The Grace Tabernacle Community Church situated in the Bayview Hunters Point area has been on the forefront teaching the Word of God but more through its humble actions touching the lives of hundreds of souls.

When five Elders all of whom have contributed in their own way to the mandates of this institution; which from its humble origins chose through the leadership of its Bishop - Bishop Ernest Jackson to more walk the walk and less talk the talk and bring revolutionary, necessary changes - in keeping with the times; we are living in.

Five exemplary members; of Grace Tabernacle Community Church - Editor and Publisher of the Bayview Newspaper; a husband and wife duo - Mary and Willie Ratcliff who have done so much through the newspaper. Advocate for the Bayview Community with a long track record Mother Espanola Jackson known for her fortitude and ardent zeal to fight and win for the community at large all over San Francisco, the Bay Area and this Nation.

Mother Estelle Jackson; mother of Bishop Jackson and a founder member of Grace Tabernacle Community Church for the last 55 years plus; Mother Nellie Mae Hornsby a 60 year plus member of the Church - were all bestowed the Honorary Degree by the Theological Seminary situated in Sacramento. Hence forth may be addressed as Doctors and have earned it through their dedication to serve the community, their exemplary lives; more in the service of their church and community.

There was full attendance at the Church; the morning of Sunday, October 28, 2012 - the day was a bright and sunny day - and in the midst of all the fine singing and rejoicing, those conferred with this Honorary Degree were recognized by those dear to them, by the Dean and faculty of the Sacramento Theological Seminary; the Bishop of Grace Tabernacle Community Church, the Queen of the Church; Doris Jackson - the many members of the church present, dignitaries invited - and the community at large.

The ceremony was well appreciated by all; and those conferred with this Honorary Doctorate deserved every bit of the standing ovation, applause, and kudos. A heartfelt appreciation; from those that truly appreciate their presence, long dedication and sacrifice, and good works.

Enjoy the photographs:


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