The Brown Bombers held their fourth annual Family Day Event at the Bayview/KC Jones Playground by 3rd Street and Carroll in the Bayview District.

The Brown Bombers under the leadership of Rannon Ross has done all it can with its limited resources to provide the best help and facilities to many of our youth all over San Francisco.

The Family Day Event gives parents a chance to enroll their sons and daughters to join the Brown Bombers and help mould character while playing sound football and acting as cheer leaders.

The girls as cheer leaders play an important role and I have seen them in action at many a football game - cheer the boys and bring about some great touch downs and victory.

I happen to know some of the coaches and also many of the parents of the youth that play for the Brown Bombers. My role is to provide some food at the Family Day Event and I try to do my best to fill this void and make the day enjoyable.

My good friend and Brown Bomber coach John Nauer helps me and this time we bought some fine fresh chicken and John and his wife marinated the chicken to the delight of the many chicken lovers.

We did have one vegan in the crowd and I am sorry we had no veggie burgers or any finger licking vegan snacks to cater to the palate of this distinguished friend. May be in the future we could accommodate his taste.

Youth came from all over and accompanied by their parents enrolled their children to play for the Brown Bombers. This after all was the primary purpose of this Family Day Event - 2007. There was good music, candy cotton, shaved ice which the youth enjoyed, beef burgers, hot dogs, and of course John Nauer's well cooked fresh chicken with choice spices and tender marination.

My good friends from Norcal provided the large grill and I always request my good friend Jose to be the chef who works for the company, not far from the playground the event was held. Last year, his line chef was Maurice who has since move within the company to Sunset - this year we had Steve and it was a pleasure to work with these two fine gentlemen.

It is always our pleasure to provide good food to anyone and everyone that comes by our food station. I always like to cater to every one and that includes the many poor folks that smell the BBQ and of course want a piece of the action. It is all good and God has his way of blessing us all. Sharing is what life is all about - playing football or just enjoying life in general.

July 21, 2007 was a nice hot sunny day and as far as I could see every one was having a nice time.

The Bayview/KC Jones playground should be repaired and maintained and our District Supervisor could make this happen - as she herself has walked on this field many times. She talks the talk but always fails to walk the walk.

It is a pity that this playground that bears the name of KC Jones and has catered to so many great players from Bayview Hunters Point - today is in a pathetic condition. Recreation and Park has a responsibility linked to Safety and the conditions at this particular field demand some action - soon.

The Brown Bombers should be supported and towards that end it would be nice if volunteers and others could contact the Brown Bombers with support. After all our youth and especially our African American youth have been targeted and left on their own by this Racist City San Francisco. We must step up and do something now. Once the African American population was about thirty five percent in San Francisco. Now, it is about five percent. Now imagine now much more our African American youth need help - since the situation has grown worse with Injunctions, depopulation, Redevelopment, less of Section 8, redlining, and a host of other adverse actions.

Our youth need help from the best quarters of society especially more so when our City fails our youth.

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