewart Company. There is a local hiring ordinance in place - but no one wants to enforce it. All this at Huntersview where the local constituents have been take for a ride.

Some entities who were promised jobs, local residents have protested before the project at Huntersview - only to be threatened by the contractor and the SF Police Department called - to warn them of their eminent arrests.

The Shenanigans began when over hundred and fifty public housing units were demolished. Mostly Seniors were then transferred to units that were boarded up - with issues linked to the presence of lead and asbestos - and the Seniors were put in harms way. Many of them landed in hospital.

Further, the area in which the Seniors were situated was devoid of ramps and other necessities mandated by the Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA). There were other adverse impacts - all noted - and complaints filed with the San Francisco Housing Authority. Pro bono lawyers have files of complaints and more complaints.

Hundreds of Public Housing residents - accompanied by advocates and I too addressed the San Francisco Housing Authority and its dubious Chair - Amos Brown. Nothing happened - and nothing worthwhile continues to happen.

The area has been named Huntersview and in recent months - the infrastructure is being laid. Some 900 plus units are planned - with the intention to bring in some other people - not like the people that live there now - and have a "gated community".

This is gentrification and racism of the highest caliber. All endorsed by mostly sell outs and we have and are monitoring them - very, very carefully. Each and every one of them and have been since 1998 . That was when Lennar was registered in Sacramento as a Limited Liability Corporation. Invited to San Francisco by Willie L. Brown Jr. - the former "thug" Mayor of San Francisco.

Before, the very eyes of the people who have lived in the area for years - some families as long as forty and others fifty years - they have seen hundreds of people evicted.

Others paid money and sent to faraway places. Others, who spent the money are now on the streets - in the Tenderloin - more Sixth Street in San Francisco. I meet them all the time - and every time I hear - heart rendering stories.

At one time a nearby school named Malcolm X was destined to be shut down. We the advocates and the community - saved the school from closing down. To be exact we saved it twice from closing down. Did not see Malia Cohen the fake Supervisor who pretends she is from the community.

The first time after we succeeded and kept Malcolm X operation - we tried to work with the School Principal but this White Woman would not cooperate with us. So, we tried cleaning up the surroundings. A park a few hundred feet - filled with drug paraphernalia, spent bullets, six feet high tall grass, other weeds - we cleaned by the area with our Samoan youth - All Islanders Gathering As One (AIGA1) - and with help from Mohammad Nuru from the Department of Public Works - who loaned us rakes, and other much needed tools. Good man Mohammad Nuru my buddy!

We persuaded the Principal of Malcolm X to allow us to paint a mural and we succeeded. We visited those parents we had some connection with and brought about some understanding. We befriended the students and encouraged them to study. We provided tutoring - and we made many strides.

It was about this time the year 2004 that Lennar, a Rogue Developer bombarded the area with Asbestos friable or structures. The Elders and the children began suffering from headaches, burning throat and eyes, and other very severe ailments - forcing them to remain at home - days at a time. Many were hospitalized. Others died and to this day Mothers bear the - brunt.

We got no help from the San Francisco Health Department and one Dr. Mitch Katz. The advocates worked hard, went door to door, and did what they could to help the Community. The area from Middle Point - all which is now called Huntersview all the way to Kiska Road - where a brand new Boys and Girls Club was built and children bused in from other areas.

At the Boys and Girls Club named Willie Mays Boys and Girls Clubs is a Police Station. Yes, a Police Station right inside this facility. The residents of Public Housing were confused and are still confused as to why - right in the middle of Public Housing there are placed - Police Stations. Why the FBI and other Law Enforcement - played hide and seek. We saw it all - and more we remember it all.

All sorts of killings and shooting took place from the year 2001 to now. I have been monitoring them - attending the pertinent meetings - and most of all writings about the salient machinations and ploys. I find it interesting to see some new players come into the hood - the White Ones with their pink assess - pretending they are with and for the people. Trust a skunk but not these jerks of a kind.

Of course they are embraced and shown some devious ways by the local sell outs - the old divide and rule. The sell outs who work with the John Stewart Company, the Communities of Opportunity and one Dwayne Jones, and of course the local Supervisors - in the past Sophie Maxwell and now her proxy Malia Cohen. Both work for the MACHINE that has never, ever had the best interest of the community.

Not far from Huntersview and this project by the John Stewart Company is Heron's Head Park. One of the most contaminated sites in San Francisco. Yearly, on an average 120 tons of the most dangerous particulates fell in and around this site. That is for over 60 years. If you go right now - some company is doing the Environmental Clean Up with millions of gallons used to keep the contaminants down.

