The Tsunami that hit a very wide area in Southeast Asia and sent its message as far as Kenya and Somalia 2000 miles away has brought us all humans to our senses. In Sweden so many Swedish nationals died in the Tsunami that Sweden looks at this tragedy as its own.

America was slow in responding look at this disaster through the mirror that brought about the wrong reflection. President Bush the war monger that he is - first thought of Indonesia as a nation that is on his list of nexus of evil. Well, he forgot that thousands of American nationals vacation on the beaches of Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, Andaman and Nicobar Islands - and all the affected area.

7 days after the Tsunami hit some areas have not yet seen relief sent to the victims. The hot climate has forced thousands to be buried because of the stench and fast decomposing bodies.

A German pilot and his wife have on their own reached some areas bring some hope and relief. Susi Air against all odds landed on a small airstrip and as the days go by does all in their power with their light plane to bring solace to the remotest area of Indonesia.

Thank God our United States Navy has reached some areas and they will do all in their power to help the people. Our President acted like the Village Idiot he is but thank God the people of America have always reacted and done the right thing.

The world has now a big reason to view humanity and think of ways of saving lives. War brings death. America is powerful not because of the crooks who occupy the White House but because of the land that really belongs to the Native Americans. There can be no real leader who initiates killings and then all of a sudden thinks of peace and saving human lives. Bush and his ways are a disgrace to the human race. In Iraq we have an on going killing with the blessing of the White House. In Southeast Asia we have a tragedy that requires saving lives. Our leaders could not suddenly reverse their way of thinking and react normally - they revealed their true colors and failed all humanity.

In life it is not about money. No one really wants the tainted money even if it $350 million and more. The other smaller amounts given by the other Nations mean more because it was given with love and compassion. The last time our American Government really did that was after World War II when we helped rebuild Europe. Europeans still remember that gesture and so do their children.

There are thousands of individuals who are doing so much - the human being when called to perform in times of tragedy can reach out and help. Tragedy and calamities bring out the best in most of us humans. As the days turn to weeks to months to years - we will hear so many good stories - these stories will being comfort to humans all over the world.

A major lesson that America should learn from this Southeast Tsunami is not to waste billions of dollars on war - such as in Iraq. We ought to spend the money on our Elders and Health, on Education and our Youth, on our aging Infrastructure, Tsunami and Earthquake warnings and on so many vital issues here at home.

We can and should extend this to the rest of the world. After all as humans we share one Earth. The time has come to see all things in a holistic manner. China, Russia, North Korea, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australia, many parts of Africa, North and South America - should learn to work as partners.

We cannot conduct business as usual as we did 20 years ago. Our policy makers are foolish and war and weapons only bring destruction. Compassion and Love can win and will win - every single time.

Tsunami and Hope. Happy New Year 2005 to all my good friends in Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Nicobar and Andaman Island, Seychelles, Thailand, Indonesia, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Somalia and Kenya.

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