ALOHA FESTIVAL - 2007 (8/4/07)

The thirteenth Aloha Festival an annual festival and gathering of all Polynesians was held this year on August 4 and 5, 2007 at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Thousands gathered on the former Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco Army Parade Ground by Buildings 38 and 39.

Every year I witness more and more stalls selling on sorts of things and every year brings in throngs of people from all over but more Polynesians supporting their culture. Lots of stalls selling food.

Thirteen years ago a small group approached me to help them initiate the Aloha Festival. The first one was held at Crissy Field before a few years later it was moved to the present site where it has remained.

The Aloha Festival is older then the Presidio Trust and few would know that fact. Aunty Shirley A. Avilla, Julian Avilla, Manley Bush, Hovey Lambert, David McGuire, others have kept the Aloha Festival going.

Every year as busy as I am I try to go and spend a few hours and check out the state of affairs. I met the chore group and what I saw was good.

I walked to the Aloha Festival and on the way clicked some photographs. In previous years on this web site I clicked more photographs of the dances but this year I had to leave and could not witness the dances.

Many years ago I met Joel Skidmore at the Aloha Festival and he continues to be my web master. I also met many others and they continue to be my good friends.

Enjoy the photographs especially those of you who lived and worked and have memories of the Presidio of San Francisco that is now managed by the Presidio Trust.


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