We know from reports from the Department of Toxic and Substance Control, the Regional Water Board, but more from past documents how contaminated this area being mitigated and abated is. We also know how contaminated Heron's Head Park is - but, yet thousands of our children from the Unified School District are permitted to visit this Eco Center that prides itself that is sustainable with its own generation of energy not tied to the GRID and recycled water.

However, no mention about the past history - less than hundred feet from the Old Hunters Point Power Plant. Less abatement from the tons of toxic paint, chrome, tires, and very toxic building materials that was dumped on this site. Some dirt was put on this site - a cap of a sort - and now this site which has taken the form of a Heron's Head - but is a Pier that fell is disrepair and the rest is history.

The San Francisco Port and the SF Port Commission has encouraged building this Park in a remote area - surrounded by the worst type of contamination. Several letters from City engineers were sent to me - and several students from various Universities wrote essays and brought their findings to me. All of them pointing to the adverse impacts - and begging me and others to do something about this sordid project - and stop our children from being taken to this very contaminated - area.

Literacy for Environmental Justice has been in the fore front to encourage this project. It started with a grant of $900,000 facilitated by Sophie Maxwell in the year 2000. Literacy for Environmental Justice at the time it got the grant was required to be a Non-Profit - it was not - it first got the grant and then applied for its Non-Profit Status. So much for shenanigans of a kind.

Dana Lanza who has since moved to New York - at that time used her husband to facilitate getting this grant with the help of Sophie Maxwell - Lanza's husband was the President of the Environmental Committee now the Environmental Commission linked to the Department of Environment. This matter was investigated - and the cover up and the ongoing issues - still pending.

Now some Whites are taking our children to Heron's Head Park. Using grant money from the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - to create fake curricula and hoodwink the children and the community - this is a JOKE.

Today, September 22, 2011 - one teacher a White who has no history of the area and more of the community - used a Samoan youth as a ploy. The young boy is misguided and it is wrong to entice and hoodwink our youth - using Solar, Sustainable Practices, and other machinations - promising the youth of Malcolm X the world when most of the people live in units that are not habitable, run down, and poorly maintained by the San Francisco Housing Authority. I can give anyone a tour as and when they are ready for such a tour.

The $30.6 million grant given for the HOPE SF project at Alice Griffith is just that - a tip of the iceberg. This money is just a drop in the ocean - where is the other money going to come from?

Millions more are required to abate the area. The area is a landfill prone to severe flooding and liquefaction. Nearby, in the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard still under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy. The area is very polluted and on the Superfund List. All these pertinent factors are never mentioned by the liars.

Residents living in Alice Griffith suffer from respiratory ailments. Mothers have given birth to still babies. It is pathetic to see and witness how San Francisco, the former and present Mayor, the SF Board of Supervisors - keep treating our children, our Seniors, and more our infants that live and make their abode at Alice Griffith, Huntersview and in other Public Housing Areas - in a despicable manner. This nonsense must stop.

More the single Mothers - most of the fathers and several single mothers have children fathered by other men - most incarcerated. Children giving birth to children - it is these pertinent, human, compassionate, holistic issues that must be addressed. Do not come into the community and think for a moment we do not know who you are. We will shut you down - without any difficulty. Believe you me.

If you bring force - we will tackle you and your kind - with methods that have brought those that use force - to their knees. The principles of Mahatma Gandhi and other proven techniques are known to us and more those in high places know that we have brought down evil entities - Lennar is one of them. Make no bones about it.

Willie L. Brown his minions and those that think they could use Lennar for example to buy the community and slowly kill our children are lingering - and with one call they can be driven away into oblivion and can drown in the cesspool of their own making. Drastic changes are taking place favoring the community and from places one least expected to come from.

The present economy is what triggers most everything. The Euro is collapsing and what happens in Europe must visit America - today September 22, 2011 the fall of 400 points is just the beginning. America must pay for its evil deeds - the sub-primes loans, the dubious derivatives - other ploys and machinations. There is justice, there is TRUTH - there is HOPE - but most of all there will be RESTITUTION.

I represent the First People the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone on all matters related to Base Closure and Infrastructure Projects. Environmental Impact Reports and Studies - in San Francisco, and those areas that come under the jurisdiction of the Muwekma Ohlone. Aho.

To the children, the Sisters and Brothers of the Bayview Hunters Point - I have been vigilant putting long hours and building bridges, gathering stakeholders that can help the community.

The community is strong - because the few leaders that are there to defend the weak and those that have been laid astray - have stood tall and steady. God in His wonderful way, showering mercy, and with all embracing fortitude has given us strength - and taken us to a better - place.

There can be no solution worth the salt without a moral compass. No leadership that is devoid of truth and fortitude. Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way. We can deal with the Shenanigans.

God Bless You All.

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