It took 3 long years and no one really knows how many people died one estimate - as many as 300,000 innocent people. Over 2 million are displaced and that the world has just caught up with reality after waiting for so long.

Kofi Anan the United Nations Secretary General says he feels very bad since he is also an African and has to negotiate this genocide even after the world saw worse in Rwanda and other places.

As a young man in Kenya I saw the horrors of what happened in the Belgian Congo and then I saw the horrors in Vietnam and Cambodia. There were horrible things done in Bosnia just as very terrible things are done everyday in Burma and many other countries.

In the year 2006 we should have created a mechanism to bring about peace and have a Peace Force ready to go anywhere to bring about peace. What we have in the United Nations is a mechanism that first pin points the horror, takes years to study it, and then years to deploy a force only after member nations agree to come with the money and the commitment.

Darfur is an eye opener to the world that the United Nations is not working as well at it should. Also that we should spend more money to bring about Peace. The United States is wasting over $20 billion every month in Iraq and has no business being there in the first place. Now it wants to tell Iran to behave itself when right in the White House there is no discipline and lies and lying is the philosophy of the day.

Only 20% of the member nations belonging to the United Nations have paid their dues and the United States makes sure that it does not pay in time and reneges its commitment to the principles it stood for when it chose to embrace the United Nations and build the headquarters in New York. Many wealthy Nations do not pay their dues on time to the U.N. It has not been easy for me and millions like me all over the world to see death, killings, torture, and rapes brought about by some evil people in the name of religion, the skin of the color, and race. The Arab Nations could have stopped the killings in Darfur but they did not. The United States could have been in a better position if it did not waste its energy and money on fake wars like Iraq.

The world know that the American people are good but unfortunately we have had bad leaders and the worst group in now plotting scenarios of desperation all over the world and in the womb of the White House. Rumsfeld is always right and George Bush talks to God and says that what he does comes from direction that he receives from you know whom. It is simply amazing to witness in our life time such despicable characters that have fooled the American people and continue to use Spin and Media to propagate a hidden agenda full of disinformation.

No crime goes unpunished and those Nations that sat quiet and allowed this genocide to happen will have to bear the pain and pay restitution. Unfortunately when justice is done the innocent suffer too but it is right for the just not to sit quiet but speak up and many of us did not do that at the right time with fervor. If we did that it could have made evil men think twice and bad leaders might have chosen a better path.

The Sudanese government and the biggest rebel group have signed an accord. However, the small group all rebels, with a hidden agenda do not want to sign this accord. Given the circumstance it permits the member nations that belong to the United Nations to assemble a Peace Force and work with the African Nations and Sudan to bring about some stability. $200 million has been set aside for some quick relief and the warring parties are given a say in the government.

There are problems in Chad and other neighboring countries besides war there has been famine. Children are dying and adults are taking one day at a time. Many Americans, Europeans, and other Nations have shows compassion. Doctors against Borders and many foreign doctors and nurses have gone out of their way to bring solace to the people of Darfur. To you all and many more I say thank you and God Bless you all. I know the children of Darfur will appreciate me making this precious sentiment known to you all. All in good time many will be rewarded.

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