There are over twenty thousand units in the pipe line and the constituents of the Southeast Sector have no clue about this train that will hit them with a blast and adversely impact the community - that is the last frontier. The only saving grace is the current Financial Mess that has hit the Nation - but few really know what is happening.

All over the Southeast Sector many dubious developers have defied logic, failed to work with the community at large, and made pacts with corrupt politicians and City officials to foster greed - trying to build thousands of homes in the Southeast Sector - most on land that is toxic and needs to be abated.

With little input thousands of units are planned at Hunters View, China Basin, and in and around Cargo way. There is NO Environmental Impact Report, no consideration given about Cumulative Pollution; the plans are for more density and less Open Space. Who are these scum bags to come into our living rooms and re-arrange our furniture?

Silently, at Executive Park over 500 units are planned. There has been no through out reach with the neighboring community. Many units built today are not occupied but still some developers want to build more in this area - thinking less about the current economic situation and defying the sad state of affair prevailing in todayıs Financial Market.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has jumped on an opportunity to build homes by the Old Schlage Lock Company. No consideration what so ever is given to noise, the heavy traffic, toxic soil, addressing Quality of Life issues such as Facilities for Children and Childcare, Hospitals, Churches, Shopping Centers, Recreational Facilities, good Schools, and so on.

There are plans to build thousands of homes by Sunnydale - the Public Housing that is there today. This racist City and County of San Francisco wants the poor out and wants to create a gated community. Just like one that is planned at Hunters View by the John Stewart Company by Middle Point - remember the John Stewart Company of Geneva Towers Fame.

No thought has been given what so ever to recycling, garbage collection, water capacity fees, energy consumption, safety and the police, fire and the fire department. Again there are no good hospitals and schools to care for the people. The present infrastructure is very poor - roads, postal facilities, shopping centers, libraries, recreational facilities - facilities that provide quality service to the people that will populate these areas in the immediate future.

The City and County of San Francisco has failed to invest money in the Southeast Sector. It fact if you look at any Tourist Map you will not see the Southeast shown as an area of interest to visit. It will be blocked by some advertisement. But, when it comes to exploitation of the area - the City of San Francisco has chosen to be the first. Casting the local population aside, buying some local sell outs to do its bidding - and trying to hoodwink the populace in broad daylight.

The land once belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone. There are Shellmounds all over the place - Sacred Burial Grounds - markers to remind all of us that we all are strangers.

The land was abused and polluted. At Hunters Point were two hills that were totally demolished. Ninety five percent of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is landfill. The remains of the Ohlone were spread all over the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. There are plans by a Rogue Company to build a Stadium, thousands of homes - and this is wrong. No consideration is given to liquefaction and more radiological elements that have contaminated the Watershed and large areas.

The City and County of San Francisco has failed to follow the SF City Master Plan. Recently the Chief Planner Amit Ghosh was transferred to the Municipal Transportation Authority (MTA) - preparing the way for Mayor Gavin Newsom to do as he pleases. The City does not have a sound Housing Element and brag as it may about this City being a Transit First City - the contrary is the case.

With little input a Cause Way is planned to be built - clear across from South of Highway One near Brisbane - to Yosemite Slough - right to the proposed gates of a Stadium on Parcel D - to be precise Parcel G. Some want a brand new stadium to be built so that ten games or so can in played by a team that cannot - win.

In the interim the corrupt Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee (BVHP PAC) and the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the Hunters Point Shipyard are selling out the community. Thousands of homes and tall buildings are planned to be built on Parcel B and D. Thousands more by Candlestick Point near the State Park and Candlestick Stadium.

Here again no consideration what so ever is given to cleaning up the toxic hotspots that having been in the area around Candlestick Stadium for years and are the responsibility of the City and County of San Francisco.

The landfill areas are prone to liquefaction. The near by Superfund Site that is the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has affected the hundreds at Alice Griffith and will continue to adversely affect those that live there in the future. Cancer and other reparatory diseases are on the increase and other types of fatal diseases have slowly killed our children and Elders. Does this City of San Francisco care?

At Hunters Point tons of Methane Gas in released into the air. Methane Gas is released in many areas where there is landfill and the contents of the landfill have waste that is composting.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant releases Methane Gas daily into the air. Now one ton of Methane Gas equals twenty tons of Carbon Dioxide and adversely impacts all living beings. No consideration what so ever is given to this glaring fact? This City and County of San Francisco calls itself a Green City. This City should be ashamed of itself for having one of the worst polluted airs. The saving grace is the Fog. Had it not being for the Fog we would have SMOG - just like Los Angeles.

As much as this City and County of San Francisco brags about being Green and eating right - it does all wrong by not following the Precautionary Principle that is on the books and is law. The SF Health Department, Mitch Katz and Rajiv Bhatia have with intent harmed our children and elders - by not enforcing Article 31 ­ the Dust Mitigation Plan that Lennar has violated. The minorities that live in the Southeast Sector are treated like crap. No opportunities are given to our youth. Our youth are bused to schools clear across the City to face greater challenges.

The mental health of our youth is the worst in the Nation and yet NOT once has this City and County of San Francisco admitted this fact. The killings, shooting, and family trauma have clearly made their mark on thousands of children that live in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. Paradoxically - it is this area that has the highest population of children - over twenty five percent of the Cityıs youth population.

The Southeast Sector totally has over five thousand plus small businesses. T he City taxes these business entities but does not care to invest in the Southeast Sector and the communities that live in the area. The largest Produce Market is found in the Southeast Sector. The Main Post Office, most of the larger Electrical, Plumbing, Hardware Stores - you name it - you find it. The City want to do away with this Industrial Sector - but now, it will not be able to touch them because of the current Fiscal Situation of our City and the Nation.

In a couple of days the City and County of San Francisco will find out that it has lost millions of dollars - because of the crooked way of AIG, Lehman Brothers Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac, and a host of corrupt financial institutions that were not regulated. This news will send some shills down the spine of the City and County of San Francisco - and rightly so.

The Housing Industry is suffering and will suffer because again it is tied to lending money and Banks that will be conservative to lend money. Many banks will not deal with corrupt entities like Lennar Corporation that the City and County of San Francisco has chosen to sleep with.

No good will come at Hunters Point - none what so ever. You cannot desecrate the remains of the First People and think for a moment that you will get away with murder. There is Restitution and it is coming very soon.

In a way the present Financial Situation will slow down the Housing Industry. But, all the same there will be some Housing - especially those that have their plans in place and ready to break ground. We are against building homes by India Basin shoreline as this area is no different then building homes on Parcel B. We have yet to see an Environmental Impact Report. Time will tell.

Unfortunately, we have few leaders that understand Planning, less Zoning, still less comprehending the Environmental Impact Report, lesser still when it comes to the California Environmental Quality Act, the Native American Graves Protection Act, the Burton Act and many fundamental reports and documents that the developers use to ­ hoodwink a populace that is uneducated on these pertinent issues.

Environmental Justice Advocacy is on the front line and will be on the frontline. We are committed to helping our children and our Elders and will do all it takes to work with the community to expose the corrupt and bring justice to those that cannot defend themselves. We are with the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone and consider this charge a mandate to protect Mother Earth and the community at large. Aho.

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