San Francisco is a fair City and County and as such is envied all over this Nation.

At one time the Ethics Commission functioned well - so did the Sunshine Task Force. Then suddenly a few years ago - everything with the Ethics Commission seemed dysfunctional. You could not get the SF Ethics Commission to work.

It is not easy to be a Whistle Blower. It is not for the faint of heart - you take on City Hall - and every skunk, every buffoon is on your case - these jackasses can drive you nuts.

There use to be a time when you went before the Sunshine Task Force made your case and did your best. If you did have a legitimate grievance - your complaint would be sent to the San Francisco Ethics Commission - and the outcomes was mostly - fair. Not anymore. You could succeed going to the United States Supreme Court but not the silly, inept, SF Ethics Commission.

Then around 2004 everything seemed not to work - in toto. It was a time when we advocates were dealing with many issues - some connected with the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. One pertinent issue, dealing with a noose that was found with a racist remark at the SF Airport and involving a reputable Black man name Kevin Williams.

There was this land regarding Landmark Outhouse of some sort - and Sophie Maxwell trying to take on Joe Cassidy from the Residential Builders Association. Sophie Maxwell first passed a resolution saying that the outhouse was a school. When that failed - the poor inept, mostly dumb woman, Sophie Maxwell - got some Whites mostly women to say that the outhouse was indeed a Shipwright building or house and a prominent Landmark.

Joe Cassidy spent a lot of money, hiring the Historical Architects and providing all the necessary documentation to the Sunshine Task Force and the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

In the end they arrived at some compromise - the case was not going anywhere. The lawyers made their money - but there was no holistic settlement when it came to this case of sorts.

I was denied my three minutes at the San Francisco Port Authority at Public Comment. The SF Port Commission wanted to take me for a ride. I filed a complaint, one of many and they resolved my case without taking it to the Ethics Commission at the Sunshine Task Force.

Some of us saw the charade when Tony Hall was dragged before the Ethics Commission and the Ethics Commission listened to Gavin Newsom and the City Attorney and doled out injustice. Thousands were spent by the SF Ethics Commission - and we want to know where the money came from.

Recently, the San Francisco Grand Jury had the gumption to take on the San Francisco Ethics Commission. The report stated that from 2004 to 2010 many cases arrived at the Ethics Commission and nothing much happened to them.

When I tried to find out why - someone told me there were too many loopholes in the operation and delivery of the adjudication at the SF Ethics Commission. There are many loop holes now - and some of them are being addressed - but, we may have to figure out a way to make an amendment and it may involve a Charter Amendment. It stinks to high heaven - just to have some resolution - some sound adjudication, some fairness - anything.

People are talking in circles as they often do at City Hall - but, today at the Government Audit and Oversight Committee on September 22, 2011 - David Campos with whom I have a sound report - agreed to initiate some language and I wish him the very best.

It amazes me that the Ethics Commission does not care much about transparency and accountability. This body is like the Gestapo or one of Mussolini's brown shirts. It is despicable. Time we had the San Francisco Ethics Commission session all recorded and on SFGOVTV.

We tried taking issues to the Ethics Commission on matters pertaining to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Nothing much came of it. The City Attorney who is now running for Mayor was complicit. So was Mayor Gavin Newsom, so was Sophie Maxwell who has blood on her hands. But, more importantly the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - who stayed cleared of this monster - the SF Ethics Commission.

Some of us advocates and Whistle Blowers had a reunion of sorts and spoke our mind. David Campos was listening - not so much the Mark Farrell guy. Even as David Chiu is thinking of running for Mayor - and he can dream but he will FAIL.

Here is what happens when the Grand Jury a body of layperson delves into some subject and tries to make sense of the facts it gathers ˆ they produce a report or finding.

In past years - most everyone respected the Grand Jury. You would not think so listening to the SF Planning Commission and totally think their shit don't stink. The SF Planning Department that has favored Big Developers and make an ass of itself on Hunters Point and Candlestick Point, on Treasure Island.

The Grand Jury finding that was discussed at the SF Planning - Park Merced. Oh, Emperor Ron Miguel stated that the SF Planning Commission did not have to pay much heed to the SF Grand Jury's silly report.

Park Merced, Hunter Point Naval Shipyard, the Ethics Commission - all play some part in addressing Quality of Life Issues and impacting the constituents of San Francisco.

The Grand Jury with limited resources - stood tall and produced some stellar findings. The least those in authority can do is respect the finding of the Grand Jury - which until recently was totally - respected.

We the people from San Francisco must stand behind of last vestige of respect and representation when the San Francisco Grand Jury - come out with its reports.

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