The Grace Tabernacle Community Church is situated at 1121 Oakdale Avenue in the Bayview Hunters Point area. The Bishop of this Church is Ernest Jackson and the First Lady Doris Jackson. It has been a blessing to our community and to the various leaders from our community to have such dear friends - that we call them family.

The Grace Tabernacle Community Church is not rich but it has shared openly like the first churches established in the early Christian days - to one an all and without reservation. I have from day one considered myself a member of the church and have established an unwritten protocol with the Bishop of the Church that I take nothing for granted. To the best of my ability - I will do what it takes to repair the church and use the facilities with care and gratitude.

When I first entered this august and holy church - I felt the presence of past congregation that the Church affectionately calls Saints. I was so moved that I knew God had destined that this Church at ground zero - was marked as a singular site to play a role that history will record for posterity.

The poor and those that should be provided for and defended are qualified and know entities that are of sound health - women and men must care for those that cannot - more our children and elders. It is said: blessed are the children for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven. It is also said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then a rich man enter into the Kingdom of heaven. Do unto others what you would like them to do unto you. The point is simple the holy scriptures have dictated some moral values and these values have no boundaries. They apply to all those that must strive to be just and fair.

For over two years we the community from all denomination have been meeting every Thursday at the Grace Tabernacle Community Church. God has been good to us and has revealed to us and garnered us towards a path that has helped our children and elders. The community at large is informed and those entities put on notice that with intent have tried to harm the Bayview Hunters Point - community.

Environmental issues if not addressed correctly can adversely impact the health of individuals and cause premature death - at times. At other times slowly kill the person and eventually lead to death. Such, is the case of many cancers and Asbestosis. Asthma is prevalent in the community and the inhalers that bring some quick recovery - have secondary affects and further stagnate speedy recovery. Other ailments have confused doctors we think they are radiological in nature.

The dynamics of infliction on those that cannot defend them selves are horrendous when women and men are not educated on issues. So, God chose some that He may enlighten others and be messengers to bring succor to those that most need the grace, understanding and help. And how paradoxical the teaching was - when we saw and heard two Tabernacles mentioned.

While one named the Tabernacle Group sided with forces against the community. Another called the Grace Tabernacle Community Church - was gracious enough to embrace the Community - into their fold and make available the Church to the community at large. Samoans, Latinos, White, Blacks, Asians, Native Americans - others all come every Thursday in Unity and listen to the Leaders, ask questions, and conduct a dialog that is befitting the signs of the times.

We have chosen a leader in Minister Christopher Muhammad from the Nation of Islam - he is the head of Mosque 26 in San Francisco. During the time he has carried the torch - the flame has shone and brought light where there was total darkness. He has been aided by others women, children and men of God.

The Bayview Hunters Point is no ordinary place - from days gone past when the Ohlone made their abode and left signs and an imprint of Shellmounds to the present days where the Saints carry on the message of fairness and justice - much of what was once pristine is now polluted. With God on your side that which is not - can be something that is unparallel and this day has come.

Mother Earth must be treated with respect and Mother Earth will heal itself. It has done so for millions of years. At the Grace Tabernacle Community Church the only two Representatives that act on behalf of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - consider the Church important and have had the singular privilege of making this sentiment know to Chairperson of the Muwekma Ohone Tribe - Rosemary Cambra.

The Chairperson was introduced to both Bishop Ernest Jackson and Minister Christopher Muhammad. A meeting such as I described could not have happened if God in His infinite wisdom and design did not ascribe this singular privilege to this singular Church. History will record and time will tell.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. visited Churches in the South - the parishioners, the Saints, the congregations - knew that the Civil Rights Movement was a Spiritual Movement. So, is the MOVEMENT to which the Grace Tabernacle Community Church is involved with, upholding the principles of fairness and justice? Corrupt SF City leaders and others think we will go away - not until the sky falls down.

So far our progress has been excellent. We started small and have grown and in growing have learned so much about the governance stemming from human organizations. We have adhered as best we can to the Scriptures and seen in many writings - the signs of the times. We have in humility, followed the dictates that has been revealed to our leaders - the blessings have been tremendous and many that were unforeseen.

We go with fortitude, courage, learning as much as we can to defend our children and elders that we love and respect. We have gone before committees, the SF Board of Supervisors, the Vallejo City Council, the SF Health Department Commission, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Environmental Protection Agency - anyone that would listen to us.

The Pharaohs of old once encountered Prophets that spoke the Truth and they were shunned. Plagues hit Egypt and the Pharaoh who thought he was invincible - agreed to commit himself to anything but more plagues. He who was human and thought he was divine - was brought to his knees.

Prophets down the line in recorded history from all faiths started by warning those that did not follow the dictates that most of us carry within our conscience. Further strengthening the conscience are the Scriptures the Word that reveals, guides, and brings all to a better place.

We have fine tuned our Moral Principle - been as diplomatic as possible and warned the authorities that they have defied fairness and justice and harmed our children and elders. This cry has gone from place to place have having been sanctified at the Grace Tabernacle Community Church.

We have done what is needed and now the signs will be shown. Those in power that think they are invincible will fall to the ground. Much like that polished pebble that hit Goliath and he came down to his knees and was stunned. Then David drew his sword and cut off his head.

There is only so much evil that can reign and I have seen it all. As the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy for the past ten years I have recorded the evil doings in the City and County of San Francisco. God, because He deemed it fit created an Army and now the witnessing is befitting the sacrifice that was made. When called we can respond and when we respond we are a force to be reckoned with.

No one can harm our children and think that all will be well. This crime when anyone with intent harms our children - is a cry - which the heavens hear and the flood gates of justice respond to. The suffering of those that harm children will be a thousand fold more and the hue and cry when punishment will be afflicted - will be like that - that which has never, ever, been heard before. Aho.

You that harm the children and the elders have been warned so many times, and you think you can turn away and avoid the obligations to be fair and compassionate. We keep telling you as if you are deaf and you pretend to be deaf - even though you can listen. Well, you asked for it and it will be given to you - sooner then you thought you would receive your judgment.

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