The shooting and killings in the Southeast Sector have increased by leaps and bounds. An added factor divisiveness - where animosity between certain factions at Double Rock aka Alice Griffith - has turned for the worst..

The City of San Francisco and more those in charge of Prevention Violence and Safety have no clue about what they are dealing with. They are attempting to address the residue left from years of dividing the community. Making false promises, favoring the corrupt Blacks as did Lennar, a Rogue Developer - and the rascal who operated schemes at Alice Griffith - Dwayne Jones.

Alice Griffith is a despicable place to live in. The City knows it, Mayor Ed Lee knows it, Bevan Dufty the newly appointed Housing Czar knows, it, the SF Housing Authority knows it - and Mr. Alvarez who is in charge of the Housing Authority; fully knows about it.

A young Black man killed a Samoan without cause at Alice Griffith some months ago. Some think this is the start of the issues at hand. Before that hundreds of young men mostly Black were killed - with our City and County - looking the other way. I have attended over 264 funerals; linked to deadly shootings - how did that happen in some vacuum?

Nothing much has changed when Willie L. Brown Jr. the "thug Mayor" was in charge. More nothing changed with Mayor Gavin Newsom. And; sad to say, nothing much is changing with Mayor Ed Lee who is pandering to the wrong people. He can consult the Chief of Police; Gregory Suhr and find out about me. He can ask his good friend Mohammed Nuru and perhaps be enlightened.

Recently, Mayor Ed Lee appointed Diana Oliva-Aroche as the Director of Violence Prevention. I want to ask the Mayor what concrete credentials this woman has to address the pertinent factors that bring about violence, killings and stagnate Quality of life issues - in the Southeast Sector?

Our City has a population of about 805,000 - not the millions that Los Angeles has; we do not have gangs like those in Compton. We have over 28,000 SF City workers - for every 29 constituents we have one City worker. Most of them lazy. We promote lazy people and over forty percent of the 28,000 make over $175,000 with benefits and this must stop.

We must invest in Quality of Life issues – health, education, transportation, safety, housing and foreclosures, our Seniors and Physically Challenged, our Children, our single mothers, immigrants who need help.

In leaders who know the way, show the way, and go the way.

We have a budget of $7.6 Billion - yes, BILLION. In the last ten years Quality of Life issues in San Francisco has DECREASED. When it comes to Housing, Transportation, Education, and Health - our City has nothing much to show but HOT AIR and diatribe.

I challenge you this woman Diana Oliva-Aroche who I used to see some years ago weep at City Hall in Room 250; begging money for some non-profit and cajoling the City to offer housing opportunities for the poor. A home she said where her children could play in the back yard.

By pandering this woman now proclaims to be the Director of Violence Prevention for our City and County of San Francisco. Who really is in charge of such dubious - promotions?

This woman does not know the history of the Southeast Sector and less San Francisco. I have watched her; dressed in White like some authority from Puerto Rico or Panama - trying to hoodwink us with Power-Point presentation that make no sense. Tons of hot air; false promises, and a worsening condition of crime - killings and shootings all over San Francisco.

I was there when the Community Response Network (CRN) was created. John Torres, John Nauer, Rannon Ross, Mitch Salazar and I Francisco Da Costa; there were others too - but just to make a point of clarity.

From the inception; we envisioned the Polynesians assigned three or four representatives to deal with the Polynesian community - who at that time occupied forty percent plus of Public Housing – especially at Hunters Point, Kiska Road, Oakdale, and Sunnydale Housing. Also at Portrero Hill and Alemany Housing projects.

We never, ever envisioned the Bayview Foundation playing a major role and so much money wasted on Administrative Fees. Why do we not have one single full time Polynesian employee – working for Community Response Network solely working and addressing issues at Hunters Point, Oakdale, and Alice Griffith with the Polynesian community for example?

The reason is simple - we have morons like Henderson in the Mayor's office, other buffoons who have no clue about history, the SF Housing Element, the role of Lennar, a Rogue Developer - and their adverse impacts on the community at large - and the Southeast in particular.

Henderson and his life style, Diana Oliva-Roche and her pandering - these are not the people we want to come into our community and pretend to help us. Screw that.

This City and County of San Francisco must admit that it did a great mistake bringing Lennar into the community. What is happening on Parcel A at the Shipyard? Lennar has defaulted on all of its mandated Disposition and Development Agreements. What has Mayor Ed Lee to say about this?

Lennar worked with past Mayors and the present Mayor - to divide the community. Thousands of innocent people suffered from adverse health impacts. There is a solid connection between adverse health impacts, lack of opportunities, no health facilities, lack of transportation, and an unhealthy environment and CRIME.

Over a million dollars each year in spent on the SF Police Department at Alice Griffith a small gated area - and guess what - crime has increased each and every year for the last ten years. This one million is added money - besides the other millions appropriated to the SF Police Department. Who is kidding whom?

I mentioned the divisiveness spread by Dwayne Jones - busing people from Alice Griffith to City Hall to back Lennar - promising this, that, and the other and things at Alice Griffith have grown worse. Today Dwayne Jones works for Platinum Consultants; much like others who have joined the fore; to fleece the community.

Plans are now afoot to move some Samoans from Alice Griffith - wrong.

Move all the Blacks and more those that started the problem.

You have the incident reports - drugs, killings, shootings. One decent Black man from New Orleans was tricked into giving a woman who lived at Alice Griffith a ride; brought to Alice Griffith and murdered.

Today; his wife and children wonder about San Francisco and how we treat our tourists and people in general. Our City has not bothered to send a condolence letter to this man's family. Perhaps Chief Gregory Suhr should provide the Mayor the incident report; so that we can provide some succor to this man's family.

Raw Sewage has been running freely for the longest time at Alice Griffith on Carroll Street. The stench is contained by putting tons of mulch - some of it Eucalyptus chippings that do the trick.

People who are appointed to high positions must have a clue about our General Management Plan, understand Environmental Impact Reports, have a clue about the history of the region, fully understand the Housing Element and its implications, the Transportation Documents, the Disposition and Development Agreements linked to a Rogue Developer; like Lennar and other Big Developers favored by this very corrupt - City and County of San Francisco.

Let us not appointed inept folks recommended by Maria Su and others - who themselves pander and do not have the better interests of San Franciscans. Just find out what their hidden agenda is - it is worse; when they do not live in our City – go all the way laughing to the bank while San Franciscans; hard working tax payers - suffer. Do not push the button - thousands of us are fed up.

Gang Injunction does not help - not with a population of only 805,000 and with 30,000 families with decent children leaving San Francisco in the last five years.

We keep dividing families, we keep ruining our Public schools, and we keep dumping crap in the Southeast Sector. We rake in millions from the over 10,000 small businesses in taxes. The only area that has Industrial Facilities and someone thinks by using para-military tactics - they will bring crime to a standstill. How about investing ten percent of the millions you gather back into the Southeast Sector.

I worked for Sixth United States Army and served three generals - General Westmoore, General Harrison, and General Malory. I played an important role in Desert Storm and Desert Shield. I know more about para-military tactics than most of you and surely more than Henderson and Diana Aroche. Such tactics do not work with civilians and must not be used to leave deep, adverse scars on families that deserve better.

I reached out to the Mayor and told him how I would help him. I reached out to Bevan Dufty and explained to him the situation at hand. You can take it or leave it.

We know what we are capable of and having been trying to help the Mayor who is clueless. Guess he wants the buffoons, the Black Pastors, the inept folks he appoints to high places - to ruin the fair name of this City and County of San Francisco.

This is a clarion call - get your act together - we want action not hot air.

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