Tsunami and the affected area.


According to the latest statistics over 240,000 people lost their lives in 14 countries affected by the Tsunami that originated a few miles from Indonesia.

Help and concern from all over the world brought many world leaders and nations together. Now that things have settled the real practical issues and projects are making some headway.

Major diseases like small pox have hit some areas in India. There have been breakouts of Malaria and Cholera in other nations - as medicines, doctors and nurses hit the affected areas - some quick and immediate relief will be brought to the affected victims.

The people of United States unlike our Village Idiot in the White House have responded well. The U.S.S. Abraham has done all it can and has won the praise of countries and people well versed with logistics - the world over. Europeans have given lots of money and more they have sent teams of helpers in all fields to bring some solace to the affected region - the hardest hit Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India.

The American media has stop talking about the Tsunami for hours on end and has in recent days only focused on some major events. While too much talk and little action is not good - it is always good to keep the facts in the news so that the major issue of help and compassion is not easily relegated to the back burner.

There have been a lot of satellite maps available that now give us a very good idea of the havoc created by the Tsunami. I will post two with this article.

In the mean time we hope, pray and act as best we can to bring solace to the affected people but mostly the children that need our help most.

Elevation detail of Aceh Coast.

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