Mission Bears DeAngelo.


San Francisco's Mission High School do have a good team and have tried their best to show off their talent in the previous football games but perhaps did show their mettle for the first time with Thurgood Marshall High School. Mission High came out victorious with a 40-0 victory; the score should not in anyway deter anyone from looking at this game as one sided. From time to time Thurgood Marshall did make some plays but failed to make any significant play to put them on the score board. The October 27, 2005 at Kezar Stadium was a good one.

Mission High were all excited because Aaron Cox (Twitty) made his first appearance and brought out many fans and supporters. Twitty could have been on the Mission team's roster but the SF Unified School Sports Commissioner chose to side line a good player and force him to adjudicate his case to come back on the field by forcing him and his witnesses to make a good case before 3 School Principals. The witnesses came, sat, spoke and Twitty was a lucky bird or should I say cat.

Again as in previous games the Mission Bears failed to capitalize their talent in the first half. So many missed opportunities on the part of Mission High that Thurgood Marshall too failed to seize giving Mission High the best edge.

Quincy Johnson made one stellar run for the best touch down of the game. Bobby missed several opportunities but at last made one touch down and contributed to the Mission victory. DeAngelo who took turns as Quarterback with Aaron Cox (Twitty) made two touch downs.

Darnell Jarrett and Jacob Penaia two of the best disciplined Mission players had a very good game. Time and time again they did their best to rally the team and put some extra punch into the game. They were helped by among others by Amataga who has still not fully recovered from his injuries.

This win by Mission High School Bears gives them a good chance to win a couple more games and take them to the play offs.

Darnell Jarrett.

Amataga and Jacob Penaia.

Twitty is Back.

Thurgood Marshall.

Quincy Johnson.

The officials.

Thurgood Marshall.

Mission Coaches.

Quincy and Bobby.

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