Potrero Hill Public Housing.


In the last 25 years it has been my privilege to inter act with many youth from the Potrero Hill Public Housing. My first contact with youth from the Potrero Hill was way back in the 1980s when many of the youth would visit the Boys and Girls Club situated on San Bruno Avenue.

Over the years the youth have grown and are now in their 30s and 40s and when we meet we talk and reminisce about the days when they were young and love for them was in abundance. We were family and tight.

Often times they remember the times I took them to the near by Ice Cream Store and bought them a scoop or two of their favorite Ice Cream. At other times some of the youth needed books or some other materials that they had need for and it was not too difficult for me to accommodate them. They asked and if possible they received.

We all remember John who ran the carpentry shop at the Boys and Girls Club and kept the youth busy. Everyone remembers Big Jerome and he kept the games going - basket ball, volley ball, ping pong, billiards, you name it. And then there was Gary the Director who was easy on all of us - accommodating my frequent visits too to serve the youth and more to listen to them.

The last ten years have tarnished the Potrero Hill Public Housing and no one has given the residents an opportunity for the residents to express themselves. Our City and especially our Mayors have failed those at the Potrero Hill Public Housing. We all have left scars on those that need help and as the days turn to weeks and weeks to months - hundreds are leaving the Potrero Hill Public Housing as if by design.

In the last 6 years Sophie Maxwell has failed the Potrero Hill Public House residents - while pandering to the Whites that live on Potrero Hill in better private housing in a well protected and maintained area. Sophie shops at Delirium on the Potrero Hill and engages in dubious activities with folks like Joe Boss and other scum bags of his caliber. Sophie is Black but for all practical purposes an Uncle Tom. If there is one person gone astray to put the House Negro mentality on the Larger Screen it is Sophie Maxwell in San Francisco. If there is one Uncle Tom that has kept that mentality burning to the detriment of African Americans - it is Sophie Maxwell. If there is one person at City Hall that has disgraced minorities and pandered to the Whites it is Sophie Maxwell. Ignorant, arrogant, and very, very inept.

The paradox is that Sophie Maxwell has a through knowledge of the African Americans and other poor folks living at the Potrero Public Housing Area. Sophie Mother Enola Maxwell was a lady that loved serving the poor, speaking her mind, and always had her feet to the ground. Sophie Maxwell was born in Public Housing and knows it too well. Sophie suffers from some complex that will bring her downfall.

Sophie Maxwell has her nose in the air, haughty to the point that it is nauseating. Sophie has some kind of notion that most of those that are poor should move on and become middle class without support. I have noticed Sophie often putting down poor African Americans while pandering to Whites. This attitude is wrong.

Potrero Public Housing Tenants should unite and take on Sophie Maxwell by protesting at City Hall. This wicked woman has done all in her power to stifle and has prevented empowering those poor in the Potrero Housing that need help most. She has worked with rich White folks helping them change zoning laws and has been on the take.

Sophie listens to Whites and agrees with them to create certain land zones to better the interests of the White businesses. Next door is the Potrero Hill Public Housing and Sophie is doing all in her power to board up homes at Potrero Hill Public Housing and create confusion, despair, and drive those that need help most into oblivion.

Years ago we never heard in Public Housing shooting and killings as we have heard during the time Sophie Maxwell has been the District Supervisor of District 10. Sophie worked with some crooks to crave out a constituency that included Potrero Hill and the Whites that mostly voted for her. Large segments now that once belonged to the Portola District and were in District 10 now come under District 9. Shamelessly, Sophie Maxwell has worked for the Whites while allowing African American to perish - many minorities have lot their lives and many that are alive have left San Francisco and are in despair.

It is a shame that in the Bayview Hunters Point few have respect for Sophie Maxwell but it is in the Bayview that she lives on Jerrold Street across the KFC by 3rd Street and within sniffing distance of the foul smelling Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

In recent years Sophie Maxwell has not once visited the constituents that live on Potrero Hill Public Housing. She really has no compassion and more because once she lived in Public Housing but now thinks she is some African Queen. Sophie Maxwell has forgotten her roots.

When Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. was Mayor he chose with Sophie Maxwell's blessing to name the school on the Potrero Hill - Enola Maxwell Middle School. Sophie has done little to better the school and so this school recently shut down. This says it all - Sophie has no respect for her mother and should have fought to keep Enola Middle School alive but this not what Sophie is all about - she is about money and on the take. Sophie is about herself and if you ask her relatives they will state the same to you in no uncertain terms.

I often visit the Potrero Hill Public Housing to help the youth and try to better the lives of the youth. We have a number of Samoans who live at the Potrero Hill Public Housing and Sophie Maxwell has done nothing for them too. It is amazing to hear this ignorant woman open her mouth and speak about Public Housing in general when she has no compassion in her heart and she is evil.

Only time you hear her speak is when it has to do with developers who can fill her treasure box. When she makes deals with Joe Boss and Fran Martin who are greedy, wants more money and opportunities for themselves.

Sophie Maxwell is working with some vested interests to drive African Americans and other poor folks from the Potrero Hill Public Housing and other Public Housing. Sophie could have worked with the Housing Authority and made things a wee bit easy for the poor but this has not been the case at Potrero Hill Public Housing and all of Public Housing. Sophie Maxwell should have worked with the residents of Public Housing to better their lives or the contrary she is working with evil property managers like AIMCO to redline folks and drive them out of their homes and into poverty on Hunters Point.

Sophie Maxwell, will work with vested interests like Aaron Peskin who knows little about District 10 and wants to bring the 49ers back to Candlestick Park. The 49ers and Doctor John York will never, ever return to Candlestick Park. The 49ers should have little to do with a Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Jed York understands this concept and the dubious ways of Mayor Gavin Newsom and Sophie Maxwell.

Lennar Corp. have been using the 49ers to prop up interest so that the issues of pollution much of it radiological and near the Hunters Point Public Housing may be negated - but Dr. John York is well informed and will not return to Candlestick Park also known as Monster Park. Jed York is smart and understand what a Superfund Site is.

Back to Potrero Hill Public Housing were folks are desperate because Sophie Maxwell has done nothing for them and has blood on her hands. Sophie Maxwell does not mind pandering to Whites and is on the take working tirelessly to undermine African Americans and sent them packing from Public Housing to make room for some developers that fill Sophie's coffers.

Potrero Public Housing has some panoramic views. Sophie Maxwell is working behind close doors to demolish all of Potrero Hill Public Housing so that the filthy rich developers can come and drive out the poor. Sophie Maxwell dreams every day of these ploys that will fill her corrupt coffers - thinking little how she is demeans herself, killing her people mostly African Americans, poor and soiling her hands with blood.

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