Polynesian Club of Balboa High School.


The Polynesian Club at Balboa High School has tried to unite the Polynesian Students and annually they have tried their best to present a Cultural Event and display their talents. This effort has not been easy but with sound leadership they have managed every year to put their best foot forward. Last year it was Andrew and this year Peter.

This year Peter Vaovasa a true Samoan Warrior and my buddy took upon the task to fill in the position as President of the Polynesian Club when Affa Guluega had to take some time off. Before that the previous year Andrew Vai led the Polynesian Club and last year's event was great and since I was present I posted an article on this website and some enchanting photographs. This year the students did very well too.

Mape Galuega, Peter Vaovasa, Andrew Vai, Brian all belong to another very powerful group All Islanders Gathering As One (AIGA1) and so it is our distinct honor to appreciate the talents of these youth and show our love by attending the annual Cultural Polynesian event.

Peter Faafiti, Mape Galuega, Asafo Ia, Ivan Ia, Poulima Malepeai, Tepora Malepeai, Letasha Sagote, Iaokopo Sao, Iaone Sao, Iapu Sao, Tapuekina Sinapopo, Gabriela Serrano, Robert Tago, Macmanus Tago, Nohealani Tuapola, Pai Tuvui, Andrew Vai, and Peter Vaovasa all student of Balboa High School did themselves and us in the audience who witness their stellar performance - proud.

Behind the scenes Mr. Larson who have been the daunting force for so many years spending his own money and sacrificing his time to bring the Polynesian students to understand their culture and be proud of it.

Mr. Larson has been joined by Ms. Morehouse, Brian, Sarah, Mike Molina, Ms. Faupusa, the Burton Polynesian Club, John Nauer, and Wilson Fitiao. There are other two many to mention the ones that provided the music took care of logistics, were at the door like Cowboy and Jennifer Siataga. It is all good. The Polynesian Students have done well in Football too. I know so because I attend the games so Mape, Andrew, Affa, Peter, Macmanus, and Robert Tago the unique cheer leader have contributed well and Balboa reached the finals on Turkey Day only to give it up to Lincoln High School. Will there be another formidable team to reach the finals without the Samoan Warriors that is a question I pose to everyone one?

My Samoan youth have done well in presenting their culture both the girls and the boys. They have done well in sports and brought honor to Balboa High School. They have also done well in their studies and we now want them to do well in College and hear Polynesian names in leading Universities all over the United States of America.

It is my wish that Macmanus Tago, Andrew Vai, Peter Vaovasa, Affa and Mape Galuega shine and bring honor to so many that have put their faith in these budding Samoan Warriors. We seek their leadership and unique understanding of relationships and friendship across all borders of human endeavors.

There is always that Haka dance that the Maori Warriors perform that makes the Earth shake and tames those that have a weak heart. When the Polynesian Students perform it brings on many meanings and I know this when some Polynesian Students performed this dance before special guests attending a United Nations Conference. Many still remind me of the intensity of the youth, the spirit of the dance and the emotional experience that touched each and everyone in the audience.

The Polynesian youth both girls and boys performed well dancing and taking us to Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa and of course the land of the Maori New Zealand. The event was held May 17, 2006 at the Balboa High School auditorium.

I look forward to next year and to attending the Polynesian Club of Balboa High School annual performance. I know I will miss those youth to whom I have adhered so much but there is always another tomorrow, and when the sun shines on all of us we should be kind to acknowledge that which is good.

Robert Tago and his friends.

Mape and his friend.

Mape, Peter and friend.

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